Chapter 1384 Greem Appears


Greem, who was hiding in the shadows, knew that it was his time to move!

Otherwise, if any of those cowards turned and ran, it would be a very messy situation to clean up.

With that in mind, Greem moved without hesitation.

There were no fancy lights or massive commotion. Greem simply strolled toward the battlefield, walking in the air.

As his feet left the ship, his body began to grow in size. His body became slightly larger with every step. The battlefield was three kilometers away, yet he arrived at the edge of the battle in just ten steps. At the same time, his body grew to unbelievable proportions.

A thousand-meter-tall body.

Greem did not transform into a molten giant this time. Instead, he retained his actual appearance. However, having grown a thousand meters, his every action appeared slow and stiff.

“Demons, leave our world, or you will die here today!” Greem’s lips moved only slightly, but his voice rumbled across the sky like rolling thunder.

Where it reached, the earth quaked and the adept towers trembled. Even the Crimson adepts, who had remained behind on the Mothership, were forced to clasp their ears as they were knocked around by the sound wave.

Greem’s sudden appearance cloaked all the combatants in a mysterious fear.

All the adepts and demons stopped in their tracks and turned to look at this fearsome giant in horror.

His crimson leather armor glowed with magical power, and an intricate black cloak wrapped around his body. He had a handsome and heroic figure, along with those black eyes that contained untold intelligence.

Every feature of his was elegant, fitting, and aesthetic. However, when they appeared on a thousand-meter giant body, they seemed so strange and intimidating.

Every adept and demon gulped at the same time. They felt as if even breathing was difficult.

“Greem. This…this is Greem?” All the adepts were stunned silent. They could hardly believe their eyes.

Meanwhile, the demons started roaring, insulting this frightening intruder with coarse insults in their abyssal tongue.

“Foolish human adept. You don’t think that becoming bigger makes you stronger, do you? True power requires—” The eight-meter-tall figure of the abyssal demon was like an ant before Greem. He cackled coldly and walked toward the giant. However, his words stopped short in his mouth as he suddenly turned anxious. “Dammit! Principle fires?”

Greem slowly landed beside the Ahlden Clan’s origin tower. The tremors from his landing caused the tower to tremble slightly.

“Andrew, you don’t mind if I borrow some of the energy from your tower, do you?” Greem was so large that even the looming adept tower was like a toy beside him. The tip of the tower could barely reach his waist.

Having said that, Greem bent over and grabbed the top of the tower with one hand. Violent, surging magic energy flowed into his body through the tower’s walls.

A strand of golden fire slowly appeared in his other hand, glowing brighter and brighter. Finally, the fire became brighter than the sun. It was as if a scorching sun had appeared in Greem’s palm.

The appearance of this fire caused the surrounding planar laws to become restless. The adepts and demons on the battlefield could all sense the unprecedented activity of the fire elementium around them. The fire elementium swarmed toward the fire like birds returning to their nests.

All laws related to fire within the surrounding space were distorted. All spells and magic that required fire elementium became chaotic and disorderly. The chances of a failed spell-casting increased exponentially.

The pit fiend felt this more so than the others.

It could sense the terrifying and mysterious changes befalling to the laws of this region behind the scenes!

His savage eyes remained fixed upon that ball of golden fire. His face was filled with shock, horror, and disbelief.

Principle fire. How could it be a principle fire? Was this not the World of Adepts? Could the planar laws here have mutated? Had the upper limit of power been increased to Fifth Grade?

The pit fiend sensed his surroundings silently. The laws had not changed. The greatest amount of power he could draw upon was peak Fourth Grade. What had happened to the planar consciousness of the World of Adepts, then? Why had it allowed a creature within this plane to come into contact with a principle power of this level?

No matter how great his disbelief, it was a matter of fact that such a thing was unfolding before his very eyes. The thousand-meter-tall giant pressed his mouth to the golden fire after absorbing magic energy from the adept tower. He puffed his lips and blew lightly.

