Chapter 1336 The Butterfly Effect


The World of Adepts was an extraordinary and mystical place.

With the adepts’ expansion, their civilization had spread to thousands of foreign planes along with the Great Adepts, growing and developing in those lands.

Due to the limits of the World of Adepts, all adepts above Fourth Grade were forced out of the world. They had no choice but to make a living among the stars in space, continually training themselves. Compared to the numerous Great Adepts out there, the Fourth Grades of the World of Adepts were truly nothing.

However, one had to consider the fact that all three Ninth Grade Great Adepts originated from the World of Adepts. That alone made the World of Adepts a unique world, despite the fact that it could only tolerate the existence of individuals Fourth Grade and below. The World of Adepts wasn’t just the homeworld of the adepts- the very civilization of the adepts was rooted here.

It created a very unusual phenomenon. Everything that happened in the World of Adepts drew the attention of many other people. News from the World of Adepts would continue to spread, thereby creating an unusual ripple across the universe.

Only three major organizations had existed in the World of Adepts over the past tens of thousands of years. All of them were seemingly backed behind the scenes by one of the three Ninth Grade Great Adepts who could determine the direction of the adept civilization’s development.

The Central Lands might be the region with the most land, the richest resources, and the densest population. But for the longest time, it had existed only as a buffer zone between the three major organizations, enduring endless suppression and bullying.

However, the unique nature of Zhentarim was what established its position. The three major organizations kept each other in check, and no single party was allowed to take over this rich region of land.

Thus, an unusual balance of power consisting of multiple parties was formed!

However, there was nothing permanent in the world, and nothing that could not be changed.

Zhentarim, which had always been known for its weak adepts, was suddenly undergoing shocking changes because of one powerful adept appearance. The rate and ferocity of the change were beyond everyone’s imagination!

An ‘ordinary’ adept war between the Dener Clan and the Crimson Clan had quickly spread across Zhentarim in less than a month, its fires raging all over the land. There was probably no one who had predicted this development. Nor could anyone have possibly foreseen this event.

During the battle of Stoneshard Valley, Legendary Fire Adept Greem demonstrated overwhelming might, defeating two ultra-powerhouses one after the other. This terrifying accomplishment thoroughly extinguished the confidence of the incumbent forces.

For a moment, the Central Lands were stunned in awe as all the adept clans began to take measures to preserve themselves!

Just as everyone believed that Greem had been severely injured and forced behind the scenes for the moment, the Crimson Fleet took the initiative and went on the offensive. They struck straight for the headquarters of Fourth Grade Adept Freed, the heart and leader of the opposing forces.

Assisted by powerful war machines, the Crimson Clan defeated Freed, despite his assimilation with Kerslin Castle. Moreover, in the final moments of the battle, Freed suffered a frightening backlash from the alchemical lifeform, Kerslin.

The ultimate result was not just Freed’s sacrifice, but a blood ritual conducted at the cost of every Jorma Clan adept hiding in Kerslin Castle. It gave rise to the new forbidden lifeform, Kerslin.

While Kerslin was in deep slumber to digest the power it had obtained from the blood ritual, Greem and Mary broke into the Nightmare Domain and gained control of its soul core. Bloody Queen Mary, who had always possessed not-quite-enough power, improved tremendously. She now owned a castle from which she could unleash devastating strength.

The appearance of a second pseudo-ultra-powerhouse instantly became the final straw that broke the delicate balance of power in Zhentarim!

At this point, there was no longer an equivalent force in Zhentarim that could stand up to and rival the two ultra-powerhouses of the Crimson Clan. The Fourth Grade clans that had been planning to stall for hope finally despaired. One by one, they lowered their heads to the legendary fire adept of the Central Lands.

On the fifth day after Mary took over Kerslin Castle and renamed it Nightmare Castle, Fourth Grade Adept Mila announced that the  Kunis Clan would be joining Horton Magic Academy.

On the seventh day, Fourth Grade Adept Roderick of the Hill Clan announced that they were willing to accept the Crimson Clan’s leadership and sent many of their adepts to join Horton Magic Academy.

On the thirteenth day, a bombshell dropped on Zhentarim. Gaia Clan Leader Mornashen had paid a secret visit to Nightmare Castle to meet Legendary Fire Adept Greem. Mornashen announced an alliance between their clans to push for the joint prosperity of all adepts in the Central Lands.

This news was a gigantic bomb that instantly made all Central adepts understand where they were headed. The fractured Zhentarim was now in the past. A new and powerful adept organization was finally sprouting and growing on this land.

As the last and most crucial tile fell, the entirety of the Central Lands capitulated like dominos.

