Chapter 1236 A Huge Disagreement


“These mindless things. They never learn even after getting punished so many times.”

Olivia put down her watering can lightly, patted the dirt from her hands, and smiled as she said, “They will never know who the master here really is unless you give them a proper lesson! Don’t you think so, Adept Greem?”

Greem smiled when he heard this question and its double meaning.

“There are some things you will never know are possible unless you give them a try! If adepts had always been obedient, rule-following cronies, I’m certain they would not have been able to venture into the realms beyond.”

Olivia smiled again. “It seems like Adept Greem is someone who enjoys an adventure!”

“Those who have everything naturally prefer order and stability, and those who have nothing prefer adventure and revolution!”

“So, you came here to our Adept’s Association with a request in mind? May I know what it is that you want exactly?” Olivia was obviously a straightforward person. She couldn’t help but go straight at the main issue after exchanging a few words.

Greem fell silent for a moment before speaking again.

“The Lightfire stone. I heard you obtained a Lightfire stone in an otherworldly ruin. I am here for it!”

Olivia was stunned for a brief moment, but she quickly recovered. Calmly, she said, “The lightfire stone is indeed in my hands. That said, what is it that Sir Greem intends to trade for it? I believe you should know the value of this Lightfire stone!”

Greem reached forward with his hand and waved. A magical mirror appeared in midair. A three-meter-long metal spear engraved with mysterious patterns appeared in the mirror.

Olivia shot a glance at the mirror. She quickly identified the spear’s energy level and primary attributes based on the elementium aura radiating from it.

“This spear might contain a trace of the law powers, but the person who forged it was terrible at his job. To think, this requires a specific bloodline to use it! It can be considered a Fourth Grade item, but it is certainly among the most inferior items you can find among Fourth Grade items. My Lightfire stone is a precious resource, even at Fourth Grade. It could almost be considered a Fifth Grade item.”

Greem sighed and waved his hand. The item being projected in the mirror quickly changed.

This time, it was a giant pair of metal hammers that appeared. They were also engraved with various runes, and a mysterious and profound aura of strength radiated from them.

“This one is slightly better than the last one, but it’s still trash. The Strength requirements are ridiculously high. Anyone who could fulfill such requirements would never care for such inferior law powers. Do you only have such garbage in your hands?”

There wasn’t much Greem could say in response to the scorn that Olivia openly showed him.

The Adept’s Association was one of the largest adept organizations in the World of Adepts, after all. Their alchemical knowledge and skill were far more advanced than most other places. These spoils that he had obtained from an alien world were worth practically nothing to the talented gathering of the Adept’s Association. He was only humiliating himself by displaying these weapons. It wasn’t quite Olivia’s fault for her disdainful reaction.

Greem sighed. He waved his hand again. The contents of the mirror change once more.

Three unusual white mushrooms floated in the mirror now. However, the energy aura they gave off was so insignificant it almost went undetected.

Olivia took a look at the white mushrooms and looked at Greem curiously, waiting for his explanation.

The energy aura of the three mushrooms was too weak. They didn’t seem to be any sort of powerful magical plant. Of course, as a Fourth Grade adept, there was no way Greem would produce any ordinary mushrooms to try to use as leverage. That was why Olivia figured that these mushrooms must have some unusual ability.

“These are mutated mushrooms I obtained from another world. It cannot help you in battle, but it can slowly improve your attributes.”

“Oh? How significant is the improvement? Is it effective on Fourth Grade adepts as well?”

“It is effective on Fourth Grade adepts, and the margin of improvement is between 1 to 2 points!”

“That much? Are there any side-effects to consuming them?”

“Judging from all evidence we have so far, there are no apparent side-effects.”

“…” Olivia suddenly fell silent. A light flickered in her eyes. It seemed like she was thinking about something, waiting for something.

Far away in a distant tower, the group of high-grade adepts who just heard this conversation immediately flew into a frenzy.

At the level of Fourth Grade, the improvement of one’s attributes by even the slightest amount was always incredibly difficult. Now, Greem had produced a few inconspicuous mushrooms and was claiming that they could improve their main attributes by 1 to 2 points with no drawbacks.

That was unbelievable!

No one would hate to have a better Physique and more powerful Spirit. In fact, most adepts present in this tower would be more than willing to take out their most precious treasures to trade for an improvement of 1 to 2 points in their main attribute.

Of course, no one would ever offer something as invaluable as the origin substances, but everything else was up for negotiation.

