Chapter 1249 Peeping Creep



Maztan, who had been calm and composed just a second earlier, was now like an excited child that had just gotten a new toy. He leaned against the crystal ball and greedily observed its contents as he mumbled to himself.

“Mine……mine……all mine! This is my world……you will never keep any secrets in front of me……”

“What should I do first now? ”

“Right, it’s been seven days since I last saw Anna, my darling. I think I’ll take a look at her first! ”

As Maztan mumbled to himself, seemingly in an insane fit, the image in the crystal ball continued to shift. Soon, it turned into an image of a room shrouded by water vapors.

A pretty woman with a bodacious figure was lying in an extremely luxurious bath. She was gently splashing the warm bath water on herself. Steam filled the air, making for a very enticing sight indeed.

Several young maids were gently massaging her shoulders, while one of them was painting her nails and another was peeling grapes and feeding her……

The entire bathing room was filled with pretty, exposed women.

“Hahaha……Anna, my darling, you finally can’t help but take a shower after so long! My god, that figure, that skin, that waist……of all the Fourth Grade female adepts, you are the most feminine of them all……”

Just as Maztan was peeping on that pretty female adept from the top of the Tower, Adept Anna, who was bathing in the pool, suddenly lifted her head. Her relaxed smile turned into a vicious frown.

She lifted her hand and tens of thousands of water arrows shot out of the pool, instantly shredding to pieces the magical eye that had appeared in the air.

“Goddammit Maztan! You bastard……peep on me one more time and I will dig your eyes out and use them to play ball!  ”

At the top of the Tower of Observation, the image in the crystal ball became distorted. A water arrow shot out form within, instantly soaking Maztan’s clothes with water.

Maztan was not only not frustrated at having been humiliated in this fashion, he even lifted his arm to sniff the fragrance of the water. An extremely twisted and perverted smile appeared on his face.

“Even the bathwater of a beauty smells so good……Anna, you will be mine eventually. I will dig out all of your secrets. Heheh! Next time, I will peep on you while you’re in the toilet and make a recording of it for some blackmail material……kehkehkeh……”

“Speaking of which, if I’m not wrong, it should be about time for that girl from the Silver Union to go to sleep. Just the right time to go take a look……”

Having said that, Maztan smiled and lunged at the crystal ball again. He started to desperately rub the ball to try and find the special mark he had left in the River of Fate.

The image in the crystal shifted continuously. At times it was a highly secure magical room and at others a giant swaying ship at sea……the targets of the scrying were adepts that were either meditating or copying scrolls in their private quarters……they were all different people in many different locations, but they all seemed very relaxed. It was obvious that they had no idea that Maztan was peeping on them!

Finally, guided by a beam of red light, the image in the crystal ball finally stopped at where Maztan wanted it to. It was a rather feminine room belonging to an adept. A pretty adept who could be called a beauty in every sense of the word was disrobing, seemingly preparing for bed.

“Helena, I’ve peeped on so many female adepts, but when it comes to the shape of their butts, you are still the prettiest of them all……”Maztan was practically leaning against the crystal ball at this point. His tongue was stretched out from his mouth, licking the image of that adept’s butt without stop.

“Baby, you will be mine in the future! ”

Perhaps Maztan’s lustful intent was a little too strong, but the female adept in the crystal ball suddenly looked back and surveyed her room anxiously.

Unfortunately, she was only Second Grade. There was no way she could quickly find the magical eye that Maztan had created through his special means as the Fourth Grade Adept Anna had been able to do.

The young female adept hastily took out a talisman from her undergarments and whispered a strange name into the magical device. A short moment later, lights flickered in the room and an elderly female adept appeared out of thin air.

“Lady Beatrice, that feeling’s come again! I……I am so afraid!  ”

The young adept lunged towards the elderly adept the moment she appeared and hugged her arm.

“Hmph! It’s that foul stench of Maztan again! Maztan, you are overstepping your boundaries. This is Silver Union territory. Peep on my disciple again and I will go to the Tower of Observation and expose your vile behavior for everyone to see. Now get out, you bastard……”

As the elderly adept shouted out angrily, an invisible energy barrier enveloped the entire room, cutting off the divination crystal’s remote observation.

