Chapter 1482 is up.

Also, the launch of Moonless Labyrinth has been pushed back a couple days. It will start on this website on Monday, April 19th. I had intended to do it today, but…well, lots of reasons came up. Mostly me having a lot of first-time author jitters and procrastination. A few legit reasons too. Anyways, look forward to the first chapter on Monday. I plan on starting with a light 3 chapter a week release schedule, and once I prove to myself I can keep up properly, I will start ramping up to 4 or 5 chapters a week. I don’t plan on committing to more than 5 a week right now, but we’ll address that when we get to that point. 



First Grade: 1484

Second Grade: 1487

Third Grade: 1492

Fourth Grade: 1497

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