Chapter 1239 Clash of Laws


At Greem and Olivia’s level, ordinary numbers could no longer describe the terror and might of their battle!

Two Fourth Grade adepts could be at the same grade, but what truly set them apart was what planar laws they had mastered and the depth to which they had mastered them.

The fact that Olivia could so proficiently manipulate the gravity halos undoubtedly had much to do with her unique Physique. Meanwhile, even though the fire laws that Greem had mastered weren’t as profound as Olivia’s gravity laws, his understanding, analysis, and application of the laws were clearly superior.

In all seriousness, the law powers that they had respectively mastered made them the cream of the crop among Fourth Grade adepts!

Consequently, the battle between these two ‘pseudo-Principle Adepts’ created increasingly prominent shockwaves from conflicting laws.

The vast surface of the lake had been completely upended by burning fires and strange gravity halos. The two powers could be seen clashing and colliding at every corner of the lake. Moreover, the tremors from their conflict were starting to overwrite the law attributes of this regional space.

Every ball of fire and halo of light on this battlefield was incredibly dangerous and violent. There were many times when the disruption in the laws started to cause strange changes to the elements. The fires no longer looked like fires, and the halos began to twist and distort.

Even the two adepts themselves didn’t dare touch these distorted phenomena that they had unleashed with their own hands!

Olivia’s gravity halos were constantly changing in their traits and characteristics. They would attract at times and repel at others. They were only two incredibly simple magical effects, yet through constant, rapid combinations, Olivia had managed to create intricate patterns of attack.

Faced with Greem’s long-ranged attacks, Olivia could simply divert the attacks away from her using a repulsion halo. She could even directly disrupt the internal spell models and cause them to disintegrate before they could reach their target. Olivia also took full advantage of her gravity halos’ power when fending off Greem’s melee attacks.

Whenever Greem managed to find an opportunity to close the gap for a strike, she would use a repulsion halo to push him away. When she was ready to go on the offensive, she could use a halo of attraction to pull Greem towards herself.

This means of manipulating space on the battlefield through her gravity halos could make another enemy go insane!

If her enemy hadn’t been Greem, they might already be on the brink of defeat.

However, Greem’s combat techniques were not to be trifled with either.

The many combinations of fire laws and the accurate casting of his powerful spells made him a vicious cannon. Even though his opponent shredded or diverted most of his attacks, the shockwaves from their explosions still inflicted devastating damage to Olivia.

Greem leaped away with Fire Teleportation and immediately took full advantage of that moment of opening to approach Olivia. Without any hesitation, he cast Dragon’s Breath, and a cone-shaped blast of fire surged towards the Adept of Torture.

A fire spell that engulfed such a large area was not something that could be defended by one or two gravity halos.

Olivia quickly wove signs with both her hands. One hand drew a white halo in the air that launched herself flying backward, while the other created a black and white halo that shot deep into the flames.

The blazing flames chased madly after Olivia’s retreating figure. The tongues of fire at the very tip were almost able to lick at her dress. The extreme heat caused a few sparks of fire to ignite on Olivia’s unprotected dress. She instantly let out a muffled grunt of pain.

Meanwhile, the Gravity Cannon that Olivia had fired smashed through the flames like a heavy stone sinking in water and made direct contact with Greem’s body. Greem did not manage to dodge in time. His entire life arm was crushed and shredded to sparks by the Gravity Cannon.

Greem let out a grunt and stepped aside. Fire energy surged out from his severed arm and quickly reformed into a new one. However, the color of this new arm of fire was much brighter than the rest of his body. It was obviously slightly weaker as well.

Greem had turned his body into one of flames at the very start of the battle.

This way, any damage to his body could be rapidly recovered with fire energy.

It was the main reason why elementium adepts always preferred to elementiumize their bodies in combat!

A loud explosion rang out.

Olivia charged out of the flames, wholly surrounded with black and white gravity halos. A hole had been burned into her dress, revealing the equally scorched and black skin beneath.

“Bastard! How dare you injure me,” Olivia let out a furious howl. “You forced my hand!”

The golden headband she wore glowed brightly and started to flow down like liquid. This liquid quickly turned into a set of purple armor. A mysterious, half-meter-long magic wand also abruptly appeared in her hands.

