Chapter 1377 The Might of a Fourth Grade Adept


The might of Fourth Grade creatures was truly something that could not be dealt with by ordinary means.

The bloodline of a giant berserk ape might not be all that impressive, but it had advanced to Fourth Grade. The colossal ape was able to unleash horrifying devastation to all enemies that dared stand in its path.

Such a powerful creature would be able to endure even a vicious attack from an actual adept tower, let alone these simplified war towers. When the colossal berserk ape revealed its real power, one of the tiny war towers instantly became its sacrifice.

That wasn’t the end of it. The murderous ape, with its scorched black hair, picked up a five-meter-large piece of rubble and hurled it at the closest war tower. It then instinctively beat its chest several times before turning and lunging at the third war tower.

“Attack…attack…use your most powerful spells!”

“Let out the voodoo beasts…have the voodoo beasts stall it!”

The colossal berserk ape’s burst of power caused the faces of all the overseeing adepts in the war towers to turn pale. They shouted out orders hastily, all while secretly reaching for the escape scrolls in their pouches.

The teleportation coordinates were already set. They would be able to instantly escape to the adept towers in the backlines at the key moment just by activating the scrolls.

This was the only reason they dared to remain stationed in the war towers!

Bolts of lightning crashed down from the skies once more, forcing the ape to stumble forward as its hair stood on end. Large scorch marks appeared all over its back and shoulders.

However, even such ferocious magic could not kill it. In fact, the lightning bolts were barely even impeding its movements.

The colossal giant ape dug its fingers into the ground and picked up a giant piece of earth. It raised it above its head, blocking the bolts of fierce lightning as it sprinted toward the closest war towers.

It kicked, punched, tackled, and even headbutted.

What war tower could possibly endure such devastation from a fifty-meter-tall colossal ape?

One by one, the war towers were knocked down like stalks of sugar cane. The Association adepts inside the towers either fled successfully or died. The casualties were tremendous.

The attack of the war towers had inflicted damage on the ape as well. Unfortunately, the extent of the injuries was not enough to stop its movements. On the contrary, the pain and wounds had made the ape even more savage. Every one of its actions was more wild and vicious than before.

The Association adepts were incredibly furious and frustrated at the sight of a Fourth Grade monstrosity ravaging their war towers.

They gave out orders frantically. Waves of violent spells bombarded the colossal berserk ape from every direction, causing it to howl in pain and grow even more fierce.

In less than ten minutes, eight war towers had collapsed at the hands of the colossal berserk ape. The adept casualties inflicted over the course of this made the host of Adept Tower Three, Fourth Grade Bloodline Adept Neve, unbearably furious.

Of course, as a human adept, rushing out to fight a literally berserk creature wasn’t befitting of the calm and rational image of the adepts.

Light flickered above Adept Tower Three as a sea of magic energy began to gather. With her own bloodline power as the trigger, a fearsome thirty-meter-long serpent with jade-green scales appeared.

It was a bloodline projection Neve had created through the powers of the tower. It was, in fact, twice as powerful as she was.

The instant the giant serpent appeared, the rampaging berserk ape stopped its movements. It turned around and glared at this projection.

The two gigantic monsters stared at each other, a thousand meters and a dozen war towers between them.

The bloodline serpent projected by Neve opened its eye slowly. Several strange spots of green light could be seen around its unusual purple eyes. The serpent flicked its long, forked tongue as the whole battlefield was engulfed in a cold and sinister aura.

The serpent clearly had terrifying venom. Once bitten, the poison laws it possessed would render all antidotes ineffective. The only thing that could resist the poison’s power would be the individual’s poison resistance and life force.

Upon sensing the might of its opponent, even the berserk ape became cautious. It was fearful that it might be killed because of a single moment’s carelessness.

The colossal berserk ape might not be very intelligent, but it still knew where the true danger lay. It might seem like it was only barely equal with the war towers, having sustained so much damage. However, its wounds were only surface wounds. Its life origin had hardly been touched.

Which was to say that no matter the number of war towers, the colossal berserk ape would have been able to destroy them all given sufficient time.

The war tower had no hopes of endangering its life!

However, this terrifying serpent that had materialized out of thin air was a different matter entirely.

In all honesty, this mysterious serpent was the only thing on the battlefield that could threaten the ape’s life.


