AoA 1176

Ahhh, here is Chapter 1176, courtesy of my desktop computer which is temporarily unbroken.

I cleaned the thing out, took a few things apart…it was still overheating. Replaced a case fan that wasn’t working. Still overheating. Took off the cpu water cooling unit and unplugged that, and though I didn’t really do anything more than unplug it and pull it off the cpu and then just put it back, that seemed to help. My only guess is that the cpu cooling unit wasn’t turning on right, and something I did at least got it running again. Who knows? It still runs hotter than it should, so I know this isn’t a permanent fix. Something still isn’t right, and I’ll likely have to take it in for a fix or replace the machine outright (five years old, I’m feeling the need for a new machine anyway). Unfortunately, ordering a machine is like a one month delivery time right now. 

Anyways, my health is close to 100%, my desktop is temporarily not dead or melting (as long as I don’t push her too hard. No gaming for awhile). My living situation is stable, the weather isn’t storming, my computer is holding together, Covid didn’t kill me, and this website didn’t fall apart these first two weeks. All in all, I am starting to feel good about the future and looking forward to some productive time now. I hope to start work on the website tomorrow, assuming no more force majeure or smiting developments.



First Grade: 1178

Second Grade: 1181

Third Grade: 1186

Fourth Grade: 1191


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  1. Take your time with the chapters. It’s more important for you to slowly assemble the site how you want it to function.

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