AoA 1171 + Technical Difficulties

Here is Chapter 1171. Now, onto problems.

So, while I wasn’t exactly running on time with this chapter, it should have been posted almost an hour and a half earlier. Long story short- my desktop decided that during the last five minutes of editing it was going to go into super slowdown mode. I finished my edits. I restarted, heard a disturbing sound for a sec while it restarted. And it was still in molasses mode. Every input was a slog it had to think about. Scrolling the mousewheel was something it needed to think about. It eventually bluescreened me (a first). I got restarted again, but heard now an almost constant grinding sound in the computer case. Definitely not good. I snagged an essential document in case the computer burst into flames, then shut her down. 

So here I am on my backup- a small chromebook that is little better than a tablet. Luckily, I have the info needed to log into the new website and can post from this device. I can also edit on it and do basic stuff if needed. I’m going to try and clean out my desktop computer case in the morning. Maybe I’ll get lucky and a fan is just clogged with dust or something. Hopefully I’m not looking at full-on hardware failure. 

4 thoughts on “AoA 1171 + Technical Difficulties”

  1. Thanks for the chapter!
    Don’t force yourself or stress to much for a late chapter, your still sick.
    It is perfectly fine to take 2~3 of rest if you need it.
    People will understand. Besides until now you nearly never missed a chapter, which is great! But healing is more important on the long terms.

  2. Hello, and thank you for the chapters.

    The fan can make a grinding noise, but usually, the metallic grinding noise comes from the hard drive as its bearings fail. For many people on the various webforums, Seagate hard drives have the highest failure rate. They moved their production to China in the mid 2000’s decade and things just haven’t been all that great.

    Before you turn on the machine, unplug all unnecessary devices such as audio gear and peripherals if you suspect the power supply has problems. You might have a spare thumb drive ready to quickly copy out files you want such as documents, notes files, game archive conversations, IRC conversations/chats, screen captures (make that last to copy out), and URL archives from the browser. Who knows if the hard drive bearings are on their last legs and the platter is now askew due to bad bearings and grinding its magnetic media off on the drive heads. That means data lifespan is super short.

    Such files have default locations such as:
    C:\users\ your PC username here \Documents\*

    If you had FTP sites and passwords that you don’t easily remember, you can find the name of the FTP client in your roaming data. I use Filezilla FTP client, so I would save its data to thumb drive from:

    As you can see, my username on my PC is Ayukawa, so you’d put your login name there instead. If there were IRC chats and channel names you wanted to keep, and your client was mIRC, you’d copy the folder at:

    If you were seeding lots of bittorrents and can’t remember all the files you were seeding, you’d copy out those torrent seeds. Your bittorrent client name would be in that Roaming folder as well.

    Good luck on saving the data.

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