AoA 1172

Here is Chapter 1172

I didn’t find a chance to get my desktop properly cleaned out today. I needed to take it outside to get the majority of dust outside of my room, where it would just re-circulate into my machine again. But when I went to go outside- hurricane gusts of wind and torrential rain…because of course there was. As I said in the AoA Discord- GT was smited, but I managed to get the AoA website started. Then God tried to give me Covid, but it didn’t kill me. So he smited my computer, but I have a crappy Chromebook backup to keep basic work going. And then he tried messing with the weather to knock out our electricity, but we luckily avoided a power outage in my area. All in all, it hasn’t been the best two weeks for me. But we’re here, we’re keeping AoA going, and that’s enough for me for now.

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