Chapter 1298 The Power of Laws


Domains engulfed the land, and the laws sent tremors through space.

The two domain powers of entirely different natures clashed, wrestled, and neutralized each other.

Greem couldn’t care less about these natural shifts in the domain powers. He was entirely focused on the opponent before him. 

The Gaia Clan…Titan bloodline. The strongest individual in the Central Lands.

He had heard such information about the man in front of him countless times. He had even tried to obtain more detailed information. Unfortunately, there were very few members within the Gaia Clan. It was a tiny clan.

The main reason for this was the fundamental problem with all higher bloodlines!

The more superior the bloodline, the more difficult it was to give birth to pure-blood clan members. Moreover, the Gaia Clan were not actual descendants of Titans. They were only individuals who had inherited some of the Titan bloodline through unique methods.

The Gaia Clan had over seven thousand members, but fewer than ten had awakened the Titan bloodline to become official members approved by the clan. The rest of the clan members were all ordinary individuals.

Even today, the Gaia Clan remained one of the few ancient clans that continued to intermarry within the clan, with minimal contact with the rest of the Central Lands. Due to these ancient and unyielding rules, they could barely preserve their Titan bloodline legacy and keep it from being stolen.

It was also their self-isolation that prevented new adept talent from joining. By refusing to share their Titan bloodline, the Gaia Clan remained unable to assemble a force capable of conquering the Central Lands, despite having the strongest individuals in there.

However, just because the Gaia Clan had very few members did not mean that they were weak.

Almost every person that awakened the Titan bloodline had the potential to become high-grade. It was the most enviable trait of the Gaia adepts!

Their clan leader, Mornashen Gaia, was nine hundred and thirty-seven years old now, and he was at a terrifying advanced Fourth Grade. Of course, due to his Titan bloodline, his actual power could rival that of a peak Fourth Grade ultra-powerhouse.

Even someone as confident as Greem would have to be careful when fighting against an opponent like that.

As Greem continued to stare off against the Gold Titan, the bright-blue light of the Chip could be seen glowing clearly in Greem’s blazing golden eyes. Basic information on his opponent started to drift down like drops of rain.

[…Mornashen Gaia. Possesses Titan bloodline. Advanced Fourth Grade. Leader of the Gaia Clan, or what is known as the Clan of Gold.

[…initial estimates suggest that Mornashen Gaia’s Titan bloodline ability is ‘Devour.’ It allows him to suppress Titan bloodlines of other origins, devour them, and turn them into nourishment for his own bloodline origin.

[…base attributes of Mornashen Gaia’s Gold Titan transformation: Strength 49 | Physique 47 | Agility 13 | Spirit 49. 

Bloodline Talents: Devour. Combat Abilities: Unknown.]


Greem couldn’t help but draw in a breath of cold air when he saw the Chip’s estimations of Mornashen Gaia’s base attributes. For the first time, he truly felt how fragile and weak his body was compared to this mighty Gold Titan.

Mornashen Gaia’s Strength and Spirit were both at 49 points. If it weren’t for his grade holding his power back, even ultra-powerhouses who had a single attribute at 50 points would not dare challenge him.

While Greem was doing everything he could to discover the secrets of Mornashen’s body, the Gold Titan could not bear the wait any longer.

“You’ve had enough of a look, haven’t you? If you’ve had a good look, then it’s my turn now.”

Mornashen roared and started striding forward. With his massive legs, he appeared before Greem in just three steps. His giant palm glowed with golden light. It wrapped into a fist and crashed straight down onto Greem’s head.

A thundering noise sounded as he struck with his fist. A terrifying bolt of lightning as thick as a tornado descended from the skies, striking at Greem at the same time as the fist. Mornashen’s horrifying 49 points of Strength caused a cone-shaped hurricane of wind pressure to appear in front of his fist as he punched.

The wind arrived before the fist!

The wind pressure’s intensity was over 3,700 points, as indicated by the Chip in Greem’s vision. That was almost equal to Greem’s most powerful attack before he obtained the two Fifth Grade artifacts.

Moreover, this was only the power of the wind pressure. The fist itself contained over 7,900 points of power. In addition to that devastating bolt of lightning, this one casual punch from the Gold Titan easily possessed over 10,000 points of power.

An attack of such intensity was enough to kill any Fourth Grade instantly. It wouldn’t matter if they were prepared; the result would be the same.

