Chapter 1381 A Sudden Twist



A howl of agony could be heard throughout the battlefield. The Gold Titan lifted his head and roared furiously, his entire body glowing with blinding lightning.

A lightning storm engulfed the two demon lords attacking him before they could flee.

By the time they stumbled out of the lightning storm, their bodies had been scorched. From a distance, they looked like ghosts scurrying out of a coal mine. Even their demon wings had been reduced to tatters. They were in a truly terrible state.

Thanks to their resilient lifeforce as high-grade demons, the demon lords were barely able to avoid the Gold Titan’s stomp of death and scrambled out of his range of attack.

However, Titans had always been known to be experts at every range!

Before the demons could escape far, a crackling lightning-spear was hurled in their direction, instantly catching them in a massive web of electricity.

The battlefield was filled with the pained and agonized cries of the two demon lords.

Mornashen Gaia was truly the most powerful bloodline adept of the Central Lands. His Gold Titan bloodline was without equal. That was why even the fearless and reckless demon lords were starting to buckle in the face of Mornashen’s all-out attack.

Human adepts were intelligent beings that preferred to strike after thinking!

Mornashen Gaia held the absolute initiative even when fighting against two demon lords. He was dominating the battlefield with his overwhelming might. Demons who couldn’t flee fast enough from his gigantic figure were either destroyed in a fearsome storm of lightning or crushed underfoot.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the battlefield, Mary had managed to torture the six-armed marilith to the brink of death. If she hadn’t wanted to capture this demon with the Nightmare Castle’s power, Mary would have skinned, butchered, and drained her dry.

Apart from the two of them, Declan’s battle with the flame fiend was also exceptionally intense. Fortunately, Declan wasn’t fighting alone. Molten-Fire City Lord Alfred rushed forward and used his unusual soundwave magic to help him establish an advantage.

Flame fiends were unusual demons that relied heavily on their elementium powers. Their Physique and Strength were vastly inferior compared to the hezrous. However, they possessed a tremendous innate talent for fire spells.

Manipulating fire was as easy for them as breathing was for humans!

As befitting their identity as demons, they also had decent physical prowess. In addition to their Burning Domain and Infernal Halo, there weren’t many enemies that could close in on them for a melee.

Human adepts couldn’t compare to these natural magical creatures when it came to both bodily attributes and elementium talent. However, an adept’s incredible intelligence allowed them to maximize the utility of magical equipment and optimize their fighting prowess.

A flame fiend’s fire magic was shocking. However, Declan was able to gain temporary fire immunity with a Fourth Grade Talisman of Fire Resistance and a Firebath Potion.

Through his complicated combat techniques as a body-refining adept, Declan was able to stay close to the flame fiend, beating the demon down and forcing it to run away constantly. The demon had absolutely no time or space to unleash its terrifying and fiery might.

Meanwhile, Nicolas and Matthew’s battle against the Fourth Grade succubus was even more decided.

Succubi were not known for their fighting prowess among the abyssal demons. On the contrary, they often obtained higher positions by seducing and relying on other powerful demons.

Their primary weapons were the whip wrapped around their waist, their dagger-sharp claws, and their Charming Kiss ability.

They were constantly flaunting their bodies and seducing the enemy, even in the middle of an intense battle. They would wink and send flying kisses at their enemy while they fought. In fact, when they flicked their whips, the cracks would be accompanied by enchanting moans.

Young adepts with weak wills would probably be charmed by the winks and the kisses before the battle even started.

In truth, succubi preferred group battles!

Most of the time, through conscious seduction and charm, they could turn one of the opponents against their own teammates.

Unfortunately, the succubus’ opponent today were two old, sly, and sinister Fourth Grade adepts.

Nicolas and Matthew.

At their old age, they no longer preferred fighting directly with their enemies. That, however, didn’t mean that they were weak or mediocre.

Both Nicolas and Matthew were veteran adepts that had advanced to Fourth Grade seven or eight hundred years ago. They might not be very powerful Fourth Grades, but they had a speechless array of sinister abilities to defeat their enemies.

Rotworm: An unusual insect that could cause the victim’s flesh and blood to rot rapidly once it entered the victim’s body.

