Chapter 1195 Primal Water and the Spirit World


Fire Throne.

Greem, who was dealing with the Orb of the Fire God in the isolated dimension, felt his heart twinge. He turned and left immediately.

When he hurried to the teleportation room on the fifth level of the tower, a white light flashed as spatial flux filled the room. A familiar, tiny silhouette slowly appeared.

“Helen, why is it you? Where’s Alice?” A bad feeling appeared in Greem’s heart when he saw Helen’s face.

“Bad guy, go see Alice, quick. She…it doesn’t seem like she’s going to last much longer!” Helen hastily circled around Greem like an aggravated bee, grabbing his hair and yanking him towards the teleportation array.

Greem’s face turned pale. He dove into the teleportation array without any hesitation.

A short moment later, Greem arrived at the astrology hall under Helen’s lead.

The radiant starlight power here had yet to fade entirely. A large group of Fate Witches and apprentices was standing silently around the room, while Sofia and Snowlotus helped Alice slowly walk out of the array.

Alice’s face was deadly white. Even her pretty hair had turned completely white, and wrinkles could be seen at the corner of her eyes, her face, and on her hands. It had only been a few days, yet it seemed as if she had already reached the end of her lifespan. The lifeforce in her body was so weak it could barely be sensed.

“What happened? What…what happened to you?” Greem pulled Alice to his side and sternly asked the two witches that were helping her.

Before Sofia and Snowlotus could explain, the dying Alice grabbed Greem’s arm weakly and shook his arm as she said, “No…not their fault. I was not careful…fell into Maysa’s trap.”

“Maysa!” Greem’s eyes opened wide when he heard that name. Flames burst forth an inch from his red eyes.

However, he quickly suppressed his anger and asked in a solemn tone, “How did she do it?”

Even though Alice had always been fighting against Great Witch Maysa, she was always protected by the World of Adepts’ planar laws while she was here. Even as much as Maysa hated Alice, there was nothing she could do to her.

Protected by the planar laws, further shielded from Fate by the Tower of Fate, and favored by the Fate powers themselves. From all aspects, Alice should never have fallen victim to Maysa’s scheme.

“She did something to the Moonwell!” Alice leaned helplessly on Greem, so tired that she could barely open her eyes. “Go…look for Emelia. It is a death trap. Only she……”

At this point, Alice’s body went limp as she fell unconscious.

The Tower of Fate was sealed from the public once more.

It was the only option that Sofia and Snowlotus could think of. 

The Tower of Fate was sealed from the public once more to cut off all news of Alice’s accident from spreading.

Fortunately, the Tower of Fate was located in the remote Dragonblight. Communications with the outside world were infrequent, to begin with. Shutting off the Tower from the rest of the world for a few months was no problem.

However, people would start noticing after a while.

After all, ever since Alice advanced to Fourth Grade, the Tower of Fate had become the center of attention of the witches. Being sealed off from the world for an extended period was likely to draw the attention of people with ill intentions.

Alice had been poisoned with a sort of time poison.

Her life origin was already very lacking. The purpose of the Fate prayer ritual was to recover this missing portion of her lifeforce. However, an unusual time poison had actually been hidden in the Fourth Grade Moonspring, the most important component of the ritual. Consequently, the poison managed to reach Alice’s life origin rapidly.

This poison could rapidly devour life force and was exceedingly hard to remove.

Thus, the last bit of Alice’s lifeforce was being corroded, leaving her instantly at death’s door!

Life was like a candle; it would not stop burning the moment it was lit.

The candle that represented Alice’s life was already eighty percent shorter because of the Fate blessing she placed on Greem. Only a small segment of that candle was left. Alice had hoped to recover her lifeforce with her advance to Fourth Grade and the aid of the Moonspring. However, she had fallen victim to Great Witch Maysa’s time poison.

What remained of her candle was instantly shortened to a tiny film of wax. It had lost all the thickness that a candle of life should have. Naturally, this meant that the candle could no longer sustain the burning of the flame of life.

Fortunately, Alice had an omen that this would happen prior to the ritual. She protected herself with all of her equipment and managed to survive the first explosion of the time poison. However, even with the protection of the unique Fate Witch equipment, Alice still didn’t have much time left.

Emelia was soon summoned to the Tower of Fate. Here, she saw Alice, who had been sealed in a starlight array.

While she was worried sick and unsure of what to do, Greem finally spoke up.

