Chapter 1380 Battle Against the Demons


A planar invasion was, in fact, a conflict between two consciousnesses.

The Abyssal consciousness was undoubtedly the more ancient and massive of the two.

That was why the protective light from the World of Adept’s consciousness had no other effect aside from protecting the Fourth Grade adepts from the Abyssal will’s corrosion.

Meanwhile, the abyssal demons enjoyed practical enhancements from the Abyssal consciousness. Apart from their Strength, Agility, Physique, and Spirit all being improved slightly, their violent and savage bloodthirst was greatly amplified.

A dark red light glowed from every demon. It was almost as if they had been strengthened with Bloodthirst. Their combat prowess had been magnified almost two times.

It increased the destructive power of the demons even further!

“Let’s fight!” Mornashen Gaia let out a quiet sigh. His body started glowing from the center as if a golden sun had been stuffed into his body.

As the golden light illuminated the battlefield, Mornashen’s body began to swell and grow in size. Ancient golden armor appeared on his body, covering most of it save for his left shoulder and arm.

Golden armor, a golden skirt of leather, golden boots, and a golden helmet.

Mornarshen Gaia glowed brightly and grew a hundred meters tall when he transformed into the Gold Titan. He instantly became the most conspicuous individual on the battlefield.

“Demons, get out of the World of Adepts! Otherwise……” Mornashen lifted both hands as he spat out a prophecy of doom in his booming voice. Thousands of blinding lightning bolts crashed down from the skies above and gathered within his palm.


Mornashen pushed both hands forward as he shouted. The bright torrent of lightning surged forward like a tree of silver, devouring the demons’ location like a roaring tide.


An earthshaking boom could be heard as the blinding white light finally faded away, revealing the ravaged battlefield.

Terrible! Truly terrible! Unbelievably terrible!

The violent electricity had run through one demon after another. Even with their overwhelming magic resistance and lifeforce, they could not survive such ferocious lightning. The earth and every demon engulfed by that thousand-meter-wide lightning storm was scorched to ashes.

Only individual Third Grade demons were barely able to survive. Most of their bodies were in tatters. Even their exposed flesh and organs were scorched and withered. They struggled as they crawled out of the unrecognizable piles of ashes that were once their bodies.

With this single strike alone, Mornashen Gaia had killed over ten thousand demons. That was over one-fourth of the total demons killed in this invasion.

The entire battlefield fell deadly silent for a moment.

Then the eyes remaining demons turned bloodshot. They howled as they charged at the towering gold giant, hurling all sorts of powerful spells toward Mornashen as well.

Havoc Hammer!

Words of Blasphemy!

Meteor Shower!

Flesh Separation!

Greater Power Word: Death!

Soul Annihilation!



The instant-cast spells of these Second and Third Grade demons were both powerful and inconspicuous. It was impossible for an ordinary creature to dodge them all.

Mornashen Gaia, who had just charged up and unleashed a powerful attack, raised both arms over his face. Golden light rose all around him, and he endured this insane wave of spells.

Even though he was immune to most of the First and Second Grade spells, it wasn’t that easy to endure the high-grade demons’ attacks.

The giant stumbled backward, the golden light around his body flickering. Mornashen’s breath turned ragged; it was obvious he was being injured. However, he managed to endure all the spells with the tremendous power of his Titan bloodline in the end.

Only Mornashen Gaia could have achieved such a feat with his Gold Titan transformation. Any other Fourth Grade adept present would have died or at least suffered grievous injuries in that violent bombardment of spells.

“Let’s go, as well. We can’t let Mornashen Gaia face the enemy alone!” Body-Refining Adept Declan roared. His entire body howled across the air and blasted into the horde of demons like a human cannon.

The next second, his power erupted.

A force shockwave swept across the battlefield, instantly knocking all demons caught in its radius into the air. Their bodies twisted all over as they flew away, as if an invisible hand had just toyed with them like dolls.

Declan had killed a hundred First, Second, and Third Grade abyssal demons in the blink of an eye. They were reduced to broken rag dolls.

The other Fourth Grade adepts looked at each other and stopped hesitating. They took out their true power and unleashed devastating magic upon the demon army.

For a moment, they were unstoppable gods of war, razing their way through the battlefield and raising hell wherever they went!

Fourth Grade adepts were Fourth Grade adepts, after all. When they unleashed their power without hesitation, that destructive might and unstoppable momentum were enough to strike fear into the hearts of any enemy and quench any will of opposition.

