AoA 1201

Chapter 1201 is up.

Within the next couple of days, I plan on doing a fundamental revision of the site. This means changing the foundational theme of the site and the page editor/builder I’ve been using. While I don’t expect any of the pages to go down, I do expect some of the layouts to possibly break. They shouldn’t since they’re about as basic as can be, but I should at least be prepared. It shouldn’t last too long, but don’t be surprised if you come onto the site this weekend and it looks drastically different. Once I relay the foundation, I’ll be working on getting the backlog of chapters up. That is going to be a pretty lengthy process, so don’t expect all of the chapters up in a day, or even a couple of days. I do work two other jobs besides this one, you know 🙂



First Grade: 1203

Second Grade: 1206

Third Grade: 1211

Fourth Grade: 1216


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