AoA 1354-1355

Chapter 1354 and Chapter 1355 are up for your reading enjoyment.

Had another messed up day yesterday. We’re up to 6/8 sick people in this household. All Covid. I’m feeling…well, a little off this morning. But not bad. Not sure if I’ve managed to catch Covid again, or if my body is just hungry and a little out of sorts. I did no extra labor yesterday, so maybe that’s it. We’ll find out over the next couple of days.

Anyways, I missed getting yesterday’s chapter up by the deadline, so I just did a double post today to get nice and caught up to our schedule. 




First Grade: 1357

Second Grade: 1360

Third Grade: 1365

Fourth Grade: 1370


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2 thoughts on “AoA 1354-1355”

  1. Thanks for the chapter Ryu, It’s fine if you miss posting for a while. Covid is a serious illness. Health comes first. Take care!

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