Chapter 1320 Luring The Tiger From Its Den


Kerslin Castle had truly become a Fourth Grade entity now!

That gigantic, four-hundred-meter-tall stone body covered in dark red lines, those limbs so thick they resembled entire mountains…even though it had shrunk a little in size, the control it had over its body was completely different now.

Arms had an incredibly sharp combat intuition and sense of danger. He was the first to notice the difference in Kerslin Castle. He rapidly beat his bright blue wings, circling the stone giant as he subtly increased the distance between them.

The clumsy golem dragon did not have the same sense of danger. It continued to charge forward recklessly, firing massive energy fireballs endlessly from the two magic energy cannons on its back.

The energy fireballs no longer caused rocks and boulders to fall off of the stone giant’s body. Dark-red magical lines appeared all over the giant’s body, absorbing most of the energy fireballs’ damage.

The remainder of the energy from the eruptions only blasted off a few pebbles and barely damaged the giant.

The stone giant remained unmoving and then abruptly pointed its palm at the golem dragon.

A sandstorm engulfed the golem dragon.

Before the golem dragon could escape, a forest of earth spikes stabbed up from underground, snapping loudly against its metal body. In just a single move, numerous dents had appeared on the golem dragon’s body.


Freed’s low voice bellowed from within the stone giant.

The stone giant then opened its palm and swung it towards the golem dragon.

There were at least one and a half kilometers between them.

The earth trembled as a shocking amount of concentrated earth elementium surged out of the ground, forming into a hundred-meter-wide palm that crashed down upon the golem dragon.

The golem dragon had been knocked around by the dust storm and earth spikes earlier and wasn’t standing firmly on its feet. However, it showed no fear in the face of the enemy’s vicious attack.

The golem dragon reared its metal head and let out a formless sonic wave from its maw. The magic energy cannons on its back started firing at maximum frequency. There were so many fireballs they practically formed a line of flame that blasted against the giant hand crushing down from above.


The sonic wave and the magic energy cannons combined finally shattered the earth hand.

The elementium hand of earth elementium collapsed, and the resulting wave of dirt pushed the golem dragon thirty meters away. In the end, the golem dragon had to plant its metal limbs deep into the earth, gouging deep ditches into the ground until it came to a stop.

The golem dragon shook its body and cast off the dirt. It looked at the suddenly more powerful enemy in the distance, and its own energy aura began to rise.

The magical golem dragon had not been damaged much in the exchange earlier. However, in the eyes of observers, the stone giant had easily knocked the golem dragon away with a single strike.

It was an incredible humiliation for the magical goblins piloting the golem dragon!

The golem dragon opened its maw and let out a loud roar that reverberated through the air. It then shook its tail and lunged at the enemy.

Arms also folded his wings and dove downwards, forcing the stone giant to go on the defensive with a ferocious assault.

A metal dragon, a stone giant, and a pureblood dragon. These three entities of entirely different natures of existence clashed together once again in this manner.

Freed, who had thoroughly assimilated with Kerslin Castle, could now freely control this hulking creature. It stood upon the earth, continually accepting the leyline energy being siphoned from underground to maintain such a massive body’s energy requirements.

Every single action taken by Kerslin Castle moved the earth elementium, turning it into giant boulders that flew at the enemy, transforming it into stone spears with incredible piercing power, or casting a rain of rocks over an entire region.

With Kerslin Castle’s ability to magnify elementium power, Freed’s control over earth elementium grew stronger and stronger!

Moreover, due to the tough stone body of Kerslin Castle, neither the thunder dragon’s breath, the golem dragon’s wild thrashing, or the Motherships’ bombardment could truly damage it. None of their attacks could penetrate the hundred-meter-thick body and hurt its soul origin.

Meanwhile, Freed stood firmly at the edge of the pit, alternating freely between ranged attacks and melee strikes. Either way, with every move, he sent ripples throughout the ranks of the Crimson Clan.

The golem dragon was forged entirely out of metal. It was able to endure Freed’s earth elementium attacks. However, Arms and the Motherships appeared too frail in front of these violent attacks. If any of the stone giant’s attacks were to land, they would cause unimaginable devastation.

Two of the Motherships had already been hit by Freed’s spears and were forced to retreat from battle. If it weren’t for the stone giant not venturing too far away from the pit, the Crimson Fleet would already have suffered numerous casualties!

The reason the battle appeared so one-sided had to do with the Crimson Clan’s advantageous position.

The Crimson Clan held the absolute upper hand in this war. They had rampaged their way through Entom Clan territory without so much as a single effective opposition.

Seen from above, vast swathes of land around Kerslin Castle had already been conquered by the magical machine armies. The Entom Clan’s adept forces were either conquered or routed. Their figures could be seen running from the Crimson Clan’s pursuit, both in the air and on the ground around the main battlefield.

