Chapter 1485 is up. Please enjoy.

Still a slight delay in Moonless, but not much. I’m working on it as we speak, and did get a reasonable amount of work done this weekend.

I feel like a cultivator working through a bottleneck. A paper-thin barrier between my life as a muggle, and leveling up into an actual writer. It’s a hard one though. I’m putting a lot of pressure on myself to succeed, and I’ve never properly written a novel before. I know, logically, that once I break through my bottleneck, I’ll look back and go, “huh. That wasn’t so hard.”

But that first real step between planning a novel and writing the first chapter is a vast chasm to me. Frozen in fear, crippled by anxiety. I’ve been confronting it, slowly, one inch at a time…well, maybe one centimeter at a time.

I know you, readers, are incredibly supportive of my efforts and don’t care much if I delay a bit. All the real pressure comes from myself. I want to do this full-time after AoA ends, so I’ll need the Patreon to not completely die in May. I don’t want people to commit to a new series with only a chapter or two to judge it by. My hope is to have at least ten chapters up before the end of the month, so readers and patrons can judge for themselves whether Moonless Labyrinth is a story they want to invest time (and money) into.

Thanks for your patience in this matter. I hope to reward it.



First Grade: 1487

Second Grade: 1490

Third Grade: 1496

Fourth Grade: 1500

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