AoA 1170

Here is Chapter 1170. Please enjoy.

Another day of slow convalescence. I ate some solid food for the first time in forever, and it was very good…and then my body punished me for it an hour later. After waking up from sleep, I had heartburn as well. I don’t regret it though- I need the solid food. I’ve been operating on like 300 calories every other day for the past week or so. I need the fuel to give me the energy to do stuff. 


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  1. When I needed energy from being sick, and my digestive track was a problem (such as flu), the easiest to digest solid food with energy value was best for me. That meant bland food and no spicy foods of any kind as that would disturb the mucus membranes in my intestines that were already bothered by the flu. So it became things like white bread (less fiber than whole wheat), mashed potatoes because the surface area of the food after eating it was maximized, or those packs of instant noodles without the flavor packet. The instant noodles after chewing fall apart easily in the digestive system. That allows the calories in the food to be easily absorbed with minimal effort from the digestive system. I always noticed my energy levels rising fast from that approach as compared to eating rice or al dente sphagetti which required a lot more chewing into a fine paste before swallowing. Any discrete pieces of rice or sphagetti just wouldn’t digest as well for me when my digestive tract was disturbed by a flu-like problem.

  2. Be careful if u are sick u need to rest pls take care of yourself ofc I like read but I prefer u will recovery.

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