Chapter 1184 End of the Road



An unknown enemy had somehow managed to sneak into her chambers and assaulted her before she realized it.

Such an unbelievable thing had actually happened to her.

The shock and horror at being attacked overwhelmed the Feathered God’s anger. She was at a complete loss at what to do!

In Seawoods, she was the god, the indisputable ruler of the plane.

There had never been a creature bold enough to challenge her authority and might, let alone someone that dared to bare their fangs at her.

The long peace and serenity she enjoyed had turned her into a frog in a well. She had believed herself to be an almighty ruler that could have every being act by her will with a single order!

She could never have known that the adepts classified even actual gods into various tiers. An incomplete being like herself that was only somewhere between a demigod and a true god was no more than a walking source of materials for adepts.

The classification, dissection, and research on gods, their divine authorities, and the nature of their divine power were very thorough in the adept’s knowledge system. Consequently, an arrogant native god like the Feathered God was no more than a slightly more powerful divine creature in the eyes of high-grade adepts.

Divine creatures were still creatures in the end!

Destroy their souls, and they would still die.

It was because of how well he understood divine creatures that Greem did not hold any respect for the Feathered God. He did not hold back at all. He ordered Shadow Demon to strike with its most powerful combination the moment it attacked.

Shadow Summon, Shadow Assault, Infinite Shadow Arrows, and Piercing Thrust.

Shadow Summon was an ability of the Fourth Grade Ring of Shadows. It summoned a Fourth Grade shadow assassin.

Shadow Assault was the ability of the Fourth Grade Shadow’s Breathing. It would create a lightless dagger that would autonomously attack the enemy.

Meanwhile, Infinite Shadow Arrows was a spell cast by the Fifth Grade Orb of Shadows.

Piercing Thrust was the only attack launched by Shadow Demon itself.

Even the Feathered God could not endure so many high-grade spells, despite her divine Physique. In just an instant, she was severely injured by the torrent of shadow spells!

However, even such a ferocious attack could not kill her.

The Feathered God could no longer care for anything that was happening beyond the divine domain. She straightened her battered body, and destructive lightning rained down upon the temple.

Wild and ferocious lightning storms crackled around her body, sizzling when they made contact with Shadow Demon. Bright flashes of electricity and ear-piercing crackling sounds could be heard everywhere.

However, these surges of electricity that could reduce an ordinary Fourth Grade creature to ashes seemed weak when they landed on Shadow Demon. Its fully metallic body gave it incredible resistance to elementium magic.

Shadow Demon’s body might be glowing bright from all the electricity running about, but it did not stop it from continuing its wild slashes. In the blink of an eye, Shadow Demon’s claws had ripped through the Feathered God’s form seven times, almost ripping a hole through her body with each strike.

Dammit! A high-grade magical statue.

The Feathered God was arrogant, but she wasn’t foolish.

She instantly recognized Shadow Demon’s true form and understood that her lightning powers would not work against the construct. Physical combat was the best option against a tin can with a magic-resistant body.

The Feathered God screeched and called for her guards. She lunged forth, using her sharp fangs and powerful tail to attack the enemy.

While the divine domain was thrown into chaos, spatial fluctuations appeared near the entrance of the space.

A swarm of wights charged forward, immediately engaging the Feathered Serpents. Mary and her vampires took full opportunity of the chaos created by the wights to break in.

After trading wound for wound and blow for blow with the Feathered God, Shadow Demon flickered and escaped the battle. It had inflicted sufficiently heavy injuries to the totem god. Its figure instantly vanished into the endless darkness.

The badly injured Feathered God shivered in fright. She thought the enemy was preparing to launch another frightening assault at her. She hurriedly gathered a lightning storm and protected herself, while furiously blasting away the shadow assassin and the shadow dagger as she did so.

The Feathered God did not sense the enemy’s presence even after she had dealt with its two assistants.

She listened as the fighting outside the temple grew in intensity. Her reptilian eyes focused as she turned around to help.

However, the moment the thought appeared in her mind, a bolt of darkness shot out of the shadow of a pillar. It was aimed straight at the defenseless egg.


The Feathered God hastily shielded the egg with her own body and let out a breath of lightning that shredded the shadow bolt to pieces. She then flared her wings and destroyed the pillar with devastating lightning.

Unfortunately, her lightning blast did not achieve anything!

