Chapter 1297 Clash of the Powerful


If I have laws and you don’t, then I will forever remain undefeated!

The enemy adepts might have also grasped certain law powers, but they were like babbling babies in their application of law powers compared to Greem. It was almost hilarious how clumsy and inflexible they were with their law powers.

They appeared stiff and forced even when attaching their laws to their spells, let alone delving into the more profound applications of law powers.

Greem might only have one thin defensive layer of law power, but the supernatural might that reigned supreme over all worldly powers forcefully neutralized each and every one of the enemy’s attacks.

On the other hand, Greem’s fire spells unleashed with the Orb of the Fire God’s help inflicted unspeakable pain on his opponents. It was so terrible that their faces turned pale when they saw the flames lunging at them.

Like a ferocious tiger diving into a flock of sheep, the combination of Greem and Arms rampaged through the enemy ranks uncontested. It didn’t matter which adept was their target; their only choice was to duck and flee with all they had.

Seeing that they could not defend against Greem’s attacks at all, Freed awkwardly dodged a bolt of fire hurled at him as he shouted at Mornashen Gaia, “Hurry…transform now! Only your Gold Titan transformation can stop this guy.”

The Gaia clan leader, who was busy chasing after Mary with Body-Refining Adept Fabres, suddenly stopped. He turned and looked at the chaos of the main battlefield and snorted coldly, “Useless fools!”

Mornashen Gaia reared his head and howled. He lifted his hands as if in prayer as he shouted, “In the name of Gaia, by my bloodline powers, with the ancient glory of the Gold Titans…”

As this strange voice filled with unusual power reverberated throughout the world, Mornashen Gaia’s already large muscular body began to swell even more. The form of a Titan, filled with beauty and an aura of holiness, appeared behind him.

Greem’s body trembled as Arms continued to pursue the enemy. He turned around and looked solemnly upon that mighty figure that was growing in size at this very moment.

It was a powerful being of colossal size!

He had a humanoid form, but his muscles were hard and firm. His skin was a bright golden shade and radiated the aura of strength laws. He was clad in golden armor resembling that of ancient Roman warriors- a golden helmet on his head with golden bracelets on his hands and feet.

Greem felt an unprecedentedly oppressive spiritual pressure push against his face when Gaia opened his eyes and stared coldly at him. The intangible spiritual pressure was so intense that it caused Greem’s robes to flutter violently in the wind. If it weren’t for the law powers protecting him, Greem might have been knocked away by the spiritual pressure alone.

Mornashen Gaia now stood over fifty meters tall after his transformation into a Gold Titan. His entire body glowed with blinding light.

Golden light burst from every inch of his muscular body. Everyone who looked at him had no choice but to narrow their eyes and protect them with magical power. Even so, they could only barely see his silhouette.

The Gold Titan’s bloodline power flowed in this body, so overwhelming that it struck fear into the hearts of all who witnessed him.

The moment Mornashen Gaia completed his transformation, even the always arrogant Mary could only resentfully back away to avoid that unbearable emission of power.

The difference in the quality of their power was too large. Greem had to endure tremendous spiritual pressure and suppression just by bathing in Gaia’s radiance. Mary almost felt like she had descended into a foreign world.

“Greem, do you dare to duel me!?” The massive titan shouted out loud, seeing as he couldn’t suppress Greem with his spiritual pressure.

Even though he did not intentionally raise his voice, the mighty sonic waves still caused everyone present to frown. They could only put as much distance between them and this colossus.

In all honesty, when the Gold Titan stood up straight and projected its spiritual pressure, Greem felt every nervous fiber in his body tremble. However, he kept the same relaxed smile on his face.

“Haha, why wouldn’t I!?” Greem shouted back in return.

His blazing five-meter body started to grow again. This time, it only stopped when he reached thirty meters in size. The Heart of Principles in his chest no longer held back either and started beating rapidly.

The Heart of Principles working at full force allowed Greem’s body to fill with pure fire energy even after growing to such a massive size, preventing him from just being a hollow body.

Size was an unimportant factor toward victory in a battle between high-grade individuals.

However, it was true that you would always stand to benefit somewhat with a larger size!

That was why the two strongest adepts of the Central Lands immediately turned into their mightiest forms the moment the duel began.