Greem, who had turned into a blazing giant, was only thirty meters tall. He was like a dwarf in front of the fifty-meter Gold Titan. That was why flames blasted out of the front of Greem’s body when the punch arrived. His body lunged backward from the force as he avoided that ferocious strike.

Simultaneously, a radiant red cloud gathered above his head, intercepting the golden bolt of lightning. The Fourth Grade Lightningcall and the Fourth Grade Flame Barrier clashed, with the lightning being devoured in the end. A small piece of the Flame Barrier remained.

However, while Greem smoothly dodged the fist, the vicious wind pressure that accompanied it was not as easily avoided.

The wind cut across the air, slicing Greem once across his chest as he lunged back. The quad-colored layer of fire laws around Greem stalled for a moment as the wind struck against it. A small dent appeared on the invisible defensive layer.

The muffled sound of cracking bones could be heard faintly in the air.

Greem took a few stumbling steps backward. His entire body then vanished in a blast of fire.

The next second, Greem reappeared a thousand meters away. He stood up straight and stared at Mornashen with fury in his eyes.

Greem waved his hand over his chest, and the dented defensive barrier of laws and the energy bones within his body were restored to their original state.

Damn! That 49 points of Strength was truly overwhelming! He had almost been done-in by just a tiny graze.

However, when Greem saw how clumsily Mornashen was when turning around to face him, a thought appeared in his mind. He struck without any hesitation.

This time, Greem did not rely on the focusing crystal, nor did he draw upon the Tome of Corruption’s poison power. He simply created a fireball with the help of the Orb of the Fire God and threw it at the enemy.

3,500 points of power.

Now, even a simple attack from Greem could rival an all-out attack from his past self.

However, compared to Mornashen, his power was still ‘meager’!

Mornashen, who had managed to turn around and was charging toward Greem, did not even avoid the fireball when he saw it. He punched straight through the molten rock and lava, letting the rest of the flames wash over his body.

Mornashen strode through the fire unharmed. He chuckled coldly, then pointed a single finger at Greem’s location. In the sky, the dark clouds instantly turned into crackling lightning clouds, sending bolt after bolt of electricity down at Greem.

Greem’s Flame Barrier protected him and would not be defeated by these bolts of lightning for a while. However, with the lightning constantly disrupting him, he was having incredible trouble concentrating casting his spells.

Greem teleported away without hesitation, trying to reposition himself again.

The moment he stepped out of the flames, another blinding bolt of lightning blasted down, causing him to stumble backward.

Greem lifted his head in surprise. It was only then that he realized that the lightning cloud from earlier was still hovering above him, repeatedly assaulting him with lightning bolts.

Dammit! A locked-on attack!

The Tome of Corruption hanging at Greem’s waist promptly appeared in his hands. The pages flipped rapidly of their own accord. When the tome stopped on a page carved with mysterious runes, a blob of green, slimy poison appeared above the runic array. The toxin then flew into the lightning cloud above.

The lightning cloud, which had been crackling with silver serpents of electricity, turned a sickly green color that cast the rest of the world in the same pale-green shade.

The poison power had disrupted the lightning laws in the cloud. Naturally, the cloud had gone out of control and could no longer threaten Greem in the slightest.

Greem took this opportunity to fire another two Magma Fireballs at Mornashen in the distance.

Of course, both fireballs were struck by a thick chain of lightning in the air without exception.

After a few attempts to close the distance, Mornashen realized that he would never catch up to Greem with his Fire Teleportation. Mornashen wasted no more effort and instead chose to gather electricity between his fingers and send it crackling continuously at the opponent.

A ranged battle? Gold Titans had never been afraid of that.

If elementium adepts could so easily kite Gold Titans, then Mornashen Gaia would not have earned his title as the strongest bloodline adept of the Central Lands!

For the next few hours, the entire battlefield was engulfed in an apocalypse of blazing fires and snapping electricity.

The violent flames and the lightning both contained fearsome law powers. Where they struck, everything crumbled away. Even the ground became scorched with each attack. The sky itself was rent, leaving dark red marks in the air that would not fade with time.

Wherever the flames and lightning landed, slight tremors and changes would occur to the planar laws there. Such attacks that delved deep in the laws were the most frightening ones. The damage they inflicted was challenging to repair.

Had this land been scorched by ordinary fire, grass and flowers would be able to grow again in less than a year. Where Greem’s law fires burned, the scorched land would remain barren for the next dozen years, void of all life and hope.

The reason was simple. The planar laws there had been changed!

Until the planar laws were restored, this land would never recover to its former glory.