AoA 1179

Chapter 1179 is up.

So, my temporarily un-borked desktop is now re-borked. I somehow had gotten it to run without melting, but it still ran hot and had to be used gently with no stressing. In my hubris, I thought thermal paste might give it that nudge towards running right. Well, that ended up breaking whatever I had done to get it to run halfway okay before. Now it’s back to turning on and running 95C while idle. It’s probably the cooling unit, but I can’t be sure and I can’t keep swapping parts in the hopes I get the right one. I’ve washed my hands of it for now. 

However, I also can’t put off having a computer, so I picked up a new laptop today that will be my work machine until I can properly order a new desktop (which will take a good month before it gets delivered). The laptop is strong enough to fill in for my old desktop, and being new, it should likely not blow up or melt or spontaneously combust within the next month. It should be smite-proof for awhile, I hope. My luck has been pretty poor these last few weeks. 




First Grade: 1181

Second Grade: 1184

Third Grade: 1189

Fourth Grade: 1194


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3 thoughts on “AoA 1179”

  1. Your comp water cooled or air maybe the liquid in loop is dry.

    If not that maybe power supply going bad and over volting or mboard doing same .. get a free sys info for hardware identifying temp/volt monerting otherwise if gpu and ram and other stuff stull good get a bare bones system and migrate items over to save money

    Not sure if you can access that page but will help you build a comp from parts

  2. If your CPU is running that hot, then you will know if your cooling unit is physically touching the CPU or not by touching the upper part while the temperature indicator says the CPU is 95C. If it is cool, then the heat is not sufficiently getting from the CPU to the cooling contact plate of the water cooling unit. If that is the case, maybe the clamping assembly is broken on one side. The uneven pressure thus means only a small amount of heat transfer occurs.

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