“Before being sealed, Alice said that you were the only one that could save her!”

“I,” Emelia was stunned. Surprise was written all over her pretty face. “I don’t even know what kind of poison this is. How am I supposed to save Lady Alice?”

At this time, Lucia, who had been following behind Snowlotus, suddenly spoke up.

“Lady Emelia, Alice mentioned that only you could save her. She might not have necessarily meant that you would be able to cure her of the poison directly, but something else. For instance, you might have heard of this poison, or you might have seen something or someone that could save her, or perhaps you have some means of helping her regain lifeforce.”

Emelia’s expression shifted several times when she heard Lucia speak. In particular, when Lucia mentioned a method of regaining lifeforce, Emelia’s expression changed most drastically. It looked like she was deep in thought about something.

“Did you think of something?” Greem didn’t dare disrupt her thoughts. He waited until she was completely calm before he asked impatiently.

“I can’t do anything about the time poison that Lady Alice has been poisoned with. I have never even heard of such poison. However……”

“However, what?”

“However, I have heard rumors of the Moonspring.”

“Rumors? What kind of rumors?”

Emelia’s expression turned into one of pain for a moment. After struggling for a while, she finally turned towards Greem and spoke honestly, “My lord, you already know of my true identity, don’t you?”

Greem paused for a brief moment.

“You mean the soul of the Spore Princess that has assimilated with you?”

Emelia smiled bitterly. She knew this little secret she had been keeping for a hundred years could not be concealed form this high-grade adept. The reason she hadn’t been captured and used as an experimental subject was purely because of Gargamel and Eva’s protection.

“Since you know that my soul has assimilated the consciousness of a spore princess, you would know that the magical sporepeople are not native creatures of the World of Adepts. They come from an ancient plane known as the Spirit World.”

“The Spirit World.” Greem was acquainted with this name because the Spirit World was just as described by Emelia. It was an extremely ancient and well-known plane.

All sorts of unusual spirits of all shapes and forms existed in that plane!

Spirits were unusual, immaterial consciousness bodies. They had no physical forms but possessed unimaginable and strange abilities. Many powerful spellcasters would communicate with spirits from the Spirit World and form contracts with a suitable one.

After completing these magical contracts, spellcasters would be able to easily summon spirits from the Spirit World to their current position to aid them in some tasks.

Many companion creatures summoned by adepts were, in fact, these spirits merged with some native creatures. This way, the contracted spirit would have a material body and would be able to exist for an extended period in a material world.

After going through all the information he had in his mind about the Spirit World, Greem still had not found a way to save Alice. He couldn’t help but ask solemnly, “What is there in the Spirit World?”

“It isn’t a question of what there is in the Spirit World, but what there is with us magical sporepeople.” For some reason, when Emelia mentioned the magical sporepeople, her pretty face was completely distorted. It was filled with hatred, anger, and vicious fury. She gritted her teeth as if her entire being was seething was hatred.

“Tell us, what do the magical sporepeople have? If your suggestion can truly save Alice, I will be willing to fulfill any request you have along the way!” As a high-grade adept, no mental flux from Emelia could escape his senses.

Not to mention how obvious Emelia’s emotions were.

“Primal Water!” Emelia explained firmly. “The magical sporepeople have Primal Water in their hands!”

Primal Water?

Greem quickly searched the Chip’s database but found nothing at all.

This situation was very rare!

Either the contents were too taboo and had been sealed away by high-grade adepts, or even the high-grade adepts had never heard of such a thing and had not recorded it.

Greem glanced at Sofia and Snowlotus. Both witches looked confused as well. Instead, it was the apprentice, Lucia, who seemed to be thinking about something.

“Explain a little!” Greem looked at Emelia and said.

“Primal Water is an unusual state of water elementium when gathered at the very birth of a plane. As the plane is born, the Primal Water continues to split, filling the plane with an endless supply of clean water.”

“There’s something as miraculous as that?” Greem couldn’t help but exhale, impressed by the wonders of the multiverse. “Then what are the specific uses of this Primal Water?”

“Purification!” Emelia replied. “I don’t know if it will be able to save Alice, but it will most certainly be able to purify the poison that has polluted the Moonspring. With the proper Moonspring back, we should have no problem with saving Alice.”

Greem looked back at Sofia and Snowlotus.

Both of them nodded.

Obviously, they agreed with Emelia’s opinion!