With the adept tower behind her, Neve had no fear of this ignorant berserk ape.

The serpent hovering in the air above Adept Tower Three opened its maw, and a ball of glowing green poison shot toward the enemy like an arrow.

The berserk ape frowned and extended both arms forward. Large clouds of yellow smoke surged and concentrated into a massive boulder in front of it.


A dull impact could be heard as the poison hit the boulder.

The battlefield instantly rang out with the sound of sizzling poison. Dense white smoke rose from the boulder.

The white smoke did not dissipate. Instead, it mysteriously wrapped around the boulder and found its way into the colossal ape’s giant nostrils.


The colossal berserk ape instantly flew into a rage when the poison smoke entered its body.

It shook its body twice and felt a terrifying, stinging pain inside.

It lifted its head and roared, its blood boiling in response to its emotions. The boiling blood allowed it to suppress those traces of poison instantly.

Phew! Phew!

The wind howled as yellow light flashed in the ape’s hands. With every flash, a five-meter-long boulder would form and shoot toward the mysterious serpent in succession.

The serpent was much smaller than the ape was. It was obvious that it did not excel at strength.

That was why the berserk ape was attempting to force the serpent forward into a melee.

Why didn’t the colossal berserk ape charge at it?

Berserk apes preferred to settle everything with violence. That did not mean that they were complete idiots. The serpent was coiled right above an adept tower. If the berserk ape got too close and became entangled by the powers of the adept tower, it would easily betray a lethal weakness to the serpent.

Thus, the ape dodged the poison spit attacks with agile movements, all while retaliating with massive boulders hurled at the adept tower.

The two massive creatures attacked each other just like that, with the adept tower at the center of their battle. In the blink of an eye, the entire battlefield had turned into a mess.

The war towers caught between the two Fourth Grade powerhouses were undoubtedly the most unfortunate. They would be razed to the ground by attacks from any side. If the serpent’s poison spit hit a war tower, its barriers and walls would be corroded in a matter of seconds, its walls crumbling as if they had been made of sand.

If they were hit by a boulder from the ape, the entire structure would collapse. The adepts inside would die instantly if they didn’t escape in time!

Truly, when gods fought, it was the mortals who suffered!

In less than an hour, this ape had removed the one dozen war towers that the Adept’s Association had planted close to this entrance.

If it weren’t for the terrifying shockwaves from the ape and serpent’s battle, the magical creatures hiding at the bottom of Inkdeep Valley would have swarmed out and scattered in every direction.

The serpent that Neve had projected might have shocking offensive power, but it still had limitations against this overwhelmingly resilient and strong ape.

If it wasn’t for the cover of the adept tower, the serpent would have been torn to pieces by the ape in a matter of minutes.

Of course, if Neve were willing to put her own life on the line, she was very likely to kill the ape at the cost of heavy injuries to herself.

However, losses incurred were on the part of the Association, while her life belonged to herself!

Neve still knew well enough which was more important.

After the battle had gone on for a while, Neve grew frustrated. She silently sent a message to Adept Tower Two in the distance.

“Help me a little, Olivia!”

A short moment later, a familiar mental flux rang out in her mind.

“I thought you wouldn’t need me…I will help you control it. Just attack with all you have!”

The next second, a powerful and unusual magical power descended from the sky and crashed down upon the colossal berserk ape.

The berserk ape’s movements suddenly became extremely slow, as if it had just fallen into a swamp. It lifted its right arm in an attempt to throw a boulder at the serpent, but it was almost as if its entire body was wrapped in chains. Every single movement was incredibly heavy and difficult.

Halo of Gravity!

Moreover, a hundred-fold Halo of Gravity!

The serpent took this opportunity to lunge forward, instantly coiling its body around the ape. It lifted its serpent head and bit the ape on its neck.


The colossal berserk ape let out a pained cry, beating its chest and tearing at the slippery body of the serpent. Dirt-yellow smoke surged from its body, furiously seeping into the snake.

The serpent might only be Neve’s bloodline projection, but it also contained much of her mental consciousness. The damage sustained by the serpent also fed back to her in the tower.

Neve squirmed in agony but grit her teeth and endured it. She used all her powers to inject her poison laws into the ape’s body.

A black shade visibly began to take over the ape’s body and face. The fearsome poison powers instantly suppressed the raging earth powers until the ape started to go limp.