Chapter 1353 Plots and Schemes



“A magic surge is coming!”

Greem announced it casually. Everyone present fell silent.

Anyone who had a seat here in this wide hall was no ordinary adept. Fifteen Fourth Grade adepts sat at a long obsidian table, representing almost every single major organization of the Central Lands.

Two or three of their descendants or most trusted subordinates stood behind them.

Greem of the Crimson Clan.

Mary of the Crimson Clan.

Mornashen of the Gaia Clan.

Kerala of the Dener Clan.

Alfred of the Molten Fire City.

Declan of the Fabres Clan.

Mirva of the Annemdor Academy.

Nicolas of the Entom Clan.

Matthew of the Bane Clan.

Andrew of the Ahlden Clan.

Ashton of the Smalley Clan.

Ariza of the Mansour Clan.

Adrea of the Claire Clan.

Mila of the Kunis Clan.

Roderick of the Hill Clan.

Fourth Grade Thunder Lord Arms crouched lazily on the large plaza in front of the hall, his bright blue scales reflecting the warm sunlight.

With him guarding the place, no outsider could hope to break in and uncover the secrets being discussed amongst these adepts.

Two silver Motherships hovered silently in the skies above, accompanied by countless black dots. Even further on the horizon, three looming adept towers stood strong, shimmering with blinding radiance.

As the first crucial meeting of the Central Lands, Crimson Wing was now under incredibly high security. However, considering the fact that every single Fourth Grade adept of the Central Lands was gathered here, there was probably no one who would dare find trouble here!

Only Fourth Grade adepts had the right to sit in this hall; their subordinates could only stand behind them and listen in silence. Without the Fourth Grade adepts’ permission, these subordinates had no right to speak, let alone make any decisions.

Adepts had never cared for the complicated rules and etiquette of human nobles. That was why Greem cut straight to the topic at hand the moment the meeting started.

The many accompanying Third Grade adepts might not understand what the term ‘magic surge’ meant, but the Fourth Grade adepts knew well enough.

According to historical records, a magic surge would occur in the multiverse every ten thousand years. Incredibly powerful magic energy tides would surge forth from the depths of space, ravaging all material planes and elementium worlds.

The appearance of the magic surges posed both a benefit and a threat to the countless planar civilizations.

With the surging of the magic energy tides, all power systems that relied on magical energies as their foundation would become stronger. Simultaneously, the magic energy tides would wash against the material planes and weaken their planar barriers.

Consequently, when a magic surge occurred, the starbeasts that typically roamed the depths of space would emerge from their lairs and rush to the material planes in hopes of a feast.

Moreover, the magic surge would affect a planar world’s magical creatures, causing them to become exceedingly active. In the World of Adepts, these magical creatures would often become unable to suppress their murderous instincts and would charge out of the Black Forest to assault human cities and settlements.

With threats both from within and outside the world, every individual who ruled any amount of land across the universe had to prepare cautiously for the impending danger!

The numerous Fourth Grade adepts exchanged looks, some of them communicating privately with their minds.

Finally, Bloodline Adept Andrew, wearing white leather armor, couldn’t help but speak up.

“Has the news been confirmed?”

Judging from his expression, he had absolutely no prior knowledge of this magic surge.

Everyone here might be a Fourth Grade adept, but the difference in their abilities and talents meant that their fields of specialization differed as well. Consequently, due to the lack of a powerful diviner in his clan, Andrew had yet to obtain any information on the incoming magic surge.

“It has been confirmed beyond the shadow of a doubt!” Greem said solemnly.

Andrew couldn’t help but draw in a breath of cold air.

Ten thousand years was simply far too much time. It was long enough to make most planar creatures forget the horror of magic surges. Even Fourth Grade adepts only had a base lifespan of approximately a thousand years. Most of the time–and with a little luck–the average Fourth Grade adept would never run into one of these legendary magic surges throughout their entire lives.

Unfortunately for the adepts seated here today, their luck didn’t seem too strong!

“How much time do we have left?” It was Declan who asked this time.

“About ten years!” Greem sighed and said, “The first wave of the magic surge will affect the World of Adepts ten years from now. When that happens……”

Greem did not finish his sentence, but everyone knew well enough what he meant.

These Fourth Grade adepts stood at the peak of this world. Even the most powerful magic energy tides could not threaten their lives. However, just because they did not fear the incoming threat did not mean it was the same for their subordinates. Even if their subordinates were strong enough to survive this calamity, their territories and lesser planes would still be vulnerable.

When the magic energy tides washed across the world, the planar barrier would become riddled with holes. All sorts of starbeasts and monstrosities could slip into the planar worlds and stuff themselves. Until they were expelled from a world, the worldly territories would remain in constant unrest. Individual lesser planes might even fall out of their control amidst the chaos.

