AoA Chapter 1162

Here is Chapter 1162. Little else to say right now. Fighting a fever, getting the basics done right now. Baffled that GT hasn’t sunk yet. The chapter is also posted over there as well.

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  1. I am not a fan of the patron system, the cost of even the lowest tier is thousends of times more expensive then buying Hardbound books. That said i am a capitalist (a real one, not what the liberal progresives that have created their own cult style religion have redifined the meaning into) and i believe you should exchange your property for someone elses hardwork at a value that both parties can agree on. When this book is done being translated, either because its done or they stop, i will pay 3-5 dollars per paper bound book equivalent for a copy(right now thats a out 50-80 dollars depending on a few facters, by chapter 1500 that should be a min of 100 dollars). I sugest that anyone that has not joined thier patron account consider doing the same. Most web novels are extra long short stories and arent worth it but AoA has devolped a world and people that has reached a novels level of quality and every one should pay some of thier hard earned money for thier hard work.

    1. Ugg using touchpad and not double checking caused several mistypes, i think most people will not have a problem with them but even my handle had one. It should be ULTRIX DEUS (latin if someone is interested, well the firstword word is probably more pig latin but a relative took the word i wanted because i wanted to learn some latine before choosing and he just did a word search… still anoyed but first come first served)

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