Mornashen Gaia drew upon the titan bloodline coursing through his body. Titans were powerful giants, unique throughout the multiverse. They were born with overwhelming innate strength and could manipulate magical energies as if they were part of their very own bodies.

Thus, they became one of the more unusual species of the universe, born innately with tremendous power.

Meanwhile, Greem relied on his two Fifth Grade artifacts.

Without them serving as the source of his energy, he would have been a hollow shell if he blew his body up to such a massive size.

Now, with the Heart of Principles continually putting out fire energy, the Tome of Corruption to guard his body, the Orb of the Fire God to unleash the might of the fire laws, and the focusing crystal’s magnifying effect, Greem’s base combat power could already rival ultra-powerhouses (peak Fourth Grade).

Meanwhile, even though Mornashen Gaia could not yet be called an ultra-powerhouse, his transformed body still held astounding might that could not be underestimated.

When the Gold Titan and the flaming giant stared down at each other, the other adepts knew well enough to retract their Spirits and slowly retreat from the battlefield.

It wasn’t that they didn’t want to be involved in this fight; there was simply no place for them!

Greem’s Burning Domain and Mornashen Gaia’s Domain of Strength were extremely overbearing powers that could not tolerate any others.

The law powers clashed violently within these domains. Under such circumstances, anyone that remained on the battlefield would unavoidably draw the clashing law powers toward themselves.

However, law powers only distinguished between themselves and others. There were no such things as allies!

Adept Kerala slowly flew behind Freed and the others, her eyes staring unblinkingly at the two giants on the distant horizon. One glowed with golden radiance while the other blazed with suffocating flames. Both were so eye-catching and breath-taking in their presence.

“This is the power of ultra-powerhouses?” Kerala asked in her hoarse voice.

No one replied. Only Freed nodded reluctantly and resentfully, his face twisted with hideous envy.

Kerala said nothing more. She took a few deep breaths, her eyes starting to well with tears.

That was the legendary fire adept she had been bold enough to challenge just a few days ago?

She looked upon that towering figure and felt the pressing heat against her face causing a stinging pain.

Kerala had honestly never expected that even she would have one day been foolish enough to issue a challenge to such a powerful adept. The gulf between their powers was even wider than the difference between the moon and a firefly.

Apart from Kerala, who was mired in her swamp of self-hatred, the other adepts also had dark expressions on their faces.

All of them here had lived much longer than Greem and had experienced far more things. However, now it seemed like all they had gone through was no more than an illusory bubble. Pretty, but popped with a single touch.

Perhaps…maybe…everything they had done in the past appeared like the acts of fools in the eyes of that legendary fire adept!

He couldn’t even be bothered to turn his eyes toward them. Instead, he had given them the loudest slap across the cheek by merely demonstrating such raw, overwhelming power. It wasn’t just Kerala now. The other adepts could also feel that stinging blush of embarrassment on their cheeks.

While these Fourth Grade adepts had the qualifications to comment on this battle, those who were below Fourth Grade did not even meet the requirements to witness it.

As these two overwhelming domains of power clashed, it engulfed nearly all of the battlefield. The weaker adepts were forced to step away from the battlefield, as far as five kilometers away, only observing the battle from a distance.

Given their abilities, they could not see anything from five kilometers away, especially with those violent domains in their way. They could only feel the severity of the fighting indirectly through the mild shockwaves that radiated from the battlefield.

They might not know who was winning or losing, but they could still tell when one of the powers had the advantage and was suppressing the other.

Ultra-powerhouses. This blinding title was still too far away for them, so much so that they almost believed they would never reach such heights. Today, they were fortunate enough to witness two powerful adepts who had the might of peak Fourth Grades, despite not having reached that level yet.

More importantly, they both belonged to the Central Lands!

The significance of ultra-powerhouses to the Central Lands was clear to every single adept. Yet, today, two such ultra-powerhouses had turned their swords against each other because of a ‘minor’ internal disagreement. This clash of ideals and cruel reality undoubtedly left every central adept disappointed.

It couldn’t be helped. Adepts only respected the powerful and worshipped might!

The sudden appearance of an ultra-powerhouse would undoubtedly shatter the balance of power and touch upon the benefits and welfare of many clans. Under such circumstances, it was impossible to remain seated on that ultimate throne without a rain of blood to coat the steps leading toward it.

That was why this war became inevitable the moment the Crimson Clan rose to power and the legendary fire adept made his name!