Chapter 1162 Troll Camp


Seawoods Plane.

There was a troll tribe deep in the vast stretches of forest in the mountains.

The fires of war had just been quenched, and the vampires were hastily clearing up the battlefield.

Mary beat her wings, hovering in midair and watching the piles of troll corpses gathered on the stone plaza.

These trolls were all three meters tall. They had violet skin, thick hair, two fierce tusks, and long, red hair flowing down from their heads. They were all exceedingly strong and muscular. Their hands and feet were long and slender, while the weapons they used were wooden spears and javelins made out of sticks.

Of course, all of these weapons were tipped with poison!

It was a sort of paralytic poison extracted from plants. Even a teaspoon of this poison was enough to put down an adolescent Berserk Elephant.

Unfortunately, poisoned weapons like this were practically harmless to vampires!

Mary casually threw aside a withered troll corpse and wiped the traces of green blood on her mouth. She then slowly examined this lifeless camp.

The gashing wounds on her body slowly healed and mended together under the effects of her blood energy.

For the sake of exterminating these trolls as quickly as possible, Mary and Soros had charged right into the troll camp. They had cut down the statue of the Feathered God in the plaza in a most humiliating fashion. In doing so, they infuriated the entirety of the tribe.

All the trolls, be they troll warriors dedicated to battle or ordinary women and children, all emerged from their huts and houses as if they had gone mad. They rushed at the two vampires and attacked in a berserk manner.

Meanwhile, Mary and Soros stood in the center of the plaza, enduring wave after wave of attacks from the trolls. Meanwhile, the other vampires had spread out, subtly and quickly killing the trolls that had gotten separated from the others.

Ordinary vampires were still too frail, after all!

Their weak bodies couldn’t bear the weight of heavy metal armor. As such, most vampires wore light silk robes and clothes to avoid affecting their agility.

Naturally, the lack of armor meant they could not endure the powerful strikes and attacks from the trolls. To minimize the deaths of her subordinates, Mary had no choice but to take the lead, attracting all of the troll’s attention towards herself and Soros.

The two of them were Third Grade now. That gave them the unusual power-drain skill, allowing them to obtain part of the enemy’s power and strength by absorbing their blood. It gave them the ability to fight endlessly.

Even so, the sharp, heavy spears and metal javelins of the trolls still inflicted many injuries and wounds to their bodies that continued to accumulate.

The trolls weren’t a difficult opponent because of their strength, but because of their unbelievably resilient lifeforce.

Even if they lost several limbs or had a hole opened in their stomach, they could continue to attack with all their savagery and vigor until their heads were lopped off.

In general, adolescent trolls were all qualified warriors, male or female; their bodies had already reached the standard of First Grade creatures. In addition to their reckless fighting style and unbending will that drove them to fight until their deaths, they were no weaker than ordinary Second Grade creatures.

Even the weaker elderly and children among the trolls had formidable will and skill in combat.

If they scattered into the forest and waged a guerilla war, the vampires would not be able to cleanly exterminate each and every one of them, even if they had ten times their current number. For the sake of dealing with this camp of three hundred trolls, Mary could only use herself as bait, firmly keeping the enemy within the center of the camp.

The wounds on Mary’s body were innumerable at this point.

At a glance, terrifying gashes the length of a finger could be seen everywhere on her body. Her skin had also turned purple and green, a sign of the excessive accumulation of poison.

Even so, Mary still used the dagger in her hand to execute the trolls that charged at her.

Wound for wound, blood for blood!

Mary’s attacks were always direct and straightforward, but shockingly effective as well.

Of the 183 adolescent troll warriors and the 133 ordinary trolls,  207 of them had died at the hands of Mary and Soros.

During this process, the intermediate Second Grade chieftain had managed to pierce Mary through the heart with a spear. However, his attack utterly infuriated the Bloody Queen Mary.

Mary did not cut off his head nor crush his heart. Instead, she slowly let him bleed out by slicing him with a flurry of attacks, all while moving around with her incredible speed.

The once-proud troll chieftain had died of pure blood loss!

Of course, his blood had not gone to waste. Mary had absorbed all of it using her crimson halo before converting it into horrifying blood magic and turning the spells onto the troll warriors.