“Olivia, trade the Lightfire stone for the mutated mushroom spores, as well as their cultivation method. The Association will compensate you for any losses incurred on your part!” Naturally, it was the elderly Vice-Chairman Domhnall who spoke up.

“Compensate me?” Olivia smiled coldly. “Does the Association have another Lightfire stone in its treasuries? I have big plans for this Lightfire stone!”

“Olivia, stop messing around! This exchange is extremely beneficial for the Association. You are obligated to—”

Unfortunately, before the Vice-Chairman could finish, the projection from Olivia’s side abruptly went black. She had obviously cut off connection with the tower.



“Olivia is being a little too arrogant for her own good!”

The high-grade adepts in the hall immediately started complaining. Even Domhnall’s face turned dark.

“Horner. Your tower is closest to the Ais Mountains. Go there immediately. We must not let Olivia fool around with this deal.”

A bald man in one of the crystal screens smiled wickedly. “I’m not exactly the best man for the job, am I? Olivia has never been one to bend to rules. She only listens to the Chairman. Since the Chairman isn’t around, I—”

“This is an Association badge. Take it with you. If Olivia doesn’t recognize the significance of this exchange and insists on doing things her way, I give you the authority to temporarily rescind her identity as an elder.” Vice-Chairman Domhnall waved his hand, and a mysterious badge passed through the mirror and appeared before the bald adept.

The bald adept grabbed the badge and put it away before smiling. “Understood, leave it to me!”

Having said that, the image on his screen changed. He was now in the sky and flying quickly into the distance.

Naturally, Greem had no idea about all this commotion occurring behind the scenes.

He was still hard at work negotiating with Olivia.

“These mushrooms are indeed wonderful, but they can’t compare to the Lightfire stone. The Lightfire stone is far more powerful and has much more utility. If you have nothing better to offer me, then please leave now!”

Greem narrowed his eyes. Blue light flickered deep in his eyes. He was silently assessing the truth of Olivia’s words. Finally, he gritted his teeth, and the contents of the mirror changed again. This time, a mysterious egg was displayed.

“This is the egg of a divine creature from another world. It is still highly active. If you are willing to put in the effort to cultivate the creature, it has the potential to reach Fifth Grade.”

Olivia’s eyes finally opened wide when she saw the Feathered God’s egg.

Ordinary magical creatures and resources were useless when it came to saving her brother. Only Fifth Grade divine items like these could have a chance of doing so. If she could let her brother form a Lifebinding Contract with the divine creature in the egg, he would have a chance to transcend the limit of his lifespan as a First Grade adept.

As such, Olivia immediately started casting spells to verify the attributes and effects of the egg. Greem did not stop her either and simply observed from the side.

After a long while, Olivia finally stopped casting her spells.

“I want that egg, the spores of the mutated mushrooms, and the way to cultivate them. If you agree to these terms, I will hand over the Lightfire stone!”

Greem smiled mockingly when he heard these terms.

“Lady Olivia, this might be your territory, but there’s no need to be so aggressively exorbitant, is there? That is a Fifth Grade divine creature I have there.”

“It hasn’t even hatched!”

“But you’ve confirmed its lifeforce with your spells. The odds of successfully hatching it are extremely high.”

“Hatching a divine egg and accelerating its growth. You and I both know very well how many resources would have to be sunk into such an endeavor. If hatching a divine creature was so easy, do you think you would have been so willing to part with it, instead of keeping it for yourself?”

“Hmph! Even so, Adept Olivia, there’s no need to push such a hard deal. I imagine that those Fifth Grade Great Adepts would be more than happy to take a divine egg like this into their own hands. After all, it represents the addition of a Fifth Grade subordinate. I believe the conditions they can offer for such an egg can’t be too shabby, can they?”

“They can certainly offer a lot. Unfortunately, they do not have Lightfire stones in their possession!”

“You…” Even Greem couldn’t help but feel anger boil in him in the face of such an unreasonable adept.

To think she was trying to trade for a Fifth Grade item with a mere Fourth Grade item! And the spores of the mutated mushrooms had to be thrown in as well?

The anger showed on Greem’s face. The fire elementium in the air started to become restless, and the temperature of the room rose exponentially.

“Adept Olivia, these are your final terms? If so, then I refuse!” Greem wanted the Lightfire stone badly, but he wasn’t willing to pay such a heavy price for it.

A light flickered in Olivia’s eyes as well. She coldly said, “Since there’s such a great disparity between our ideal terms, and neither of us is willing to accept them, why don’t we settle it with a bet?”

A bet?

Greem couldn’t help but be puzzled at this suggestion.