Chapter 1468 is up, as well as the new Patreon folders for April. I also include some important information in the Patreon post.

I wrote some information in that post about the future of AoA as well as my original series, Moonless Labyrinth. For those who don’t want to pop over there, the short version: AoA ends in chapter 1512, which will go up on this website in mid-May. Around mid-April, my first original web novel, Moonless Labyrinth, will start publishing on the AoA website. I’ll update more as we get closer to that date, letting you know what Eris and I have planned for the future, Moonless Labyrinth’s release schedule, Patreon updates, and all that stuff. 


First Grade: 1470

Second Grade: 1473

Third Grade: 1478

Fourth Grade: 1483

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