Chapter 1264 The Forest of Ice Clusters and the Mist of Ice


Frost Breath!

Incomparably pure and powerful.

The breath attack contained no other elementium or physical effect apart from the extreme, bone-chilling cold!

That was enough to deal with mortal enemies!

A Frost Breath was no more than a single-attribute elementium attack, after all– Greem had seen plenty of similar attacks. It didn’t matter if it was an all-out attack from a Second Grade ice dragon or a Fourth Grade ice giant’s desperate retaliation. The effects of a breath attack might differ, but the attack’s power would always remain within the limits of the planar laws.

However, this Frost Breath…was clearly beyond the limits of Fourth Grade. It was approaching the power of the gods.

Indeed, the power of the gods!

Gods were higher beings with terrifying powers beyond what was possible for mortals. They were individuals that had transcended the limitations of the planar laws. Divine spells driven by divine power were naturally tens, even hundreds, of times more potent than ordinary magic!

While Nax’s Frost Breath didn’t cover an exceptionally wide area, it was incredibly powerful. It contained traces of the laws of ice that an ordinary person couldn’t hope to survive.

It didn’t matter if you were a colossal giant, a lightning-fast assassin, or a spellcaster protected under layers of magical defenses. As long as some form of law power did not protect you, you would not be able to resist the ice laws’ corrosion and destruction.

The low-grade fire creatures and ghouls were encased in ice before they could struggle in any manner. The ice then shattered, and the creatures along with it.

The entire ground was littered with pale, frost-covered corpses. There were no bloodstains or cries of agony, only a lingering aura of cold.

The more powerful undead knights and fire creatures were able to struggle for a while in the ice. However, they did not have the ability to resist the ice laws; they also splintered into tiny shards as the ice broke apart.

The undead knights had not actually died, despite having splintered into countless pieces. They were still struggling and trying to break free of the frost to put their bodies back together. Meanwhile, as the fire creatures shattered, their blazing bodies vanished, leaving only smoldering fire cores on the ground.

These fire cores were still burning under the frost, trying to melt the ice with their flames’ heat, such that the fire creatures could regenerate their bodies.

A mighty army comprising two thousand fire creatures and elite undead crumbled under a single Frost Breath and vanished without a trace.

At a single glance, there were less than ten creatures who were still alive and with intact bodies. It was an absolute massacre!

However, Skeletal Ice Dragon Nax seemed to have been affected by the use of its breath. The frost that covered its skeletal body was slightly thinner now. It seemed like such a large-scale attack proved to be a tremendous burden on it as well.


On the edge of the battlefield.


Several explosions rang out.

Ice erupted, and cold air seeped outward.

Greem, Kanganas, and Tulas broke free of their ice encasements and appeared in the palace once more. Sand King had already burrowed underground, avoiding the terrifying attack altogether. Meanwhile, Medusa Sshina had been frozen solid on an ice pillar by the Frost Breath. She could not move a single inch and remained still, like a sculpture of ice.

She did not have Sand King’s overwhelming Strength that could allow her to break free of the ice with sheer physical force. However, a burst of light flashed, and the frost on Sshina’s body was cast off to the ground as gray dust.

Sshina opened her mouth slightly and spat out blood after freeing herself. She glanced furiously at the skeletal dragon through the mist of ice before flickering out of sight.

Greem did not send Shadow Demon out to attack the ice dragon on such a chaotic battlefield. Instead, he kept Shadow Demon close by his side to protect him.

Skeletal Ice Dragon Nax had clearly managed to assimilate the Ancient Reliquary to some extent. The fearsome power he possessed was no longer comparable to that of a Fourth Grade creature. Standing out too much while fighting an opponent as powerful as this would risk drawing attacks towards himself.

That was something that Greem absolutely hoped to avoid!

That said, it was a good idea to demonstrate some degree of effort and contribution to the party.

Greem waved his staff, and a hundred fireballs formed in an instant. They howled and crashed towards the skeletal dragon within the mist.

The commotion and ferocity of the attack were so great that everyone’s attention uncontrollably turned towards it.

The skeletal dragon, who had just unleashed its breath and was surveying the room for any surviving enemies, instantly saw the fireballs. Two bright, chilling beams shot out of the mist and landed on Greem.

The next second, the mist burst apart.

