Ryu here, back from the grave and twice as…alive?

First off, business. Links to four chapters to get us caught up:

Chapter 1449

Chapter 1450

Chapter 1451

Chapter 1452

For those who don’t read the Official Age of Adepts Discord, I took a trip to the emergency room on Sunday and spent a couple days in the hospital. I’m mostly fine now. Got some changes to make in my lifestyle, improve my health and fitness and diet and all that, but overall doing decently. I’m home and back to work.

Thanks to everyone in the Discord who wished me well. I appreciate it a lot. I’m glad to be home and back to work- the hospital was boring as hell, though I did get to watch a couple decent episodes of Law & Order. I also got a heart echo, which gave me some cool research for sound-based cultivators (nothing wrong with my heart, thankfully). 

Like I said, I’ve got lifestyle changes to implement, but that should not impact AoA any further. 



First Grade: 1454

Second Grade: 1457

Third Grade: 1452

Fourth Grade: 1467

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