Andrew of the Ahlden Caln, Ashton of the Smalley Clan, Ariza of the Mansour Clan, Adrea of the Claire Clan. For a moment, numerous Fourth Grade organizations expressed their willingness to join the Crimson Alliance, accepting Legendary Fire Adept Greem’s leadership and contributing part of their clan’s resources to Horton Magic Academy, the future of the Central Lands.

In doing so, only three people remained hesitant in the Central Lands. Mirva, Nicolas, and Matthew.

However, they did not have much time left to think!

Twenty-seven days after the extermination of the Jorma Clan,  the Crimson Fleet once again set off, heading for the territories of these three adepts. In the face of imminent doom, Matthew was the first to cave-in. He announced his surrender while the Crimson Fleet was halfway there. Nicolas followed soon after.

As for ‘Vice-Chairman’ Mirva? He also actively surrendered the moment the Crimson Fleet arrived at Annemdor Academy.




Annemdor Academy.


Located in the southwest corner of the Ailasia region, Annemdor Academy bordered Griffin Cliff, the Medusa Swamps, and the Horned Wolf Wilderness. The academy also controlled a tunnel that led to the Underground World.

One could honestly claim that this region was one of the best locations for trials in the Central Lands. Annemdor Academy was also known as one of the most famous magic academies in the Central Lands due to their expertise in enchanting magical items.

However, all of this glory became a thing of the past the moment the Crimson Fleet arrived in the skies above the academy. A new chapter had begun.

Mirva led all the academy adepts and apprentices to welcome the fleet on the Golden Plaza in front of the academy. He watched with a complex expression on his face as the Motherships landed.

These giant flying ships that were five hundred meters long and one hundred meters wide were stunning machines, no matter how you looked at them. There were the smooth, silver hulls of the ships, those aerodynamic yet gigantic curves, and the cannons that lined both sides of the ships.

When such a monstrosity of steel landed from above, the shadow cast was enough to cover half of the plaza. The pressure it gave off, as well as the unique air of blood and steel, made every adept watching feel like they were suffocating.

However, this steel monstrosity was no ordinary machine!

Violent magic energy coursed through the ship, distorting the space around it and forming a forcefield. Anyone that wanted to attack the ship would first have to figure out how to penetrate this fearsome magic energy forcefield.

Mirva might have lost all confidence in victory, but he still had sharp insights.

Given the degree of distortion around the ship, he could estimate that the magic energy forcefield had an intensity of approximately 2000 points; only Fourth Grade adepts could break through these defenses. No number of Third Grade adepts would be able to crack this forcefield without tremendous effort.

Fortunately, the forcefield was only effective against long-ranged spells but could not stop solid objects from passing through. Boarding the ship was undoubtedly the best option to destroy these Motherships.

However, considering the hordes of magical machines and Crimson adepts on board, this was obviously not the best way to take down a Mothership either.

Mirva’s thoughts wandered everywhere. He lifted his head and silently watched the familiar figures drifting to the ground.

Greem, Kerala, Alfred, Declan, Mornashen, Andrew, Roderick. And all the way in the back, Mirva could also see Matthew and Nicolas’ silhouettes.

They looked away the moment their eyes met.

For some reason, even the ever-composed Nicolas felt a trace of awkwardness. He felt the heat of a blush on his old, wrinkled face.

It couldn’t be helped. At their age, they were no longer just one or two brave pioneers marching alone. Behind them stood a massive clan of thousands of individuals. Most clan members had no talent as an adept. They could only rely on the clan’s grace and the provision of the worldly territories to lead extravagant and debaucherous lives.

Meanwhile, clan members with adept talent would enjoy unimaginable benefits, allowing them to uncover their abilities and potentials to their fullest.

It was because their clans were so massive that they could become Fourth Grade organizations that ruled over an entire region, allowing their bloodlines to continue spreading like the countless leaves of a tree.

However, while they may have succeeded because of their clan structure, the same clan had become their point of weakness!

While Mirva was still wondering about his final decision, his wailing, crying bloodline descendants affected his choice.

He could put up a resistance to the very end, but the entire clan would burn with him!

He could choose a different master. All three major organizations would be more than willing to accept a Fourth Grade adept like himself. However, his clan was simply too large. There was no way he could bring them with him. Moreover, after thousands of years of governing the land, the clan was intimately connected with it. How could they just sever these connections without a second thought?

Because of all this, Mirva, Nicolas, and Matthew did not dare to fight and could not flee. They were trapped in an awkward position with their hands tied.

Mirva finally lowered his head to the gently smiling Greem. He put on a forced smile and said.

“Welcome! Welcome to our humble academy, Lord Greem.”