Chapter 1255 Ancient God Ruins


A short moment later, another chair and set of cutlery were placed on the other end of the long table.

Obiola started to dig into the food as well.

After nearly an hour of feasting, Greem finally managed to relieve that burning hunger in his stomach. The Heart of Principles beat violently, pumping pure fire energy to every inch of his body.

Compared to before, the fire energy surging from the Heart of Principles was less dense. However, the law aura of the energy was thicker than ever. To some extent, it had reached the level of ‘sacredness.’

Sacred meant something very different for adepts compared to what the word meant in the World of Gods!

‘Sacred’ wasn’t a description of majesty or holiness. It was a description of purity and perfection!

After removing the less relevant fire laws, Greem’s flames had become purer and more refined. They started to resemble principle fires now.

At this point, Greem walked down a path very similar to that of Fire King Groms.

Adept Obiola was a straightforward person. He ate heartily, while also glancing at Greem every so often.

“Adept Greem, have you…been practicing some sort of special magic? Why has your aura changed so drastically?” He couldn’t help but ask after observing Greem for a while. “If it wasn’t for your soul flux, I wouldn’t have been able to recognize you.”

Greem smiled in response to Obiola’s direct line of questioning, “Some problem came up with my soul, which was why I had to go into emergency seclusion. Now that I’ve solved the issue with my soul, it’s only natural that my aura has changed slightly!”

“A problem with your soul? You managed to keep Olivia on the defensive while there was a problem with your soul. Doesn’t that mean you would easily defeat her if there were no problems? Hahaha. If Olivia heard of this, she would probably try and fight you all over again!”

“That’s not exactly the case!” Greem said, “I only dealt with a small problem in my soul. It doesn’t affect my power in combat much at all. I wouldn’t be able to get too much of an advantage even if I fought Olivia again.”

Obiola clearly didn’t fully believe Greem’s show of humility.

He stared at Greem.

After a long pause, he sighed.

“Who cares if you’re telling the truth. It has nothing to do with me! Domhnall might care if you’re weak or strong, Olivia might care, but I…Obiola only cares about Obiola. I couldn’t be bothered with anything else!”

Greem finally decided to ask a question when he heard Obiola’s exclamation.

“Sir Obiola, may I know why you were in such a hurry to visit me?”

Obiola’s spirits seemed to have lifted when he heard Greem’s question. His large, round eyes stared straight at Greem as he rubbed his hands urgently, “I heard from Obiola that you have the egg of a Fifth Grade divine creature in your hands?”

Greem nodded silently.

“Indeed, I do have such an egg!”

“Then,” Obiola appeared even more anxious now, “can I have a look?”

Greem lifted his head and looked at Obiola. He waved his hand and flames gathered to form a half-meter-tall mirror. The image in the mirror shifted continuously between multiple items until it finally settled on a large, white egg.

Greem pushed, and the mirror drifted slowly over to Obiola. The egg, which was hidden in a room far away in Fire Throne in the Central lands, appeared so close through the mirror. Obiola could even see the magical patterns on its shell and feel its aura.

Upon seeing this wondrous item that he had been dreaming of, Obiola cast away all his elegance and etiquette. He threw his cutlery to the ground and pulled the mirror before him. He then started casting spells to verify certain things.

Unfortunately, the conditions of his examination were too crude. There weren’t very many methods he could use for verification.

Even so, after a simple confirmation of the egg’s existence and its energy levels, a trace of wild joy appeared on Obiola’s gruff face.

“This is the egg of a bird of some sort…lightning attribute…lifeforce still fairly strong. The mother of this egg must have advanced to Fifth Grade over two hundred years ago. Congratulations, Adept Greem. You must have defeated this divine creature while it was in a weakened state, having to hatch this egg. Otherwise, it would not have been easy to get your hands on the egg of a Fifth Grade divine creature. Even the Adept’s Association would have had trouble accomplishing such a task!”

As expected of a veteran Fourth Grade adept, Obiola was able to deduce plenty of information through a limited number of clues. He was able to describe it with such detail that it was almost as if he had seen everything go down. Even Greem couldn’t help but be impressed.

In truth, Greem had been very fortunate when it came to this incident.

