Chapter 1261 Ice Giant Descendant


Ice creatures continued to swarm forward with no regard for their own lives.

However, their courage and fearlessness were like pretty bubbles in the face of absolute power– crushed with a single touch.

A new wave of native creatures charged forward and turned into dust.

Another wave of native creatures rushed forward and was crushed to pieces.

The one standing at the front of the five-person party was no longer Greem, but Sand King.

Sand King wasn’t quite unleashing any of his powers, either. He simply walked forward with his thundering steps, crushing all the monsters he came across like a heavy tank. Sand King might have seemed smaller than some of those magical creatures–some of whom stood up to dozens of meters tall–but his terrifying control over sand constantly shrouded him in a sandstorm.

Any creature that walked into the sandstorm was quickly shredded and torn into pieces. When Sand King walked by, all that would be left behind him were his strange footsteps and large pools of blood.

As for the ice breaths, ice spears, and snowballs that the native creatures fired at him while at death’s door? They shattered into tiny pieces of ice against Sand King’s impenetrable carapace. Their attacks could not leave anything on his giant body apart from a few spots of frost here and there.

Initially, only apprentice-level creatures attacked the party. However, as the party continued to push forward and entered within fifty kilometers of the snowy plains, the number of native creatures attacking them had increased in power level.

The apprentice-level snow worms, the beginner First Grade crystal monsters, the intermediate First Grade frost demons, the advanced First Grade snow apes, the beginner Second Grade ice abominations, and the advanced Second Grade frost wraiths.

These plains, the Glacier Plains, were clearly a fairly resource-rich area in Chillfrost. The attacks against the party had barely stopped since they started their journey. They were continually being attacked by packs of monsters or ambushed by individual predators.

In all honesty, these native creatures were quite vicious and savage indeed!

However, when their opponents were top-class powerhouses from other planes, their ice powers and insignificant physical prowess appeared to be laughable.

It didn’t matter what they tried. Hiding under a thick pile of snow, ambushing along the party’s path, or even summoning a blizzard to conceal their presence; no amount of fancy technique would help if they did not have the corresponding power to deal with these enemies!

They came…and they stayed forever.

Reduced to ice shards and returned to the planar origin.

Tens of thousands of ice creatures paid with their lives as the price, but they could not even leave a single scratch on the enemy party members.

The difference in power was too vast. It was so huge that there was no way to make up for it with numbers or tactics!

The party still continued forward at a leisurely pace.

Of course, if it was necessary, the party could easily traverse the five hundred kilometer distance in the blink of an eye and arrive at the ice dragon’s lair.

However, since they had only just arrived, they were still suffering from severe planar suppression.

That was why the party intentionally delayed their progress, wiping out the local population as they waited for the effects of the suppression to ease up.

Spellcasters relied on their analysis of the local planar laws to reduce the suppression to themselves. Meanwhile, physical fighters like Sand King relied on the powerful adaptability of their bodies.

Their ability to decipher the planar laws was mediocre, but their ability to adjust their bodies and adapt to a new planar environment was incredible.

As such, the party members were not in a hurry. They continued on their steady pace, slowly approaching their target destination one step at a time.

In truth, Kanganas and the others also hoped the ice dragon would succumb to the planar influence and charge out of its lair to challenge them.

After all, that would take away some degree of the dragon’s geographical advantage!

The act of breaking into the lair of a thousand-year0old ice dragon was undoubtedly filled with tremendous risk. However, the chances of the dragon charging out of its lair were very, very minute. No ruler would ever emerge from their hiding spot and fight against multiple enemies of the same grade over some insignificant civilians.


Three days later.


After crossing the Glacier Plains and making it past the Deepfreeze Valley, the party finally arrived at their destination.

All the mountainous, hazardous, and steep snow peaks could no longer be seen here. Everything within sight appeared to be completely flat. The ground was also covered in a thick sheet of ice, a dozen meters thick.

Meanwhile, a chilly sea flowed slowly beneath the ice, occasionally letting out chilling winds into the air. The depth of this sea was immeasurable. Despite their powerful Spirits, none of the party members were able to sense the bottom of the sea.

There were no signs of life in this location. Even the cold wind seemed to betray a hint of desolation and death as it blew past.

However, a colossal block of ice stood at the center of this frozen sea. The ice peak reached beyond the dark clouds, making it difficult to see what was at the top.

