Chapter 1293 Clearing Out the Fodder


Thousands of ghouls were shredded to pieces in an instant. However, the adepts in charge were not excited in the slightest. Instead, they were furious.

“Send out the orders…now! Have those idiots stop firing. Ghouls are the most worthless fodder in the enemy’s forces. Have the adepts conserve their magic energy and prepare to deal with the high-grade undead. Leave the ghouls to the voodoo beasts.”

After the order was given, the thirty war towers immediately stopped attacking. They began gathering magic energy as they waited in silence.

Without the war towers’ interference, the swarm of ghouls and skeletons finally clashed with the voodoo beasts.

In the blink of an eye, a tide of blood rose from the frontlines. Mixed in that massive wave of blood were countless bone shards and dismembered limbs.

Voodoo beasts were created with the sole purpose of being fodder in the first place. The biological materials used in their construction were the wild beasts captured from Black Foret. The more powerful voodoo beasts were singled out and used as guardians for adept towers. The rest were only twisted monsters created with crude technique and stimulated to only know battle and slaughter.

Voodoo beasts often had bizarre shapes and forms as well. It was easy to tell that they were a simple amalgamation of wild animals. However, without exception, all voodoo beasts had strong, muscular bodies, savage killing instincts, and a variety of means of attack.

When it came to Physique alone, the voodoo beasts were head and shoulders above the ghouls and skeleton warriors. A single berserk voodoo beast standing three meters tall could brush aside a dozen slow skeletons with a single blow. However, the beasts did not have sufficient space on the battlefield. All the ghouls and skeletons and beasts were crowded together, fighting with their primal instincts.

Under such circumstances, the voodoo beasts’ superior strength was dampened, and the skeleton army was able to make full use of their overwhelming numbers.

The two massive forces clashed without end in view of everyone.

It was almost as if all the combatants had been thrown into a blender. One side was being crushed into white bone dust, while the other was being shredded into meat paste.

Both parties were still advancing, the frontlines slowly grinding away as they did so. The battlefield was soaked in blood, the earth covered in pieces of flesh and bone; it was all mixed up into an unholy mess.

The voodoo beasts, ghouls, and skeletons continued to fight above the filth, die, and add even more fuel to this furnace of flesh and bone.

Seeing as the undead army had fully engaged with the voodoo beasts, the hundred goblin chariots on the backline started to move forward slowly. Soon, the voodoo beasts were entirely within the range of their cannons.

The magical machines and goblin machinist-sorcerers followed firmly behind, acting as this battle’s heavy infantry. Meanwhile, the fire army remained unmoving, quietly waiting for the moment the undead scattered the voodoo beasts.

The war towers finally commenced attacking once again.

They did not use any offensive magic with wide area-of-effects. Instead, they started to snipe the high-grade undead marching within the undead army. After all, these undead were inflicting too much damage to the voodoo beast army with their unique abilities. They had to reduce the numbers of these powerful undead. Otherwise, the voodoo beasts would die too quickly!

The goblin chariots began unleashing their might. Bright, blinding fireballs cut across the sky, landing in the midst of the voodoo beasts with their tails of black smoke. They obliterated the more powerful abominations among them and blasting their bodies into bits of blood and flesh.

It would be impolite not to reciprocate, after all!

Both sides were executing and killing the more essential individuals in this battle in a targeted, organized fashion. Once these powerful beings that served as the spine of the armies were gone, the armies themselves would be significantly weaker.

Occasionally, a war tower and the goblin chariots would also exchange fire across the thousands of meters of distance. A few scant energy fireballs would explode against the tower barriers, unable to inflict any damage at all. The war tower’s offensive spells were also shot into fireworks by energy beams from the ground, casting a pretty rain of light over the chariots.

The goblin machinist-sorcerers raised their arms and cheered whenever they intercepted attacks from the war towers, filling the battlefield with their strange goblin dialects.

“This damned Greem! How dare he collude with foreign liches,” Adept Kerala smacked her table angrily, fury written all over her face.

She had visited many of her friends and was barely able to put together such a massive army. Who would’ve thought that these voodoo beasts meant to exhaust the Crimson Clan’s reserves of magical machines were instead tussling with a bunch of witless undead?

Moreover, judging by the current situation, it was very likely that the undead army would end up being the victors in this battle.

