Chapter 1209 Water Elemental Army


People who were used to being the most important person could behave like idiots sometimes, even if they were incredibly intelligent!

Even though Greem was prepared to be used as bait for the sake of drawing out Fahssn, he was still pissed by Rauluns’ ungrateful attitude.

Greem had already experienced the stubbornness of elementium creatures.

Thus, Greem stepped away when the Water Diviner started pointing fingers and looking for trouble. He decided to watch silently.

However, even though this Water Diviner wasn’t exactly the sharpest tool in the shed, he was indeed very powerful.

Disregarding everything else, just this ability to summon elementals was enough to shock and surprise Greem. The number of water elementals was overwhelming.

When Greem summoned fire creatures earlier, there had only been four or five hundred of them, at best. However, the Flamegate’s existence allowed for new fire creatures to stream forth from the Fire Elementium Plane continuously. That was what made it seem like there was no end to them.

However, this Water Diviner was truly very impressive. With just a wave of his hand, he directly summoned an entire horde of water elementals, numbering in the thousands. A water-elemental army like this, even if they consisted only of low-grade individuals, was still a considerable force. All each one had to do was fire a simple Water Arrow.

Such power might not be anything in Greem’s eyes.

However, against those barbaric ogres without any long-ranged attacks, the water-elemental army was a terrifying opponent. There might be a few ogre shamans among the ogres who were capable of casting simple spells, but they were too few in number. They could only scurry around against the murderous and unstoppable water elementals, without even the opportunity to retaliate.

Water arrows whooshed and cut across the air all over the large camp as Greem watched on from the side. What came after were the cries of agony and death throes of the Ango’rosh ogres.

The Ango’rosh ogres were genuinely sturdy. They could even endure the attacks of seven or eight water elementals and charge up to them to smash them into puddles. Unfortunately, though they could withstand attacks from seven or eight water elementals at once, seventeen or eighteen water elementals were too much!

The ogre warriors continued to roar in anger, raising their wooden shields and stone hammers to protect their vital points. They howled with all they had and charged at the water elementals.

Pew! Pew! Pew! The water arrows crashed like violent raindrops, ringing out loud when they hit the ogres’ shields and bodies. Some Slow and Mire spells were also mixed in with the barrage of Water Arrows, cast by the high-grade water elementals. The ogres hit by these spells roared in anger. Their eyes were bloodshot from how much they were exerting themselves, but their feet were still rooted to the spot as if they had been glued to the ground. They were as slow as turtles.

The water elemental’s strategy was just that simple– a barrage of Water Arrows and Slows. Yet, it was shockingly effective and powerful!

Their offense did not appear as destructive or violent as the fire creatures’ had, but the unfortunate Ango’rosh ogres could only die filled with resentment under the ceaseless rain of water arrows. They were robbed of any ability to resist.

Greem reverted from his flame giant form and returned to his human form. He watched the water-elemental army fight on in silence.

Even though he felt no goodwill towards the stern-faced Rauluns, the water-elemental army he had summoned was shockingly powerful. If his fire creature army fought against Rauluns’ water elemental army, Rauluns would undoubtedly be the one to win.

It wasn’t that fire elementals were weaker than water elementals. Rather, it was because the fire creatures were only cannon fodder than Greem had temporarily summoned from another world. They were not his direct subordinates. Meanwhile, the water-elemental army was disciplined, and the few high-grades serving as their commanding officers were quite intelligent.

It was only natural that Greem would lose, pitting a loose force of fire creatures against a proper, disciplined army!

However, if Greem could pull together an army of magical machines from the clan, he had complete confidence in crushing this water-elemental army.

“Battle requires calmness, composure, and intelligence. You pyromaniacs are always too impulsive, ill-suited as excellent generals,” Water Diviner Rauluns couldn’t help but start speaking in an excited tone after seeing how well the situation was going for them. The sound of his voice made Greem frown in annoyance.

“Hmph! It doesn’t matter how many low-grade creatures there are. They are still cannon fodder in the eyes of true powerhouses, crushed with the wave of a hand. The effort spent to train all these little guys would be better used to strengthen yourself! How much could these cannon fodder help when you run into an opponent of the same grade?” Greem already didn’t like this water elemental diviner guy. He immediately rebuked Rauluns without holding anything back.

The Water Diviner couldn’t help but narrow his eyes when he heard Greem’s reply.