“Bastard! You bastard! Come out and fight me if you’re that powerful.” The Feathered God was enraged and no longer tried to save her lightning powers. Bolts of raging lightning crashed down from the sky, shattering every pillar in the temple into pebbles and rubble.

Lightning glowed brightly around the Feathered God, illuminating the place so bright it looked as if it was noon. She was not giving the enemy any chances to leap to her side anymore.

However, using lightning powers to such a degree was extremely exhausting, even with the Feathered God’s Physique and strength!

That said, she could not hold back when there was such a powerful enemy at hand.

Without the Feathered God’s aid, the hundreds of Feathered Serpents in the divine domain could not fend off the horde of ten thousand wights, even if they were all elites. Moreover, the terrifying vampires were always hiding among the wights and ambushing the Feathered Serpents.

Outnumbered and outmaneuvered, the number of Feathered Serpents were quickly running low.

Mary and Vanlier fought side by side in a corner of the divine domain. They were slightly nervous as they observed the battle unfold.

In all honesty, this was the first time in their lives they had ever broken into the kingdom of a ‘god.’ They would be lying to themselves if they said they weren’t nervous.

However, they had already planned for the worst. There were already multiple plans for escape that would sacrifice the other vampires without any hesitation. However, the situation was developing in a direction favorable to them.

The enemy was already at her door, and the Feathered God still remained in her temple, allowing her guards to be slaughtered at will. What was happening? Could she have gone mad? Crazy? Or was there something she couldn’t abandon inside the temple?

Old Vanlier’s eyes rolled around as his mind churned. It was obvious that he was also unnerved by how strangely well the fight was going for them.

Only Remi and his old poison hag appeared to be at ease as they stood behind the two vampires.

Remi already knew about everything the moment Greem’s consciousness arrived at Seawoods plane, due to the connection between their souls. However, Greem had ordered him to keep his mouth shut. So, he had to pretend like he knew nothing.

After an entire day and night of fighting, the one hundred Feathered Serpents finally fell to the wights. After a satisfying feast of blood, Second Grade Blood Elf Mage Isa advanced to Third Grade. She let out a resounding screech of satisfaction when she did so.

As their blood master, Mary had no reason to stop one of her subordinates from advancing to Third Grade.

As her subordinates grew in power, traces of pure blood energy gathered around Mary, causing her powers to grow ever closer to that threshold.

A boiling aura rolled through Mary’s heart, causing her ruby eyes to turn even redder than usual.

Mary beat her delicate leather wings and rose into the air. She pointed at the temple in the distance and shouted.

“The aura of blood! The aura of life. Attack!”

Blood Frenzy.

As Mary worked her magic, all the wights and blood servants lifted their heads and howled. They charged at the temple recklessly. For a moment, silhouettes could be seen everywhere in the divine domain- on the ground, above the tree canopy, and on the cliffs.

Even the vampires with their own wills felt their blood boil. Their fangs protruded more than usual. They flapped their wings and followed after the cannon fodder, quickly advancing towards the temple.

Upon sensing the approach of the wights and vampires, Shadow Demon opened its mouth and sucked all of the shadow substance in the temple into its body. It then silently vanished into the shadows.

The Feathered God was stunned for a moment.

Before she could understand why the mysterious enemy had fled, the tunnels rumbled as an army of strange creatures entered the temple. They swarmed towards her like a constant wave.

Dammit! A mysterious Fourth Grade enemy had already screwed her over! Now, a bunch of weaklings was trying to look for easy pickings while she was weakened.

The enraged Feathered God opened her tattered wings and hovered above the egg. Lightning surged around her as an apocalyptic storm of lightning and thunder instantly reduced the wights and blood servants into ashes.

Such destructive might not only failed to stop the enemy but also only made them rush even faster and ferociously at her. Their crazed breaths, their vicious mouths, and their ugly silhouettes.

The Feathered God beat her wings without any hesitation, unleashing several waves of lightning blasts, exterminating wave after wave of enemies.

Finally, as the cannon fodder started to thin out, the Feathered God saw many pairs of crimson eyes in the darkness. She finally saw the vampires, all smiling wickedly at her.

End of the road!

At this point, there was no longer any turning back. It was a fight to the death!

There was no need for any orders. All of the vampires charged forward, aiding Mary, Soros, Remi, and the old poison witch in their fight against the wholly exhausted Feathered God.