AoA 1347 + December Patreon folders are live

Chapter 1347 is up for your enjoyment. Also, the new Patreon folders for December are live.  Below is a copy/paste from the December Patreon post, but I felt it was worth putting here too.

Ryu here. Wow. We are in December already. What a ride this year has been. Even without Covid-19, it’s been the worst year of my life. A lot has gone down this year, and I’m glad to be moving on to next year.
But throughout this year, Age of Adepts has been here. You, readers and patrons, have been here. The work has been there, every day. AoA has been a rock, a stable point, in this year for me. Despite my flaws, you’ve all continued to read. Continued to support. And I just can’t thank you enough.
Doesn’t mean I’ll stop saying it. Thank you.



First Grade: 1349

Second Grade: 1352

Third Grade: 1357

Fourth Grade: 1362


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