Chapter 1379 Two Armies Stand-off


Imps might not look like much, but they were quite powerful!

If you really wanted to make a comparison, the Abyssal Plane’s imps were equal in status to the peasants of the World of Adepts.

Given the adepts’ knowledge, they knew more than well enough that a single imp could easily slaughter a dozen peasants. They were powerful enough to rival intermediate apprentice-adepts.

While there were many apprentice adepts in the World of Adepts, they were still not as numerous as the imps in the Abyssal Plane.

It wasn’t hard to see how superior the Abyssal World was to the World of Adepts when it came to fighting prowess alone!

The superiority didn’t just reflect itself on individual fighting power, but across every aspect of their civilizations.

In the face of an overwhelming invasion from several Fifth and Sixth Grade great demon lords, Andrew of the Ahlden Clan had no choice but to send out a call for help. He attempted to rally all the Central adepts to help him defend against the demon invasion.

Apart from the few Fourth Grades of the Crimson Clan, most of the thirteen Fourth Grade adepts of the Central Lands had already arrived. They were situated in the headquarters of the Ahlden Clan, a massive adept tower, as they silently observed what was happening over at the mega-rift. They felt complicated emotions over the whole affair, including relief and joy.

It was fortunate that the mega-rift was located in Ahlden Clan territory. If the rift had been within their own regions, they would probably be in the same situation as Andrew- tearing their hair out in frustration.

Fight back?

In all honesty, all the Fourth Grade adepts gathered here might have had such thoughts prior to coming here. They had planned to gather the Central Lands’ forces and send this horde of foolish abyssal demons packing. However, upon seeing the actual state of affairs here, they had no choice but to stuff their expectations. They could only hope to keep the demons limited to the vicinity of the mega-rift and out of the surrounding areas.

What had changed their plan was none other than the alarming numbers and actual power of these abyssal demons!

At this moment, as many as five Fourth Grade demons stood near the mega-rift.

One was a short, stout Quasit with rough skin, like that of a skinned toad.

One was a seductive Succubi with an explosive figure.

One was a slender Flame Fiend who was constantly surrounded by leaping fireballs.

One was an exceptionally tall and muscular Hezrou shrouded by a pungent cloud of rot.

One was a tall, six-armed female Marilith.

They were all surrounded by numerous Second and Third Grade demons. Judging from their ferocious auras and vicious appearances, they were all elite demons skilled at combat.

The trouble with fighting demons was simple. As long as they were Second Grade and above, they were all proficient in using Pinpoint Teleportation. Consequently, there were no such things as frontline and backline when fighting against these demons. The moment a battle broke out, these demons would be able to teleport everywhere and wreak havoc with their exceptional skill at both close and long-range. A slight misstep, and you would be defeated.

That was why the Fourth Grade adepts were so hesitant to fight even though they far outnumbered the abyssal demons. Once they left the shelter of the adept towers, life and death could be decided in a matter of seconds.

“When will Lord Greem be arriving?” Declan asked solemnly.

All the Fourth Grade adepts couldn’t help but perk up their ears and turn to look at Andrew when they heard the question.

Even though everyone had come here by invitation, it didn’t mean that everyone present was necessarily willing to fight for the Ahlden Clan’s sake. After all, there was a real risk of death in battling abyssal demons.

Everyone would feel much safer and secure if there were one or two ultra-powerhouses here.

Everyone was a ‘companion’ of the Central Lands, after all. If Andrew was defeated here, the Central Lands would likely be baptized in the flames of the abyssal demons’ wrath. With this understanding in mind, everyone didn’t mind contributing their strength as long as the risk was contained within an acceptable range.

Naturally, the precondition to helping out in a fight was that someone was standing in front of them!

Everyone might have been resentful of Greem becoming the most powerful adept of the Central Lands before this. However, upon seeing the trials and tribulations the Central Lands were facing, they couldn’t help but feel relief.

Thank god they weren’t the ones in his position!

They would probably have no solution to this terrible situation, much like all their other compatriots.

Andrew’s calm and cool gaze swept past everyone’s faces as he said, “I have relayed the situation here to him. I have yet to obtain a reply. However,” After a moment’s pause, he continued, “Lady Mary has been here for over a month and has severely injured two of the demon lords in succession. Otherwise, the demons would not have remained so quiet!”

“And Lord Mornashen Gaia? He should be showing himself during such times, shouldn’t he?” It was Matthew who asked this time.

It was obvious that no one felt entirely calm without at least a single ultra-powerhouse present here.

