AoA Chapter 1169

Whew, here’s Chapter 1169


I feel like I’m starting to mend, and I can’t wait to use that mending time to get this website running. I had so many plans earlier in the week, and my stomach and body just wouldn’t agree with me. I’m still sick, but I feel like my symptoms are lessening across the board. My stamina is still garbage though.

9 thoughts on “AoA Chapter 1169”

  1. Thanks for the chapter Ryu. I thought you would be in the hospital recovering. Please don’t push yourself too hard.

  2. Take your time to actually feel better.
    Then re-up all of the chapters and only after that keep posting new chapters.
    Please don’t burn out.

  3. Thanks for the chapters fam, glad you’re getting better.

    Am i the only one that feel Mary’s chapters are fillers? I know she’s greem’s fiancĂ© but man…it’s pretty rough.

    1. Grimm_Dragonslayer

      I think its build up to her eventual battle with the feathered god and then she drains him and advances

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