The straight line distance between the Tower of Observation and the Castle in the Sky of the Silver Union was around ten to fifteen thousand kilometers. Yet, Maztan was actually able to instantly projec this power across through the use of his divination crystal.

This indirectly demonstrated the terror of a high-Grade diviner!

For high-Grade diviners, every place in the world was practically transparent to them, with the exception of a few places protected by the powers of Fate.

Even though they might not have the ability to kill someone remotely or cast a curse, their constant scrying and endless probing would be enough to dirve the more unstable adepts insane.

In particular, young, pretty female adepts couldn’t bear to be the victims of harassment. Just the thought of a perverted old adept constantly observing them eating, sleeping and showering from every angle was unbearable!

Maztan felt no shame even after being interrupted by that Adept Beatrice. Instead, he started to viciously insult her instead: “Beatrice, you hag. You’re just jealous I’m not peeping on you cause you’re too ugly……Hmph! Next time, I will sneak in while you’re enjoying yourself with one of your manservants. I’ll make a recording and we will see if you still got the face to look me in the eye the next time……”

Maztan continued cursing and shouting for a good while before remembering the main task on hand.

“Dammit! I can’t fool around any more! I’ve been exhausting quite a lot of the Tower’s energy. If I can’t produce any information of note, Domhnall will be on my ass……”Maztan couldn’t help but shiver at the thought of Domhnall’s means of discipline. He leapt onto the crystal ball and started to seriously search for the legendary fire adept.

The fire adept was residing in the Tower of Observation. Even if he was protected by layers of magical arrays, he could not stop the sneaky infiltration of Maztan’s mental appendages through the River of Fate.

As Maztan continued to toy with the crystal ball, the image of room after room flickered past within. Finally, Maztan caught the fire adept’s figure in a securely protected room.

This was a magical room that had been decorated quite luxuriously. The young fire adept was sitting in front of a wooden table with a magical mirror hovering before him. It seemed like he was communicating with someone far away.

“Heheh, brat, caught you! Now let me see what you are doing. ”

Maztan chuckled coldly. He rubbed the crystal ball with both hands and pushed the magical eye forward. He wanted to zoom in and see who Greem was talking to and what they were talking about.

However, strangely enough, before the eye could approach him, the image in the crystal ball turned faint. Large spouts of red mist engulfed the image and concealed everything.

Then, the divination crystal lost all contact with the magical eye!

“Bastard! What happened? Did the fire adept place down some sort of defensive array? “Maztan howled furiously: “That’s impossible, I’ve imbued my magical eye with the power of Fate. It should be able to penetrate most known defensive arrays. That bastard……how exactly did he destroy my magical eye? ”

“No, this won’t do! I must try again! ”

Maztan had clearly never seen something so strange happen. He refused to give up and started rubbing the crystal once more. He created another magical eye and projected it into the fire adept’s room through the River of Fate.

The same image appeared. the fire adept was sitting in front of the table, whispering into the magical mirror. It seemed like he was ignorant to what had happened earlier.

“Hm? Seems like this wasn’t the fire adept’s doing. Did I mess up somewhere myself? ”

Maztan curiously pushed the eye forward. However, just like last time, the image in the crystal ball started shaking violently before he could approach. Red mist rose and everything faded from sight/


This time, Maztan was certain that the scrying had not failed because of his own mistake. Rather……the legendary fire adept had destroyed his magical eye through some means. 

Dammit! What could it be?

To think he would be able to destroy a magical eye protected by the powers of Fate. That fire adept had some truly bone-chilling abilities!

Could it be some fire law he had mastered? The red light that flickered right before the magical eye was destroyed. That seemed to be a unique trait of fire elementium……but how did he manage to destroy the magical eye without seemingly lifting a single finger?

Since it’s impossible to scry on the adept, might as well try scrying on the organization behind him!

The Fate protection on him seems to be the work of that brat from the north. Right, why not take a look at what she’s doing?

Maztan had also heard of the beauty of the leader of the Fate Witches from the information that the Association had gathered.

He always had extraordinary passion for scrying on pretty women. As such, he rubbed his hands excitedly and put the divination crystal to work again.