Before Andrew could reply, a loud and deep voice rang out from beyond the hall.

“No need to be concerned about me. I am already here!”

As his voice boomed, Mornashen Gaia strode into the hall and appeared before the adepts with two of his clansmen in tow.

The few adepts who were on good terms with him nodded and greeted him. Mornashen looked around him and nodded slightly. He then walked up to the large magical mirror.

One could clearly see what was happening at the mega-rift through the mirror. The rift was continually spitting out abyssal demons. Every time space trembled, it meant that the forces of the abyssal demons had strengthened a little more.

Even though the large majority of these reinforcing demons were only First and Second Grade, they would eventually become trouble if their numbers were allowed to grow perpetually in this fashion.

“What are you all waiting for? Hurry up and route the demon lords, then find a way to seal the mega-rift. This way, it will make it much more difficult for any worthless trash to break into our world…huh?” Mornashen Gaia still had his fiery temper. He almost flew into a rage upon seeing the situation.

“Lord Greem has yet to arrive. Why don’t we wait?” Nicolas asked carefully, clearly reluctant to take up arms so quickly.

“Hmph! No wonder the three major organizations have always looked down on us. What is it? Do you guys forget how to fight when Greem isn’t around?”

The adepts looked at each other awkwardly and started to hesitate.

Even though they knew Mornashen Gaia spoke the truth, they still had trouble coming together when the matter concerned their lives and safety.

After all, the territory belonged to someone else, while their lives were their own!

“Hmph! Bunch of cowards,” Mornashen Gaia snorted angrily and disdainfully as he shouted, “Leave the hezrou and the quasit to me. Split the rest of them amongst yourselves!”

The bloodline of the Gold Titans was truly ferocious. Mornashen had offered to take on the two most powerful demon lords instantly. The adepts had nothing to say with that.

Joy flashed over Andrew’s face as he excitedly replied, “I’ll take the flame fiend!”

A single Fourth Grade flame fiend might be a fearsome challenge for Andrew, but this disaster was happening on his land. If he didn’t put his own life on the line, these slippery allies of his were even less likely to try.

He had no room to wriggle around, even though the situation would be perilous for him!

“Leave the marilith to me! Hmph! If she weren’t so lucky, I would have taken her out the last time,” Mary’s seductive voice abruptly rang out in the hall. Judging from her tone, she was quite dissatisfied with the results of her last battle.

This way, only the succubus, the weakest of the five Fourth Grade demon lords, was left.

Nicolas and Matthew looked at each other and stepped forward.

“The two of us will deal with the succubus! I have some magical equipment that defends against spiritual charm on hand. It’s the most appropriate for dealing with her.”

Now that they had divided the demon lords amongst themselves, the remaining Fourth Grade adepts could deal with the high-grade demon subordinates.

Their task might be somewhat simpler, but considering the sheer number of high-grade demons, it wasn’t going to be a walk in the park either.

The adepts had none of the pointless and complicated etiquettes of human nobles.

After agreeing on a strategy, everyone exchanged looks and left the magical hall.

The next second, the silhouettes of the human adepts appeared in the sky above the Ahlden adept tower.

There was no need for greetings or battlecries. The five towering demons standing in front of the mega-rift looked over and stared at the adepts.

A series of demonic screeching could be heard as the abyssal demons that filled the space started howling and shouting. They spoke in the demon’s language, their voices hoarse and hard on the ears. It was like countless frogs croaking in unison.

One had to admit that the demons were terrifying, evil, and corrupt creatures!

When tens of thousands of them gathered together, their murky abyssal aura was thick enough to suffocate a mortal. The Abyssal consciousness seeping out of the mega-rift also clashed with the consciousness of the World of Adepts.

It was evident that the consciousness of the World of Adepts was no match for the Abyssal consciousness. It was continually being pushed back.

The World of Adepts’ consciousness had already been expelled from the few kilometers of space around the mega-rift. Even the principles and laws that constructed the area around there had been shattered and torn asunder.

When the numerous adepts stood forward against the abyssal demons, a radiant white light suddenly glowed around them. With this white light, the massive and evil Abyssal consciousness would not be able to corrupt them with its chaos and disorder.

This way, they wouldn’t have to be concerned about the influence of the abyssal aura!

It was obviously a reward from the World of Adepts’ consciousness for their act of ‘justice.’

If they could execute a fair number of these abyssal demons, they would obtain bountiful feedback from the planar consciousness.

Traces of dark-red light also glowed from the demons opposing them on the other side.

That…was obviously a form of enhancement that the Abyssal consciousness was providing them as well!