That’s the end of Age of Adepts. What a ride it has been. 


Author’s afterword:

It’s finally ended!

Regardless of how imperfect the ending is, there’s finally a conclusion of sorts to the story!

As for how Greem will fight against Gomanreas’ soul and how he will continue to develop in the Abyssal World? That will be a different story of its own!

Thank you for everyone’s support over the past two years. Age of Adepts has come to a conclusion here.

Old Wolf expresses his gratitude for the support of the readers. Thank you, thanks to my editor and thanks to everyone on 17k.




Eris’ Afterword:

It’s hard to believe it’s been nearly four years since I started working on this series as a translator with Gravity Tales. I picked up translating as a side gig because of my interest in webnovels and my need for some pocket money. I never dreamt that this would be where I would end up— 1500 chapters deep and an entire webnovel translated.

This novel was tossed to me as an abandoned project 150 chapters in. I wasn’t the most enthusiastic about it. As many readers have pointed out, the start of the story was an absolute slog and the writer loves his long-winded exposition as much as he loves the word ‘terrifying’. The early translation and gloss was frustrating, inconsistent and often too literal. Nevertheless, I grew to love the story, its ups and its downs, the exciting moments when Greem nukes the shit out of his newest cocky opponent, the nail biting moments when Greem barely escapes with his life by the skin of his teeth from another one of Maysa’s schemes and the dull stretches where the author explains to us once again how evil, sinister and calculating adepts are.

When Gravity Tales shut down, I and Ryu said to each other: “Remember all those webnovels that were abandoned and untranslated after their translators quit half-way? Yea, not cool.“ And so we continued translating, until finally, we’ve come to an end. It’s been a long and wild ride and I don’t regret a single moment of it.

Some days of translations were rough, with the pressure of finals or an upcoming vacation biting on my nails, but at some point the work became a necessary routine to my life and the story, a welcome break from reality. I’ll miss Meryl, Snorlax, Mary, Alice and all the other characters and I’ll miss the expansive world the author has crafted for us.

That said, I don’t think I and Ryu could ever have done this without the support of all you readers and here’s a heartfelt ‘thank you’ to you all. It’s been heartwarming to see how many of you really, truly loved this series and I am happy to know that at least you all got to see the series come to an end, even if it’s a rushed, imperfect conclusion.

Like I said, the gloss and translation from the first 150 chapters were somewhat annoying (if I had my way, Greem would be Grimm rather than Greem). However, if there’s one choice my predecessor made that I couldn’t possibly agree more with, it would be the decision to translate 巫师 as ‘adepts’. This has, indeed, been the Age of Adepts.




Ryu’s Afterword:

Thank you, everyone, who has joined us on this journey. Some have only joined us recently, while others have been around since Eris first started translating this series on Gravity Tales. No matter when you came along, I want to thank you for reading the series. It was my first time as an editor, and working on Age of Adepts has been nothing short of a privilege. It has definitely been the best job I ever had. I got to follow along with Greem’s story as I edited, reading about his adventures. And getting paid for it. 

I want to thank the Discord group for always being so supportive and encouraging, even on the nights where I was behind schedule. I want to thank everyone who voted for us in GT’s popularity poll or left a review on Novel Updates. 

I also want to give a special thanks to our Patrons, without whom we would never have been able to complete this series. Eris and I were only able to devote the time to finishing this story because of their earnest support. 


I hope you enjoyed your time reading Age of Adepts. I also hope you’ll enjoy reading my new original work, Moonless Labyrinth that is also starting today (shameless plug, I know).

I plan to still be around for a long while. Working on ML, still improving the Age of Adepts website for fans who want to come back from time to time to reread Greem’s story, or for those who have yet to discover the legendary fire adept. 

Thank you for being here with us, with me. I’ll see you around.