After all, there were three Fourth Grade liches behind the lines sustaining the Undead Skies spell. An unending army of undead was still swarming out of the skeletal planes, imposing tremendous pressure on the Dener Clan.

For most species, losing several tens of thousands of their kind in battle would be enough to cripple them for eternity. However, for the undead, it would tarnish their name not to have at least hundreds of thousands of casualties in a war.

When other species wanted subordinates, they would have to search for the right victims, capture them, and slowly tame them. Meanwhile, the liches simply invaded a small plane and used their unique magic to corrupt the planar origin.

Once the planar origin went out of control, the entire world’s environment would be converted into a land of death that the liches required. After planting this seed, the liches only needed to return in a few hundred years, and they would find themselves with a plane full of undead creatures.

While others had to train subordinates one at a time, the liches harvested subordinates plane by plane. The disparity in efficiency was more than a million times!

That was why any lich that was known throughout the multiverse was most certainly a terrifying genocider. Each of them controlled multiple skeletal planes upon which no living things resided. All of these planes were once ordinary material planes full of life.

Because of their incredible capital of soldiers, the liches were completely unbothered by the loss of these low-grade undead. If necessary, they could even draw upon several skeletal planes at once and fill the entirety of Stoneshard Valley from the bottom to the top with undead skeletons.

Lich Kanganas was silently conversing with Greem, even as they observed the rain of blood on the frontlines.

“I have helped you gather the people you need. I can deal with all of the enemy’s fodder. However, we will not engage the enemy adepts directly. That will cause the Alliance of Liches to launch an inquiry.”

  “I understand. We will finish the battle between the adepts personally. All you have to do, sir, is clear out the battlefield for us!” Greem’s steady and calm voice replied. All three liches could hear him clearly.

“Then…it’s about time you handed over the tomb of the death god you promised us! We only need the spatial coordinates for its location. You won’t have to worry about verifying its existence. That is up to us!”

“We are already allies, Sir Kanganas. How could I ever deceive you? Here, these are the coordinates.” A series of coordinates with hundreds of digits was transmitted to the liches. The three of them engraved them firmly in the depths of their souls.

The death god’s tomb that they were referring to was, in fact, a god kingdom of a death god. The god had exiled its own kingdom after its defeat in a war. Without the sustenance of faith, this death god could only choose to go into eternal slumber to avoid exhausting what remained of their divine energy reserves.

Such god kingdoms would drift on endlessly in space. To find them without spatial coordinates would be like searching for a specific grain of sand on a beach. It was impossible.

That was why Kanganas had called for two of his lich companions without hesitation when he heard the news of such a god kingdom from Greem. He was planning to work together with the liches to take the god kingdom for themselves.

A death god. That meant the god still possessed a divine authority of death.

These were precious things that were incredibly beneficial, even for the liches.

If the liches were sick of this life devoid of feeling and flesh, they could choose to assimilate the death god’s divine authority. They would have a great chance of inheriting the death god’s divinity and faith powers, obtaining a chance at ‘rebirth.’

That was why robbing the tomb of a death god was certainly a profitable business for liches.

As for whether this was fake news? Hehehe! There hadn’t been a single person yet who dared to deceive a lich!

Greem would provide the coordinates, and the liches would provide the fodder. They quickly came to an agreement, which explained the current situation.

As the million-strong undead army continued to attack, the several tens of thousands of voodoo beasts belonging to the Dener Clan were wiped out without a trace. It was then that the three liches cut off the supply of energy to the skeletal door. The black portal slowly disappeared.

As for the hundreds of thousands of undead left on the battlefield? The liches couldn’t be bothered to recall them. They ordered them to charge at the enemy before vanishing from the spot.

The fodder had been dealt with. What was left was the bloody conflict between the elite forces.

The fire creature army, which had been lying in wait for a long time, roared and charged forward from the flank of the magical machine army. Led by the Fire Lord, they started to attack the Dener Clan’s formation viciously.

The war towers, which had been conserving energy all this while, lit up one by one.

Raging Lightning, Icelance Storm, Earth Spikes, Vicious Fireballs. It was almost as if a portal to the elementium worlds had been opened. Violent, explosive elementium spells of various attributes crashed down from the sky, instantly engulfing the entire battlefield in a tide of apocalyptic explosions.

The somewhat stagnated rhythm of war once again came crashing back to a peak!