That was why the adept clans’ main priority, apart from safeguarding their territories in the World of Adepts, was stabilizing their rule over the lesser planes. However, almost every one of the clans present here lacked the necessary military force to defend every one of their lesser planes. It was an awkward situation.

“Ten years.”

“Indeed, why is it so soon? Why do we only have ten years to prepare for this?”

Anxiety and frustration appeared on the faces of most of the adepts.

It was probably inevitable that their treasuries would shrink after this magic surge!

Of course, not all adepts were so anxious and nervous. For instance, Molten Fire City Lord Alfred appeared calm and composed.

Molten Fire City was located in the very center of the Central Lands. None of its territories bordered the Black Forest, and there were no large spatial rifts nearby. That was why he appeared so relaxed, enough to be concerned about other matters.

“Lord Greem, since you have summoned us here, could it be that you already have arrangements in mind?”

Greem replied calmly, “The Central Lands has been a tray of loose sand in the past. We have never been able to truly unite into a singular force, regardless of the threat. That is why I believe there is a need to combine everyone’s idle military forces and conduct a joint defense. What does everyone think?”

Greem appeared to be asking for the others’ opinion, but he and Mary each took up one end of the table. As he spoke, profound and violent power gathered around them, causing every Fourth Grade adept present to feel mountainous pressure weighing upon them.

The adepts looked at each other until, finally, their gaze unanimously landed on Mornashen Gaia, Clan Leader of the Clan of Gold, sitting at the first seat to the left of the long table.

Even Greem and Mary shifted their gazes to Mornashen, guided by everyone else’s line of sight.

Even as powerful as he was, Mornashen Gaia couldn’t help but become somewhat nervous with so many powerful individuals staring at him.

It was the first time Greem was holding a meeting between all the forces of the Central Lands. If he pushed too hard, he would undoubtedly be courting disaster for the Gaia Clan. However, as the only Fourth Grade adept left in the Central Lands who could still keep Greem somewhat in check, he had to take a stance.

That was why Mornashen Gaia frowned before saying solemnly, “I don’t find this to be a good solution! We of the Clan of Gold already have a waning bloodline. Very few of our clan members have awakened their bloodline powers. If you were to conscript a few of them, we wouldn’t have enough military strength to defend the clan’s land, let alone our lesser planes!”

Mary frowned at the appearance of this opposition. The smile faded from her face. She might not have dared to make an enemy out of this fearsome Gold Titan in the past, but with the power of Nightmare Castle now by her side, she felt no fear.

She might be injured, with Nightmare Castle in shambles, but Mornashen Gaia was not at his peak either. It was still a toss-up as to who would win in an actual fight!

Fortunately, even though Mary was furious, she knew that today’s matter was of great importance. She could not wreck it over one of her tantrums. She stifled her anger and glared at everyone with her crimson eyes. The Fourth Grade adepts who met her gaze couldn’t help but feel their hearts tremble and quickly looked away.

It was said that Lady Mary had been badly injured in the battle that had occurred not long ago. However, judging from the aura she was radiating, her power wasn’t too much affected. That caused the few scheming rats among them to frown. They had to reconsider their plans again.

“You are all overthinking this matter!” Greem had predicted this response. He smiled again as he explained, “The joint defense I am speaking of is not the conscription of military forces from your clan to strengthen the Crimson Clan’s forces. Rather, clans with power to spare will be mobilizing their forces to aid other clans facing trouble, depending on the geography and severity of the calamity.”

Greem lifted his hand. Magic energy surged through the hall as a three-dimensional map of the Central Lands was projected onto the table. 

“Please look, everyone. There are a total of thirty-one regions in the Central Lands, seven of which lie on the borders and neighbor the Black Forest. Naturally, the Ailovis region will be defended by the Crimson Clan. We will not require any reinforcements.”

“As for the other clans, you have Mila’s Kunis Clan, Ariza’s Mansour Clan, Roderick’s Hill Clan, as well as three other regions that are jointly managed by several mid-sized clans.

“I believe that these three clans will have a lack of military forces, given that they will have to worry about interplanar invasion as well as stampedes from the Black Forest. As such, we of the Crimson Clan are willing to provide an army of two thousand magical machines to aid in their joint defense against the magic surge.

“It is not too much to ask those of you who do not face the threat of the Black Forest to contribute some amount of your power, isn’t it? I can guarantee that the forces mobilized from your clan will not be fielded on the battlefields the Crimson Clan is involved in. They will only be fighting where they are needed.”

The hall instantly fell silent upon these words.

The expressions of the Fourth Grade adepts flickered and changed as they brooded in silence!