Now fully equipped, Olivia’s aura instantly soared and increased exponentially. A chain of gravity halos flew at Greem every time she pointed with her wand.

Greem didn’t dare hesitate at the sight of this. He pointed forward with his staff several times in a row.

Chain Fireballs.

Scarlet Firestorm.

Holy Light’s Retribution.

A series of fire spells and equipment abilities were unleashed. The two opposing forces clashed above the lake, immediately causing a terrifying elementium storm to break out.

Fire laws and gravity laws were both essential components within the plane.

As such, a clash of these laws caused the regional space’s fundamental laws to become chaotic and dangerous.

All sorts of strange colors emanated from the collision of power’s epicenter.

Even though they were the ones that had caused this disaster, both Greem and Olivia were genuinely terrified of these ribbons of light. They hastily moved away to avoid being caught by them.

These fantastical ribbons of light were shards of power that had leaked out from the planar space upon the damage inflicted on the fundamental laws. As these ribbons of lights were mutated energy, neither Greem nor Olivia could recycle the power for their use anymore. Moreover, such mutated energy was basically poison and a pollutant to their increasingly pure systems of power.

If they were affected by this mutated energy, the ensuing process of purification would cost them a tremendous amount of effort and resources. Even more terrifying was the fact that it would cost them precious time to grasp the laws!

The two of them had not been fighting so intensely at the start of the battle.

The powers they commanded had only been restricted at the level of elementium, without much use of the laws.

However, when they started to get serious, they began to draw upon greater and greater powers.

This escalation continued until it was a raw clash of planar laws!

In doing so, the clash of law powers had inflicted irreparable damage to the lake.

Fantastical law shards and distorted spatial rifts filled the entire space above and inside the lake. It forced the two combatants to become even more cautious. They had to carefully avoid these drifting ‘mines’ as they continued to fight with all they had.

It was then that the Chip’s value in Greem’s mind was truly put on display.

Greem could focus entirely on battle while leaving the Chip to predict the trajectory of the fight and sense the dynamic changes in battle.

All the ‘mines’ and all traps were marked out in his vision with different colors by the Chip. The main targets of Olivia’s attack and the radius of effect were also indicated.

Greem only had to avoid the red dots and remain in the territories marked in green, and he would be able to neutralize eighty percent of Olivia’s offense.

Of course, the so-called ‘safe zones’ and ‘danger zones’ of the battlefield were also continually changing and always relative, rather than absolute.

Olivia was not a rookie in combat. She was a genuine powerhouse with the infamous title of the Adept of Torture!

Her robust control over gravity allowed her to specify the changes in gravity in certain areas freely. There were no ‘safe zones’ where her power couldn’t reach. As such, the ‘safe zones’ marked out by the Chip also contained quite terrifying storms of energy.

However, they were only ‘safe zones’ in the sense that the damage sustained in these areas would not affect Greem’s performance in combat!

“This is your power? Not bad, not bad indeed.” Olivia held up a massive gravity halo in front of her, shielding herself from Greem’s storm of spells as she coldly said, “However, if this is all you have, it’s still far from enough to do anything about me.”

Before she could finish her sentence, the fire spells that had arrived in front of her gravity halo abruptly exploded in unison.

These fire spells had always been fired with Olivia as the target. Consequently, they were easily intercepted by her gravity halos and unable to unleash their full power. This time, Greem targeted all of his fire spells at her gravity halo. The storm of fire that erupted at its full strength instantly inflicted tremendous damage.

Olivia’s expression instantly changed. She hastily stepped back, but the exploding storm had immediately engulfed the entire area.

The gravity halos might be powerful, but they weren’t an air-tight defense!

The powerful flames seeped in from the gaps between the gravity halos and lashed wildly at Olivia. The purple leather armor she wore lit up with purple light and formed another layer of elementium armor.

The elementium armor clashed with the flames.

Even though the flames were kept away from her body and failed to inflict any burns to Olivia, the collision of powers still caused her to be injured by the shockwaves.

She was only an elementium adept, after all. Moreover, the Physique of female adepts was ordinarily weaker than male adepts.

She started to cough up blood, even as she defended against the intruding flames.