Dagger of Separation: A gold dagger with unusual powers. Any limbs severed or wounds opened by this dagger could not be healed by means of magic or regeneration.

Heartbreak Bell: A tiny metal bell that could cause any who heard its ring to die of a broken heart.

The Staff of Curses: Once the staff was dipped in even one drop of the enemy’s blood, it would be able to apply a random curse on the enemy every five seconds.

Shadownail: Puncturing the victim’s shadow with this nail would cause them to lose the ability to move for a brief moment.


While none of this myriad of magical equipment could inflict a lethal wound to the succubus, they all possessed incredibly annoying and infuriating abilities.

After being attacked by both of these elderly and sinister adepts, the succubus demon lord was already covered in wounds and thoroughly enraged.

However, no matter how furious she was or how hard she tried to attack the adepts with suicidal moves, they simply relocated and patiently wore her down.

As for her charming abilities? Even if she threw out her hip flaunting her body, the two adepts would remain completely unmoved as if they were scarecrows. Her seduction had absolutely no effect.

No, it did have an effect. There was a glint of greed flickering in the two cunning adepts’ eyes, a light that struck fear into the heart of the succubus demon lord. She began to retreat backward as they fought. She no longer dared to fight these two adepts with all her strength.

The one-sided nature of the battle pushed the succubus demon lord over an edge. Finally, she could no longer tolerate it. She let out a shrill cry.

“Meillerie, you bastard! If you don’t come out now, I will die here today!”

Meillerie……who’s Meillerie?

Nicolas and Matthew were a little curious, but they didn’t give much heed to what the succubus was saying. It was important to note that succubi were creatures that excelled at charming; every single movement of their bodies and every word they uttered was imbued with magical charm.

That was why the two adepts had applied Frigid Heart on themselves before the battle, rendering them immune to all charming effects. However, their souls were still lustful, which was why their eyes betrayed their desires, even as they remained seemingly unmoved.

“Hmph! You useless whore! Can’t even charm two elderly human adepts. Watch me!” A booming roar rang out as fire flashed on the battlefield. A five-meter-tall demon appeared behind Nicolas and Matthew.

A massive executor’s blade blazing with abyssal fire slashed horizontally, instantly slicing Matthew’s defenses in half, along with Matthew himself. Matthew cried out in pain. His entire body was cut in half, and he exploded into a cloud of black smoke, which promptly vanished from the spot.

Meanwhile, Nicolas was extremely sly. While Matthew’s body stalled the enemy’s blade for a brief moment, his own body suddenly froze on the spot.

The massive executor’s blade landed on Nicolas’ body after slicing through Matthew.

Nicolas’ living body suddenly turned into a paper person, which was instantly ignited by the abyssal flames and reduced to ashes.

A thousand meters away, at the edge of the adept’s tower, the space warped and trembled.

Nicolas and Matthew appeared simultaneously, coughing up blood as they stumbled onto the ground.

Matthew, in particular, was in a terrible state. His body had been cut in half. Both pieces lay strewn on the ground, but he had not died yet.

“Come back!” Matthew propped up his upper body strenuously and pointed a finger at the bloody lower half. The lower half of his body stood up on its own and walked over to his side.

Matthew pressed both hands against the ground and tried to piece the two halves of his body together once more. However, the moment they were pieced together, purple flames flashed from his wound and blew them apart.

“Dammit! Abyssal fire!”

Matthew pounded the ground with his fist angrily, but there was nothing he could do.

The flames of that powerful demon had attached themselves to the surface of the cut. It would be impossible to rejoin his body until the abyssal flames were purified.

Matthew could only pick up the Dagger of Separation and swiftly cut off the parts of his body that the purple flames had attached themselves to. He could finally use his strange magic to piece his body together once again.

When he finally stood up, he was half a head shorter than he was before.

Once he was done treating his wounds, he finally had a chance to take a proper look at the demon that had injured him.

It was a perfect and exemplary specimen of the abyssal demons!

Its muscular and powerful body was over four meters tall, and it weighed a shocking two tons.

Its crimson skin was covered in fine, gray scales, while a pair of gleaming wings flared behind its back and a long scaly tail extended from its spine. There were four pairs of thick twisted horns on its head, making it appear even more vicious than it already was.