“Do you mean to say that you are more powerful than me?”

“Not necessarily! Who can say for sure? We haven’t fought yet.” Greem still appeared calm and composed.


Seeing as tempers were starting to flare and tensions were rising, Sage Moat felt his head hurt. He immediately interrupted, “Alright, alright. Let’s not discuss this problem for the moment. Look, it seems like Gorefist has appeared again.”

Indeed, Ogre Chieftain Gorefist had appeared once more in the center of the camp after hiding to treat his wounds. He took out a stone stick that he had found somewhere and started to swing it around. In the blink of an eye, he had exterminated a squadron of nearly a hundred water elementals.

Even though the high-grade water elementals were furiously hurling Slows at Gorefist, the difference in their grades was too apparent. He managed to resist most of the spells. Even the occasional spell that worked on him did not affect him for more than half a second.

After some brief treatment, Gorefist had once again become full of energy. He shook his fat body and strode across the battlefield with thundering steps. The water-elemental army’s pace was halted wherever he went, and whenever he swung his stick.

The low-grade water elementals were crushed into drops of water by a fearsome shockwave when they approached Gorefist. The ogre chieftain couldn’t care less about the hundreds of water arrows. One after another, he smashed the high-grade water elementals into beads of water.

And this was after Greem had ‘stolen’ Gorefist’s hammer. Otherwise, the losses to the water-elemental army would only increase even further.

“Gorefist is just a ferocious as ever!” Greem couldn’t help but clap as he glanced at Rauluns and said, “What is it? The guy who’s been talking big is just gonna sit by and watch his subordinates get slaughtered by the enemy? Hehehe. Maybe if you summon a few more water-elemental armies, you might wear out the ogre chieftain!”

Moat instantly knew things were about to go south when he heard Greem’s cold words. However, it was already too late.

Water Diviner Rauluns snorted furiously and shouted, “Do not think only you pyromaniacs can rule over the battlefield. We water elementals have terrifying might that you cannot possibly imagine. Now, let me show you the power of us water elementals.”

Having said that, Rauluns instantly turned into a wave and surged onto the battlefield.

Waveform. It was the physical form that the Water Diviner took on when moving at fast speeds.

His appearance directly drew the attention and wariness of Gorefist.

Both of them were veteran powerhouses of the Marsh Wetlands. Naturally, they knew each other very well.

Gorefist watched as the wave surged before him and reformed into a humanoid silhouette. He waved his stick as he shouted loudly, “Rauluns, do you intend to exterminate every last one of us Ango’rosh ogres?”

The wave had caught several ogres along the way.

Now that he had returned to his humanoid form, Rauluns slowly dragged the half-dead ogres out of his body and threw them aside. He lowered his gaze and looked at the ogre chieftain, calmly speaking, “Gorefist, pull out of the alliance with the sporepeople, cut all ties with them, and I can still allow you and your people to live in the Marsh Wetlands. Otherwise……”

Rauluns waved his hand, and a large amount of mist rose from the ponds, rivers, and swamps nearby, forming into thousands of water arrows. These cold arrows gleamed as they refracted light from the dim sky. They slowly adjusted their direction and pointed straight at Gorefist, who was still standing with the stick in his hands.

Gorefist’s face turned dark.

Rauluns’ summoned water arrows were utterly incomparable to the arrows used by the low-grade water elementals.

Gorefist had been able to endure the hundreds of water arrows and go on a rampage earlier because of his fleshy body and fearsome elementium resistance. Those low-grade arrows couldn’t even penetrate his skin before splattering into beads of water.

He wouldn’t be afraid of them, no matter how many of them there were!

However, Rauluns’ water arrows contained tremendous amounts of water elementium. Even Gorefist frowned when he sensed them. Being shot by a thousand of these water arrows…even the ogre chieftain couldn’t help but betray fear at the thought of that.

However, just as the ogre chieftain was put into a corner and hesitating over his choice, a low, booming voice rang out on the battlefield.

“Rauluns, it seems like your brain has turned into mush after such a long sleep. Help an outsider fight a companion from the Marsh Wetlands? This is what you do? This is the Water Diviner? Hmph.”

As the voice rang out, the mist scattered as two equally towering figures stepped onto the battlefield.

Fahssn and Krach. They were finally here!

Greem’s pupils shrank. He could finally relax.