Naturally, the five demon lords could not simply watch as the human adepts slaughtered their subordinates.

They howled, screeched, bellowed, or roared as they transformed into their combat forms. They lunged at the eight Fourth Grade adepts, those who represented the peak of human might.

The one charging at the forefront was naturally the hezrou, who went berserk at the very sight of fighting.

Hezrou. Fourth Grade demon, chaotic evil. It was incredibly large, standing nearly three meters tall and weighing over three hundred and fifty kilograms.

The hezrou was exceptionally huge.

Its massive size gave it incredible Strength as well, allowing it to swing a gigantic bronze battleaxe easily.

The hezrou’s appearance was also quite unusual. It looked like a skinned ape tossed into lava until its flesh was half-cooked. However, its bulging muscles and vines were more than enough evidence of its real power.

Apart from being absolutely hideous, the hezrou’s most distinctive feature was the incredibly pungent liquid that its skin would secrete during battle. This stench was far beyond the limits of tolerance for most ordinary creatures. It was enough to smother most enemies as they fought the hezrou.

Thus, seeing a rampaging hezrou lunge at you was akin to seeing a pile of the most disgusting shit imaginable crashing toward you.

No one was ever in a good mood fighting against a hezrou!

Just as this Fourth Grade hezrou demon lord was lunging toward Declan, a spear of lightning buried itself in the ground before it. The electricity erupted, and the wild chains of lightning forcefully pushed the hezrou backward.

“Your enemy is me!” Mornashen Gaia let out a deafening battlecry and intercepted the hezrou. At the same time, the lightning spear in his other hand flew forward and cracked at the quasit demon lord.

The hezrou let out a strange, ape-like cry in response to Mornashen’s taunt. It waved its bronze axe and charged at the Gold Titan.

The might of a Fourth Grade demon was incomparably violent.

Every demon that stood in the path of its charge was instantly blown away. The ground itself was crushed to dust beneath its powerful strides. Finally, the hezrou leaped into the air with its savage strength and swung the battleaxe at the Gold Titan’s calf.

Er…it couldn’t be helped. The difference in their sizes was too large. Even with the approach run, the hezrou was barely able to reach the Gold Titan’s calf.

However, on a Fourth Grade battlefield, a giant body did not necessarily represent absolute power!

Even though the Gold Titan was over twenty times larger in size, he was the one at a disadvantage due to its lack of agility.

The Gold Titan lifted his right leg and met the hezrou’s axe.

A loud clang could be heard as an invisible force shockwave rippled outward, blowing all demons in the vicinity away and making them spit blood.

The two fighters stumbled backward, spots of blood splashing over their bodies.

The hezrou was suffering the downsides of being smaller in size. Its Strength might not be much weaker than Mornashen’s, but Mornashen’s giant size and Titan bloodline were magnifying the difference. The hezrou had been blown into the midst of the demon army and had crushed seven low-grade demons on impact.

Gold Titan Mornashen Gaia also stumbled a few steps backward. A gash the size of a washbasin had appeared on his right feet. A fountain of golden blood was spewing forth.

Mornashen’s exceptional Physique allowed him to recover first. He stood up straight and raised his hands. Violent lightning power gathered between his palms, concentrating into two unstable, crackling lightning spears.

“Die, demon!”

The next second, Mornashen Gaia bellowed and swung both arms. The two lightning spears turned into a white blur and blasted at the scrambling hezrou.

A vicious look flickered in the demon lord’s eyes. It casually picked up two demons around it and hurled them toward the lightning spears. Right before the erupting lightning bolts could reach him, the hezrou’s body flickered and vanished from the spot.

Great Teleportation!

It was a spell that almost all high-grade demons were proficient in. It was an incredibly useful ability for avoiding lethal attacks from an enemy.

The lightning spears shot through the bodies of the low-grade demons and buried themselves in the ground before exploding into a flurry of serpent-like chains.

As the lightning crackled, a dozen demons in the vicinity of the explosion were scorched alive before crumpling lifeless to the ground.

It was obvious that the attack had not managed to hurt the hezrou at all.

While the Gold Titan was chasing after the hezrou, the quasit also charged forward with a vicious smile.

The next second, a Chaos Hammer formed of evil runes and abyssal aura crashed on the Gold Titan’s body as a black bolt, causing the giant to pause for a moment.

In that one moment of staggering, the two demon lords simultaneously teleported to the Gold Titan’s side and slashed at his body with an axe and a jagged blade.