The next second, an indescribably violent stream of fire came surging from the golden flames and rushed at the pit fiend as a furious tide.

“You piece-of-shit world consciousness! You bloody bastard actually allowed for cheating! The upper limit of power is supposed to be peak Fourth Grade! Why is this asshole able to unleash Fifth Grade principle fire?” The pit fiend was beyond furious. He cursed the planar consciousness of the World of Adepts over and over in his mind.

However, he did not dare take the golden flames lightly as he had with all his opponents before this. He hastily cast Pinpoint Teleportation and leaped out of the range of the flames.

He had no choice but to evade the flames. The demon lords behind him were no idiots. They quickly erupted into flames and teleported away.

Unfortunately, while they could dodge the flames, the numerous low-grade demons behind them couldn’t.

The flames rolled across the land.

Every creature on the earth and above it stopped in their tracks as their bodies blazed and turned black. A light breeze blew over them, and they all crumbled into black dust.

The Third Grade demons had resilient life forces and were able to last slightly longer in the principle fire. However, they had been burned to a crisp. Flames came out of their eyes, ears, nose, and mouth. They stumbled all over the battlefield like blind men. It was obvious they had lost all their external senses.

Soon, even this last bit of their life force was burned away by the principle fire. They collapsed to the ground as their bodies disintegrated into countless specks of ash.

This torrent of flame did not seem very large, but it was extraordinarily ferocious and terrifying. It engulfed every inch of space around the mega-rift in a few seconds.

Over half of the fifty thousand abyssal demons that had teleported here over the past month had died in the battles before this. Now, what remained of them had been turned to ashes by the principle fire.

The demon lords stared at the scene of this happening with eyes wide open. They gritted their teeth, wanting nothing more than to rush forward and crush their enemy. However, the flames were beneath them. They had to beat their wings and remain hovering a hundred meters above the ground; none of them dared touch the flames.

They might be Fourth Grade adepts, but they would sustain grievous injuries if the flames caught up with them. It would be a terrible time.

Fortunately, they were high-grade demons and sufficiently powerful. All of them could use abyssal fire with some degree of proficiency. There was a trace of the Abyssal consciousness’ aura contained within the abyssal fires that cloaked them. It helped shield them from the principle fire.

It was this discovery that made them feel a little safer!

Otherwise, without a means to counter the principle fire, they would have had to flee back to the Abyssal World with their tails between their legs.

Demons were violent creatures who could only think of murder and slaughter. However, fleeing in the face of an overwhelmingly powerful enemy was not an embarrassing option for them either.

After all, given their might as Fourth Grades, reviving from the Abyssal Brazier with their demonic brands would take at least ten years. If possible, they would prefer to return with their spoils rather than die and be kicked back into the Abyssal World by the enemy.

The pit fiend howled angrily. His body exploded into purple flames, leaving a slowly expanding ring of fire in the air.

His body vanished without a trace!

“Seems like you don’t intend to leave,” Greem’s deep voice echoed throughout the space. He lifted a hand as radiant light emanated his body, enveloping every inch of space within a hundred meters of himself.

The pit fiend appeared at the edge of the light.

It was obvious that he had intended to teleport to Greem’s side and attack but had been stopped by this strange light.

Principle power. Only principle powers could stop the teleportation of a Fifth Grade demon!

The pit fiend swung his Butcher Knife, cutting open the light. He then dove into the light and slashed at Greem’s body.

Being larger was disadvantageous in a battle between high-grades!

Without proper defenses, the larger you were, the more opportunities for the enemy to attack. Without sufficient power, increasing your body’s size only weakened the strength of the individual parts of your body.

As a veteran Fifth Grade demon, Meillerie knew all these things well!

Greem did not panic even though the enemy was now next to him. Golden flames burned in his palm, and he swung his hand downward.

Two powerful forces clashed together in an instant.

The next second, the earth was torn asunder, the sky split apart, and the planar world trembled. It was almost as if a typhoon had just ravaged the battlefield. Everyone in the vicinity was blown away.