AoA Chapter 1161

Here is Chapter 1161. This was Saturday, May 30th’s chapter. My fever spiked this morning when getting home from my hotel job, so I ended up spending most of the day sleeping. Half of that sleep was some weird-ass fever dream stuff that oddly centered on the website’s comments section. I think this new site construction has sunk deeply into my brain in the last few days 😛  My fever is down but still there, and I have another night of hotel work to slog through. I should have some free time over Monday and Tuesday to get some time off, rest, and work more heavily on the site. My hope is that I’ve weathered the worst and all I have to do is deal with fatigue and rebuilding stamina. If not, you’ll be kept up to date.


As before, this is all a work in progress. Right now it is triage- get the most immediate stuff taken care of. So when I post today’s chapter later, the chapter pages probably won’t have links to the old one/new one. I’m just trying to make sure that people have a place to view them. 

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