Draw Blood, Blood Frenzy, Blood Spear, Boiling Blood, Reverse Bloodflow.

As a peak Third Grade vampire adept, Mary had already established a series of blood magic that combined the powers of her blood abilities and the spells of adepts. Each of these spells had terrifying power in combat. Meanwhile, as the blood master of the blood knights and blood elves, Mary could bestow upon her subordinates some of these spells.

It indirectly enhanced the powers of the vampire adepts!

If they only fought with a vampire’s instincts, they would always remain vampires despised by the collective group of adepts. However, through their mastery of blood magic, they could proudly proclaim themselves as blood adepts instead.

The pursuit was ongoing in the distant forest.

When the number of trolls in the camp fell below fifty, the survivors finally became scared. They fled towards the forest with all their strength.

Mary did not participate in the ensuing chase. Instead, she flapped her battered wings, hovering above the pile of corpses and absorbing the dense mist of blood that now hung in the air, trying her best to heal her wounds.

A short moment later, Soros walked over, clad in his heavy armor. He kneeled and placed a wicked and terrifying troll head in front of Mary’s eyes.

It was the head of an old troll!

His skin had already turned loose and wrinkled from age. The hair had fallen off his head. There was a white animal tusk that pierced his nose, while two gleaming earrings hung on his large earlobes.

The old troll’s eyes were still opened wide, fangs bared in a savage and vicious expression.

However, the most interesting thing about the troll was the layer of magical light that shrouded its head.

A troll voodoo doctor!

The voodoo doctors of the trolls were spellcasters that had mastered some elementium powers.

However, their mastery of elementium powers extended only to the combination of elementium with herbs and plants to create a unique method of poison brewing.

The purple and green poison on Mary’s body that had yet to fade was his work.

After the troll chieftain had died, the sly and cunning voodoo doctor had immediately realized that the trolls would be massacred. He ordered his people to scatter and escape, while he disappeared among their ranks, hoping to escape the pursuit of these fearsome enemies.

Unfortunately, he had no idea how to hide his elementium powers. Naturally, this meant that he could not evade the senses of the vampires.

Mary remained here to recover while sending out Third Grade Blood Knight Soros to hunt down the voodoo doctor.

As expected, Soros had returned with the head of the beginner Second Grade voodoo doctor just fifteen minutes later.

However, after this bloody battle, Soros’ well-crafted armor was heavily dented. Many of the spikes on his armor had also snapped off. The pungent and sticky troll blood covered his entire body, layer after layer. Even though he was only kneeling on the ground, a pool of blood had already gathered beneath him, pieces of flesh and unknown shards of organs floating on the liquid.

“Isa, he’s yours! I need to know the location of the troll empire and the distribution of their tribes as soon as possible. Also, I want to know every single powerhouse that exists in their tribes,” Mary shouted loudly from midair.


A slender figure flew out of the forest and knelt down before Mary.

Blood Elf Mage Isa stood up and grabbed the head of the voodoo doctor. She leaned forward and kissed the head on its vicious mouth, a trace of madness appearing on her pretty face.

“Come, come…your blood, your life, your soul…all of it belongs to me! Become one with me, and through this, you shall be reborn.”

As Isa continued to mumble these chilling words, the already dead voodoo doctor suddenly started howling madly. Unconcealable terror and fear appeared on its old and ugly face.

Isa pursed her lips and sucked. Countless sickly green lights appeared from the voodoo doctor’s head, quickly flying into her red lips like birds flying back to their nests.

“Evil adepts, you will suffer the heavenly punishment of the Feathered God! Even…if I die, I will curse you.”

A strange soul appeared above the voodoo doctor, furiously cursing at the blood elf before him. Unfortunately, he had already lost his ability to protect his soul. He could only howl crazily while being devoured by the enemy.

Blood Elf Mage Isa began trembling uncontrollably after devouring the beginner Second Grade voodoo doctor. She was only an intermediate Second Grade, after all. A strange poison erupted in her body, staining her white skin a shade of violet.

However, a dead voodoo doctor didn’t have much power. Isa managed to devour his soul after just six minutes, and with it came a wealth of disjointed memories.