Chapter 1279 Manor and Valley


A black carriage slowly drove into Black Rose Manor.

The wooden wheels crushed the gray stones beneath it, letting out a soft crackling sound.

The carriage passed down the hundred-meter long path, turned past a dried-up fountain, and slowly came to a stop at the manor’s three-story building.

A dozen individuals dressed in gray, white, or black robes were already waiting by the stone steps. They bowed and paid their respects to the pretty lady stepping out of the carriage.

This person was a beautiful woman with striking looks and an impressive figure.

Her light-golden hair complimented her skin, making it look as smooth and white as ivory. The light-purple lips beneath her shapely nose gleamed with an enchanting sheen. Her beautiful, jewel-like eyes reflected a lovely color under the light, yet also appeared to have a tremendous depth to them.

Despite being a Third Grade psionic of the Dener Clan, she did not wear an adept’s robe. Instead, she was wearing a black dinner dress, like an ordinary noble lady. Her breasts were pressed firmly together by the dress, framed by a beautifully bejeweled corsage. A pair of white silk gloves were gripped in her slender fingers, each finger as smooth and pretty as jade.

“Welcome, Lady Marilyn Mona!”

“Welcome, welcome.”

The young and pretty lady stood straight when she heard the words of greeting. Her gaze swept past the people around her and landed on the building.

A massive web of invisible Spirit was released and withdrawn. In a single instant, everything happening in the building and the entirety of Black Rose Manor appeared in her mind.

The woman couldn’t help but frown slightly.

However, this slight frown on her face only made her even more seductive than before. The dozen low-grade adepts present couldn’t help but gulp, regardless if they were male or female. They once again felt that irresistible charm and lust that made their lips hot and their throats dry.

A few of the First Grade adepts even had to force themselves to lower their heads and use magic to protect their minds, just to resist the terrifying impulse to kneel before Lady Mona and professing their undying loyalty.

“Why are the facilities here so crude? That Grand Duke fellow should have more class than this, shouldn’t he?” The lovely lady finally couldn’t help but complain after examining her surroundings, “Couldn’t you guys have found a better outpost? Do you really expect me to spend the night in such a run-down hut?”

The Second Grade adept in charge of the group stepped forward when he heard the woman’s questions. He lowered his hands and answered, “My lady, we didn’t choose this location as our outpost. It was Lord Gallow’s decision!”

“Gallow, Gallow…that bastard again. He can never let me rest,” Marilyn Mona complained angrily and walked into the building with light steps.

The clan adepts walked around her, like stars around a moon.

Finally, after everyone sat down in the hall, Marilyn once again asked, “Where’s Gallow? Isn’t he supposed to be here?”

The same adept stood up to answer the question.

“Lord Gallow was supposed to be here. However, he received orders from clan headquarters two days ago and left with the Bloody Spear Army.”

“Then what forces remain stationed here?”

“We have been constantly assaulted by the Crimson adepts ever since we entered the Ailovis Region. The Harps are fighting the Crimson Clan’s magical machine army about fifty kilometers to the east. The Toyboxes are sieging the City of Loches in the southeast; the city is protected by a Crimson Clan adept tower. It will take some time for it to fall. The Stonedragons, on the other hand, have been sent to the north. It’s said that Emelia of the Crimson Clan has arrived at Coldmountain City to reinforce the frontlines.”

“Obviously. I personally issued half of these arrangements. How would I not know of them? What I’m asking is what forces remain stationed close to this damned manor?”

“Only the Second Voodoo Beast Army and us of the Seventh Adept Squad. The other forces are already engaged with the Crimson Clan’s army!”

According to the military distribution of the Dener Clan, a voodoo beast army contained at least ten thousand voodoo beasts of various grades, while an adept squad consisted of fifteen First or Second Grade adepts.

In all honesty, defending the lowly manor of a human noble with ten thousand voodoo beasts and fifteen adepts was absolute overkill and a waste of military power. However, considering that a Crimson Grand Duke was imprisoned here, this much security was necessary.

No matter how glorious their title and position in the hierarchy were, a human noble was no more than a pathetic dog in the eyes of the adepts. In truth, the Dener Clan did not need to treat a noble with such seriousness.

Dogs would always be dogs. They would never earn respect and treatment equal to an adept. However, when a dog’s name started with the word ‘Crimson,’ even the arrogant Dener Clan had to treat them seriously.

