AoA 1351

Chapter 1351. My apologies for the pretty late chapter. Long story short, people in my house have Covid. I’m not sick yet that I know of, but I was tired, and when my alarm went off, my body said “you need more sleep,” so I obeyed it. It’s kind of a tense period over the next couple days as we see how many people in my household come down sick. There are 8 people in here, and 2 confirmed sick with a possible third. So if my body says keep sleeping, I’ll listen to it.

That being said, I don’t expect any serious disruption to the release schedule, as long as I don’t come down with actual Covid…again.




First Grade: 1353

Second Grade: 1356

Third Grade: 1361

Fourth Grade: 1366


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3 thoughts on “AoA 1351”

    1. Yup, no problem about that Ryu, most important is for everyone to stay safe and healthy. Hope everyone who got Covid get well soon.

  1. Don’t worry buddy
    Stay safe stay healthy
    That’s more important
    You can recover or tend to the ill and release after

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