AoA 1395

Chapter 1395 is up. Please enjoy.

Just a quick head’s up- I’m going to be doing some website work over the next few days. It might get a bit messy in here: pulling up the carpet, knocking down some walls, etc. I don’t expect prolonged issues with site functionality, as I can do most of the work behind the scenes without messing up the current main page and chapters. But when I go to mess with the main page, we might see some downtime if I accidentally break something. I’m looking at quite the overhaul. Something something ‘break a few eggs.’

I do want to be up front: I am finally getting around to installing ads on the site. But, I am also hoping to do a decent overhaul on the site’s look and navigation, hopefully making for a better reading experience.

I don’t expect everyone to turn off their ad blockers. God knows I don’t half the time. But, I am trying to make the ad placement as reader friendly as possible. I am still keeping to my promise from when I first made this site- never, ever any ads in the body of the chapter. I hate it, other readers hate it, and it’s a blatant cash grab to do so. I plan on having ads to the side of the chapter, a couple banner ads at the top and bottom. They’ll help keep down website costs and further allow me and Eris to devote more time to this project. We love our patrons, we love Patreon, but even though I feel we do decently from it, it isn’t enough to make a living. A little ad revenue will help stabilize things.

Again, I’m not going to do anything stupid like ad-block content or turn the pages into eye-cancer. The only thing I ask is, if you’re a reader who enjoys our work for free, then please consider dropping your ad-blocker for our site. If you see it with ads and it murders your eyes, feel free to say something to me on Discord or to turn your blocker back on. I’m trying to find that middle ground between keeping faith with you, the readers, delivering a good experience. And the other side of that equation- making enough money so I can keep doing this.





First Grade: 1397

Second Grade: 1400

Third Grade: 1405

Fourth Grade: 1410


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2 thoughts on “AoA 1395”

  1. Thanks for the chapter Ryu,

    Since I can’t support you financially through Patreon, I am fine with some ads. So go ahead ?

    As for Greem, dang, it still boils down to relying to himself and the chip.

    Can’t believe this old man Douglas can use a cheat mode. Good that he is losing ?

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