“It knows we’re here!” It was Kanganas who spoke. His crimson soulfire flickered in his skull, projecting a chilling aura far colder than even the cold winds of this foreign world. “I can sense its power rising.”

The rest of the party did not say anything. They were all using their own techniques to sense the presence of the terrifying creature on top of that snowy peak!

Greem lifted his head. A red beam shot out of his blazing eyes towards the peak. He could vaguely see something through those dense clouds.

A majestic palace seemed to stand upon the peak and between the clouds.

Just as Greem attempted to get a better look, the clouds were disturbed, and his vision was disrupted. Everything became shrouded in mystery once more.

“Chip, conduct a self-assessment. What is my condition right now?”

[Beep. Self-assessment complete.

[Greem. Male. Fourth Grade Semi-Principle Adept (Fire Specialization).

Chaos Physique (Excellent Magic Resistance). Starbeast Bloodline (15%).

Heart of Principles (76% Mastery of Fire Laws). 

Bodily Attributes: Strength 27 | Physique 31+2 | Agility 19 | Spirit 44+5.

Bloodline Talent: Energy Blackhole. 

Fire Laws: Increased Fire Range (Locked In), Fire Penetration (Locked In), Invisible Flames (Locked In), Fire’s Blast (Locked In).

[Host is currently experiencing planar suppression.

[Chillfrost planar law analysis progress: 100%. Host’s power has been suppressed to beginner Fourth Grade. Host currently has 82% of full power. Elementium power is 76% as effective as usual. Effectiveness of fire laws is not compromised.]

Greem read the data provided by the Chip and was speechless.

Even with the help of the Chip and a complete analysis of the planar suppression, he had only managed to recover 82% of his usual power. His companions were most certainly more affected than he was. How well could they fight still?

However, the degree to which everyone had recovered their powers was an incredibly private secret. If this information was leaked, it would be very easy for an opponent to deduce their Spirit’s strength. Even though they were in a party, there was no way they could share such information.

“This is the entrance to the ice dragon’s lair,” Kanganas’ Spirit was getting restless now that they were here. “A little further, and we will be entering the settlement of the ice giants that the ice dragon has enslaved.”

“Ice giants?” Greem said in surprise. “Didn’t the ancient ice giants go extinct? How could there possibly be ice giants here?”

“Kehkehkehe…ancient ice giants are powerful existences of Sixth Grade and above. There’s no way a mere Fourth Grade ice dragon could enslave them!” Kanganas laughed sinisterly and explained, “The ‘ice giants’ here are only mutts that have inherited some degree of the ice giant’s bloodline! Even so, there are quite a few individuals among them who have reached Third and Fourth Grade. They are not easy opponents at all!”

“Hehehe! Cannon fodder! If you think this is trouble, then I can deal with all of them alone. Of course, I will take most of their spoils for myself!” Sand King chuckled with his booming voice.

“Hmph! You wish!” Sshina flicked her slender tongue as she coldly said, “We will strike together, and we must be clean. Don’t let these giants disrupt our plans.”

Everyone else nodded and said nothing else. Together, they stepped onto the sheet of ice above the frozen sea.

They did not make it a hundred meters across the ice before they stopped and looked around them.

Several giant pillars of ice had abruptly burst up around them. Several towering and ferocious giants walked out from within the ice. These giants had blue skin that almost seemed translucent. You could see their bones and blood, all of a slightly darker shade of blue.

There were males and females amongst the giants, all of them covered in crude, simple garments made out of animal skin.

The giants stood at an average of twelve meters tall.

The male giants looked more muscular and were bald. Their eyes were so white it seemed like a terrifying snowstorm was brewing within. The female giants were more petite, and they had strange hair behind their heads that seemed to be woven out of icicles.

Without exception, all of them had the infamous strength that all giants possessed. They also had shocking ice powers.

Seventeen ancient ice giant descendants, the leader of whom had the powers of a beginner Fourth Grade. The rest of the giants were also at Third Grade. Even the two giants that looked like children had the power of an intermediate Second Grade.

“Stop there, outsiders!” The leader of the giant’s had a loud voice. When he shouted, the sea beneath them seemed to roar alongside him. The ice around him also cracked and erupted. “This is the territory of the great Ice Dragon Nax. You may not enter without permission!”

Tch. What age is it? To think that there are still people that like to announce their names before they got to the fighting.

Greem insulted the giants in his mind and hurled out the massive fire spell he had been preparing, without any mercy at all.

Scarlet Firestorm.