Nax charged forward with its mighty body, opened its maw, and snapped at Greem.

One was a giant, thirty-meter-long, twelve-meter-tall, and fifty-ton skeletal ice dragon.

The other was a mere human, two meters tall, and no more than a hundred kilograms in weight.

If these two individuals collided, the only possible result was the human’s absolute defeat, crushed into the ground and turned into paste!

Greem wasn’t so foolish as to clash with such a gigantic creature head-on. He leaped away with Fire Teleportation and appeared in a different corner of the palace, a thousand meters away.

The moment he appeared, he waved his staff and summoned a massive Scarlet Firestorm at the dragon’s location.

The skeletal ice dragon was simply too huge. Naturally, its size made it less agile.

It had just turned around and locked onto Greem’s new position when the Firestorm erupted, with it at the very center.

A thick pillar of fire rose to the ceiling, its blazing flames engulfing everything within three hundred meters. The extreme heat and flames ignited everything in their radius. Even the air and the ice crystals began burning.

As a top-class fire adept, Greem could freely imbue every single one of his fire spells with the corresponding fire laws. Of course, to injure a giant monster like Nax, Fire Penetration was necessary for each and every attack!

Without the laws of fire, the most ferocious of flames could not injure Nax, even if they were to burn the dragon for several months.

Only flames imbued with law power could penetrate the ice mist surrounding Nax and slowly inflict fire damage on its skeletal body.

Of course, the damage being inflicted was minimal.

However, Greem wasn’t Nax’s only enemy.

While the skeletal ice dragon was furiously chasing after Greem, a large cloud of death energy and several unusual void runes landed on its body.

Where the death energy spread, the ice crystals melted and the cold dissipated.

The bones engulfed by the death energy instantly turned pale white. The dragon’s bone spikes and ice forcefield started to sizzle and turn black.

The void runes were even more mysterious. They completely ignored the skeletal dragon’s defenses and drifted into its bones, causing the ice energy in its body to turn volatile.

If it wasn’t for the terrifying ice forcefield in Nax’s body, and his powerful Spirit that neutralized part of the void damage, Tulas might have been able to scatter the ice energy in the dragon’s body into terrifying chaos energy.

Chaos energy was a vicious poison for any planar creature!

The poison of energy!

Nax reared its neck and let out a loud roar. A hint of pain could be heard in its cry.

Four hundred years. It had been four hundred years since the last time it had felt pain.

A group of bastards had broken into its place, injured its noble body, and were plotting to steal its most precious treasure.

Nax could no longer suppress its anger at the thought of that. It wanted to use its merciless dragon breath to turn its enemies into ice sculptures and personally crush them to pieces with its body.

Nax roared furiously. Blue light gleamed in its eyes as powerful ice energy immediately filled the entire palace.

Once as hard as steel and smooth as a mirror, the floor of the palace began to shake violently and undulate as if a wave was passing through the ground.

Ice spikes pierced out of the floor, instantly turning the hall into a sea of ice clusters.

The towering clumps of ice took up most of the palace’s space and obscured everyone’s vision. The countless reflections from the ice surfaces disoriented the invaders, making it difficult for them to determine the skeletal dragon’s genuine position.

The mist of ice that filled the hall also had the effect of weakening and refracting Spiritual senses. It effectively suppressed the senses of the invaders.

This place was Nax’s home field, after all.

It couldn’t be any more familiar with every inch of space in this palace. It knew every curve and every corner down to the very last detail. When everyone’s senses were obscured, the invaders would lose their numerical and strategic advantage as a team, while Nax would be able to hunt them down freely.

Sshina, who was the weakest of them all, was instantly on edge. Her hissing snake-hair flicked their forked tongues, helping her watch over every possible direction from which the enemy could approach.

She concealed her own aura and silently slithered across the ceiling.

The forest of ice clusters beneath her was shrouded in mist. Tens of thousands of silhouettes moved between the ice crystals. It was impossible to tell which were real and which were only reflections, and even more impossible to tell where everyone’s actual position was.

Starspirit Tulas’ body transformed into a cloud glowing with an unusual, dark light. He slowly merged with the ice mist and vanished without a trace.

Greem laughed at the sight of this. Fire blazed around him as he vanished from sight, protected by the law of Invisible Flames.

In the blink of an eye, Kanganas became the only person left in the room!