After all, there were only five dogs in the Crimson Clan that held the title of Crimson Grand Duke!

Under such circumstances, a Crimson Grand Duke’s status might be higher than an ordinary First Grade adept. They might be equal to even the Second Grade adepts.

However, this referred only to their status and position. In truth, it was self-evident that the adepts were far more significant and essential individuals. The title of Crimson Grand Duke could be bestowed on anyone. The Dukes themselves were just ordinary people, after all. However, a Second Grade adept had actual power beyond what mortals were capable of.

The fact that the Dener Clan now held a Crimson Grand Duke captive was a vicious insult to the Crimson Clan. The Crimson Clan would either have to save their Grand Duke or capture an individual of equal importance from the Dener Clan. Otherwise, they would lose face and reputation.

However, this was precisely the most intolerable action that could be taken against the quickly rising Crimson Clan!

“Only a voodoo beast army and you people?” Marilyn Mona couldn’t help but frown again.

“My lady, there shouldn’t be any problems, are there?” The Second Grade adept said in a surprised tone. “We are just guarding a human noble and his First Grade adept and advisor. Is this force not sufficient for this task?”

“Hmph! What do you know? This Crimson Grand Duke might not be much in peaceful times, but in instances of escalating conflict between clans such as now, he represents the Crimson Clan’s face. They will be sending people to save him!”

Marilyn was still upset. She continued angrily, “The clan’s forces have been scattered all over to fight against the Crimson Clan’s forces. Naturally, they can’t send an army to attack this place. That only leaves them with the option of sending elites. I was wondering when the bastards at headquarters were nice enough to let me sit behind the frontlines. Now I know why! This is the most dangerous place. Hmph.”

The fifteen Dener Clan adepts in the hall couldn’t help but become nervous when they heard Marilyn’s explanation. However, a few of the Second Grade adepts with the most potent auras licked their lips. They seemed to have gotten excited at the scent of blood.

“My lord, what do you think we should……” The Second Grade leader of the group asked in a soft voice.

“Relay my orders immediately. Have my Dream Garden force come to me!”

“This…my lady, this order seems to contradict the assignments from headquarters. Should anything happen over at headquarters……”

“Hmph! My psionic powers are only at their most powerful when my Dream Garden is with me. Those bastards from headquarters know as much. Just relay my orders as is and have the Dream Garden force march here without stopping. If those bastards at headquarters stop me, then they can’t blame me if I walk away from all this!”

“Yes…understood. I will contact headquarters now!” The male adept nodded and agreed when he heard Marilyn’s cold reply. Beads of sweat had formed on his forehead.

“Alright, all of you leave me and go make your arrangements or rest or whatever it is you do! Also, send the Grand Duke’s advisor to my room. I want to see if he has any information of value in his mind.”





A silent and desolate valley.

The forest trees were tall and old, their massive canopies covering vast swathes of the ground like giant umbrellas. Several hills stood around the area, along with gulches and ravines. The cries of birds and insects alike could be heard here and there.


Suddenly, an odd sound could be heard in the air.

Three metal eyeballs the size of human heads flew through the air above the forest, leaving faint, fading trails of blue.

One of the metal eyeballs perched high in the sky close to the valley, scanning everything within range. The other two dived into the forest and wove deftly between the branches and vines. Faint blue beams shot in every direction, checking for suspicious activity.

The critters of the forest quickly hid in their lairs, and the forest instantly fell silent. All living beings stilled their breath, not daring to show themselves at all.

The eyeball machines passed through and found nothing abnormal, so they returned to the sky. The three eyeball machines, in formation, flew towards the next patch of forest.

When the eyeballs had disappeared from view, light shimmered beneath a tree. A group of adepts riding on magical mounts tore down the illusion barrier and revealed themselves.

The leader was Third Grade Scarface Gallow, his face full of stitches and scars as if he had been torn apart.

He rode on an exceedingly mighty horse. He turned and looked in the direction the machines had disappeared in as a solemn expression took over his face.

This magical horse was particularly vicious. It was pitch black and covered in dark violet scales. Its mouth was filled with blade-like teeth and two long fangs.

It was evident from a single glance that this was no magical creature born of nature. No, it was a magical beast that the adepts had specially bred and cultivated!