Seawoods Plane had been a lesser plane belonging to the Zhentarim Association. The Zhentarim Association’s attempts to conquer the plane had been foiled several times, all by this divine creature. However, even they didn’t expect that the Fifth Grade divine creature could have been so easily dealt with by Greem and Shadow Demon.

The conclusion of that battle indeed filled Greem’s coffers to the brim!

“Adept Greem, I want this egg!” Obiola lowered his head and thought for a moment before finally speaking his mind.

Greem did not give him a reply. Instead, he simply stared calmly at the adept.

It was the egg of a Fifth Grade divine creature. It wasn’t hard to imagine its actual value.

Even though the creature born from this egg wouldn’t be Fifth Grade at birth, it possessed the possibility of advancing to Fifth Grade. Such an item was comparable to the Lightfire stone in value and quality alone.

However, while the Lightfire stone could immediately be put to use, this egg required hatching and further investments. The amount of effort and resources needed to rear the creature to maturity would be astounding.

However, this egg also represented the possibility of owning a powerful divine creature with the potential of reaching Fifth Grade. It would be an excellent choice for a pet or a magical guardian!

Since Obiola clearly understood the value of this egg, he certainly came prepared with an offering of sufficient value in exchange. Greem was just waiting for Obiola to put out an offer that could move him. Otherwise, he would rather sacrifice the egg and nourish his starbeast bloodline, as he had initially planned.

Compared to his elementium talents, Greem’s bloodline power did not enhance his abilities sufficiently. The main reason for that was because Greem had only recently obtained his starbeast bloodline. He had not fully drawn out its bloodline powers.

As such, finding special high-energy substances that could stimulate his bloodline’s growth was a decent option to increase his combat power further!

“Adept Greem, I solemnly introduce to you…the undying wraith!”

Obiola let out a drawn-out cry as a spiritual being radiating an aura of death appeared out of thin air. This creature was a shifting cloud of white smoke. The face of a woman appeared faintly at the core of the smoke.

An ethereal cry of sorrow echoed in the room when it appeared.

Even as firm as Greem’s mind was, he couldn’t help but feel his consciousness swaying slightly when he heard it.

“This is an intermediate Fourth Grade undying wraith! It will fight obediently for you as long as you control its malice core. What about it, Adept Greem? Are you happy with an assistant like this?” Obiola looked fervently towards Greem.

Greem did not reply. He simply snapped his finger. A dark metal golem silently emerged from his shadow.

Its gigantic and heavy body did not feel out of place, even though it was standing in such a small shadow. Its sharp, gleaming metal claws were frightening to look at.

It was obviously an unusual construct combining the unique characteristics of shadow creatures and mechanical golems!

Obiola looked at Shadow Demon, and his words came to a sudden stop. He then dejectedly put away his undying wraith.

However, he immediately thought of the egg, and his spirits were reinvigorated. He took out his second treasure.

“This is the plume of a phoenix. As long as you are willing, I can be the intermediary and helpt you form a magical contract with a Fourth Grade phoenix. That way, you will gain a Fourth Grade flying magical beast!”

Greem sighed when he heard Obiola’s words. He pressed his forehead with a finger, and a magical contract appeared.

The contract was written with the ancient and mysterious language of the dragons. The soul brands of Greem and Arms remained on this contract. Moreover, this was not the more commonly seen companionship contract. It was a Contract of Forced Summoning, more widely known as a contract of servitude.

Obiola fell silent again.

His face shifted between green and white as his eyes filled with disbelief.

That was a contract of servitude! A Fourth Grade dragon was the subject of a contract of servitude!

Obiola felt like the whole world was spinning around him at the moment. It was almost as if a little island in his heart was breaking apart.

Bastard! What a bastard. This Greem fellow is such a bully!

He had produced two incredible treasures, and both of them were shot down like nothing. Even Obiola felt embarrassed for himself.

“The ruins of an ancient god. I have the coordinates to the grave of an ancient god in my possession…how about that? Are you interested?”

Ancient god ruins.

Greem mumbled to himself. The Chip quickly projected the related information.

Ancient god ruins were not products of the World of Adepts. They were something that came out of the World of Gods.

Some gods that lost battles in the World of Gods would push their kingdoms away from the planar world to avoid their enemies. Their kingdoms would drift into the depths of space and wander around aimlessly.

Due to the lack of faith to sustain them, these ancient gods often had no choice but to enter an eternal slumber to survive.