There was no possibility that Arms would ever fight in a desperate and suicidal fashion against the opponent, given such circumstances.

However, when he started pulling his punches, the beginner Fourth Grade golem dragon would have to face the full wrath of the larger, more powerful Kerslin Castle alone. Naturally, it felt like it was being countered in every aspect and was having a very awkward time in this fight.

Greem simply chuckled at the sight of this from within the Versailles. He suddenly stood up from his chair and appeared at the front of the deck in a flash of fire.

He did not transform into a flame giant, nor did he cast any fire spells. He simply stood there, and Freed’s heart trembled. The stone giant’s attacks became less bold and unrestrained compared to before.

Even Freed felt powerless at the continuous appearance of new high-grade opponents.

He had to keep forty percent of his attention on the legendary fire adept, thirty percent on the sly Fourth Grade thunder dragon, twenty percent on the stubborn golem dragon, and the last ten percent on the movements of the Motherships in the sky.

It couldn’t be helped. These entities were all capable of inflicting damage to him. Of course, the attacks from the other insignificant ‘ants’ couldn’t even tickle him, let alone leave any sort of damage.

However, no matter how careful Freed was, Legendary Fire Adept Greem seemed to be toying with him. Greem simply stood on the deck and stared with a smile on his face, as if he had no intention of joining the fight at all.

Could it be?

Could Greem’s injuries remain, and he was only putting on appearances?

The moment the idea was born, it wrapped itself around Freed’s mind like a sinister serpent. Even as he continued to attack and defend, he found himself repeatedly wondering about the answer to this question.

Was it a trap, or was it an opportunity?

Freed did not know, and there was no way he could.

The loss of a hundred years of his life span had caused his hatred for Greem to reach a peak. If there were even the slightest of chance he could bring death to this man, he would never give up on it. In fact, he would be more than willing to pay the price for it!

There wasn’t much else that Freed had left to lose now!

Upon making up his mind, Freed started to move in the direction of the Versailles subtly.

Once he had reached within distance to strike, Freed left behind the thunder dragon and golem dragon without hesitation. The massive body of the stone giant instantly crossed a kilometer of distance. Upon seeing the Versailles within striking distance, Freed roared loudly.

“Die, Greem!”

Freed gathered a tremendous amount of earth elementium and turned it into elementium boulders, which he shot at Greem.

In the blink of an eye, the massive Mothership had been surrounded by a shocking number of boulders and rocks. Moreover, as Freed continued to manipulate them, they pressed down on the Mothership’s shields further, as if intent on crushing the entire ship flat.

The unique power of earth elementium to slow things down instantly wrapped around Greem.

If Greem were caught unaware and did not have time to unleash the power of an ultra-powerhouse, it was very likely he would be injured by this attack.

However, Greem showed no signs of fear in the face of this terrifying assault. Instead, he had a nasty smile on his face, like his evil plan had just succeeded.

With the Chip’s aid, the stone giant’s subtle movements towards the Mothership had not escaped his eyes.

However, for the sake of ending this battle faster, Greem decided to put on a show for the enemy!

Upon seeing the terrifying mountain crashing down upon him and sensing the overwhelming earth elementium, Greem took out a strange object in the shape of a water drop and waved it.

The next second, a looming water elemental appeared out of thin air.

The light green water elemental was over a hundred meters tall. It wore several strange metal bands of intricate design on its wrists, ankles, waist, and neck.

The water elemental roared and summoned a fearsome torrent of water.

An endless stream of elementium water surged out of thin air, forming a ferocious tide that crashed against the mountain.

Water and earth clashed on the battlefield.

A terrifying shockwave rushed through the land. Every substance caught in the shockwave was crushed to pieces and blown away.

Numerous sandstorms and water vortices lashed at each other like two venomous vipers, cleansing the entire land thoroughly.

The five Motherships activated their barriers but were still blown away like tiny ships in a storm. The violent clash of powers had inflicted severe damage, even to the Motherships.

The Watersoul Jade!

It was the Fourth Grade item that Greem had obtained from the Spirit World; it possessed the might of an all-out attack from Water Diviner Rauluns. Even though Rauluns was not at peak Fourth Grade, he was still a powerful individual of advanced Fourth Grade.

Thus, Greem was successfully able to survive Freed’s attack with the power of the Watersoul Jade.

Upon seeing the stone giant intent on continuing its attack, Greem couldn’t help but smile bitterly and point behind Freed.

Freed turned back in horror, only to see Mary’s petite body disappear into the pit like an arrow. Moreover, at the instant she dove into the pit, Mary even had the time to turn around and wave at Freed.

Freed, who was now assimilated with the stone giant, instantly turned pale in the face!