AoA 1213

Here is Chapter 1213. My apologies for the late posting. I could probably make a ridiculously long post here, but I’ll try to keep it short for now (as short as I can- I am extremely long-winded).

Long story short, things in my life are in a crazy amount of upheaval right now. I don’t know if my roommate will be dead in a day or live another year (she went to the hospital, got really bad, got better, went out to a physical rehab place, was back in the hospital in only three days). I don’t know where I’ll be living a month or two from now. I am quitting my hotel job, but gave them five weeks notice and they seem determined to milk as much out of me as possible before my last day: training my replacement, and I’m on a nine-day stretch of work starting today at a job I hate, adding training on top of that. I don’t know if I’ll make it through those nine days without breaking, but I’ll try. 

Anyways, things are nuts right now. July has fulfilled its promise of being even worse than June was. So again, please bear with my failings some more. Before anyone asks: my health is good, my savings can last me a good year without work, and despite how just absolutely terrible my life is right now, I have a strong belief that I will be in a much better situation come September/October. At the absolute least, once I finish up with my hotel job in mid-August, AoA will be my only work commitment for a while, other than developing my own webnovel. 

Thanks for your understanding. -Ryu



First Grade: 1215

Second Grade: 1218

Third Grade: 1223

Fourth Grade: 1228


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1 thought on “AoA 1213”

  1. Don’t worry about a late chapter. A few hours of waiting never killed anyone. Good luck with the next few day of work, know that we are all behind you because your doing great work here. I hope your own novel will be as good as this one.
    Don’t worry to much about your roommate either. Worrying never helped no one, visiting her or calling to keep her company is the only meaningful thing you can do.

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