Chapter 1401


Chapter 1401 Forceful Teleportation


Sending ordinary adepts would not be helpful at all when it came to reinforcing the Adept’s Association!

Given the Adept Association’s might, there was no way it lacked in low-level military power. The only thing they could possibly lack were top-level combat forces.

That was why the Central adepts chose to mobilize only seven Fourth Grade adepts this time, led by Greem. Both Mornashen Gaia and Mary stayed behind in the Central Lands.

The Central Lands were hundreds of thousands of kilometers away from the eastern end of the continent. It would take the adepts more than a month to arrive if they traveled by flying ships. However, if a few high-grade adepts were the only ones traveling, then long-ranged teleportation arrays were their best option.

However, the only problem was Greem currently being stuck in his thousand-meter form. Teleporting him over to the Adept’s Association posed a tremendous challenge for the Association’s array masters.

Numerous array masters worked hard for over a dozen hours beneath the mega-rift. Finally, they were able to put together a massive teleportation array spanning nearly a hundred meters in diameter.

After repeatedly checking the teleportation array and confirming there were no errors, the array masters finally started drawing energy from the adept tower’s energy room to power the array. As the intensity of the light continued to increase, the entire area was filled with blinding white light, making it hard to see anything at all.


The sound of space being torn apart could be heard as the newly-sealed entrance of the mega-rift started to twist and distort. It then gradually grew in size.

After some tinkering by the array masters, the mega-rift was no longer connected to the Abyssal World, but to the teleportation arrays on the Adept’s Association’s side.

The Third Grade array master in charge of assembling the teleportation array was sweating all over from his workload. However, no matter how much the array masters overloaded the array, they could not make the spatial rift grow any larger than this.

At this point, the mega-rift was only three hundred meters tall and five meters wide. It was impossible to fit Greem’s gigantic body through such a tiny opening.

Greem was getting a little impatient after waiting around a while.

“Back down, you all. Leave the rest of the work to me!”

Greem walked up to the mega-rift with heavy steps. He then let out a furious cry and gathered fire principle power upon his palms. When both his palms were coated in a layer of golden light, he thrust them into the mega-rift and grabbed the spatial distortion at its edges. He then pulled it apart with all his strength.


Yet another loud ripping sound could be heard as Greem widened the mega-rift from three hundred meters to five hundred meters tall. It was now eight meters wide as well.

Violent spacestorms blew out of the mega-rift, blasting against Greem’s mighty body and causing sparks to fly everywhere.

However, this wasn’t enough yet.

The Heart of Principles in Greem’s body, now 4% modified, throbbed violently. An incredibly pure surge of fire principle power rushed throughout his body and activated every single bit of fire energy within him.


Greem let out a prolonged cry, his muscles bulging as he increased his strength and tore at the rift even more ferociously than before. He couldn’t care less that his palms were being cut open by the mega-rift.

“Retreat! Retreat! Retreat!”

Greem’s actions terrified the low-grade adepts around him. In their understanding, it was impossible to touch a spatial rift with a body of flesh and blood. The horrifying sharpness of spatial energy was not something that planar creatures could hope to resist.

Yet, this legendary fire adept was actually forcing the mega-rift apart simply because he was getting impatient. They were scared out of their minds to witness what was happening.

Greem was protected by his fire principle as well as his two divine artifacts; he wasn’t afraid of the spatial rift. However, the low-grade adepts didn’t even dare think about touching these spatial fragments.

When Greem forced open the mega-rift with raw strength, spatial fragments were sent scattering in every direction. Spacestorms also managed to slip in through the opening. All the low-grade adepts hastily escaped back to the adept tower.

Meanwhile, Kerala, Declan, and the other adepts put up elementium barriers and shielded themselves from the spatial fragments. Seeing Greem rip open the mega-rift with his giant size was like watching two colossal beasts battling against each other.

Their eyebrows jumped over and over, the muscles in their faces as taut as drawn wires as they muttered to themselves in their minds, “Monsters…monsters……there are only monsters around these days!”

After two bouts, Greem was finally able to tear the rift open enough for him to barely pass through. Greem didn’t dare waste any more time. He shouted, “Let’s go!” He then immediately dove headfirst into the spacestorms.

“Let us go as well!” Kerala and the others looked at each other, bitter smiles all over their faces.

After what Greem had just done, the teleportation this time was doomed to be much more turbulent than what they were used to. All the Central adepts heading for war could only cast extra layers of defenses and shields before reluctantly diving in after Greem.




The east of the continent, sixty-five kilometers north of Inkddep Valley.


Ka, ka, ka!

The teleportation array that had been constructed on this empty area started to glow with a bright white light. Dark spatial distortions started to appear and extend outward.

“It’s starting up…it’s starting. Someone’s trying to come over from the other side! Watch out for the stability of the array! Sim, increase the intensity of the defensive arrays!”


A series of orders were quickly given out. The many Association adepts in charge of maintaining this teleportation array got to work, helping to complete the teleportation as best as they could.

What they had never expected was a giant teleporting over from the other side. The spatial rift they had opened wasn’t even enough for the other party to travel through. An earthshaking ripping sound could be heard as the spatial rift was forcefully torn apart. A thousand-meter-tall giant glowing with golden light emerged with difficulty.

“How is he so big?” The Association adept in charge of this teleportation array stared on with a slacked jaw. He then abruptly let out a scream, “Hurry! Everybody return to the war tower…the array is about to blow!”

The next second, the dozen Association adepts scurried into the war tower in the distance like injured rabbits. Just as an elementium barrier was erected around the war tower, the teleportation array that had been pushed to its limits exploded.

“Gah…Light of Principle!” Greem let out a deafening cry as a radiant red light appeared around him, pushing back against the cutting spatial fragments. He then slowly walked out of the shattered space, one step at a time.

The seven Fourth Grade adepts that had traveled with Greem emerged from the cloud of dust, completely worn out and exhausted. You could even see fine cuts from spatial fragments on some of their bodies.

However, they were Fourth Grade adepts, after all. A little spatial turbulence wasn’t enough to kill them!

All the commotion naturally attracted the attention of some high-grade Association adepts.

One of Greem’s acquaintances arrived from the direction of the battlefield, flocked by several subordinates. He stopped in the air above the ravaged teleportation array.

“How…how did you get so big!?” The acquaintance was dressed in a white robe, his entire body glowing with a gentle, milky-white light. It was the light elementium user, Geraldine.

Greem slowly moved his limbs and inspected his body. After confirming that there were no injuries, he was finally able to relax. He stood up straight, his body almost disappearing into the clouds. Even where Geraldine was hovering in the air only reached his calf.

“Oh, it’s Geraldine! I’m here to reinforce the Adept’s Association. What is it? Am I not welcome?” Greem bent down and said, his rolling thunder of a voice almost causing Geraldine to go deaf.

“Of course, I know you are here to help. But…but why did you turn yourself so big that even our teleportation array was blown apart?” Geraldine had a look of disbelief on his face.

He had met Greem before this. Naturally, he knew how powerful he had been. It had barely been a dozen years since then, and yet, Greem’s power had improved exponentially. It was so much so that even he had to look up at Greem now.

The tremendous difference was hard to get used to!

“No need to ask so many questions. Best tell me about the situation over at Inkdeep Valley instead! Also, has the Silver Union and the Northern Lands sent anyone? You couldn’t have managed to swindle only the Central Lands, could you?”

“How could you call this a swindle?” Geraldine let out a forced chuckle. “We are all part of the adept civilization. It’s only natural that we should all shoulder an equal share of the burden.”

“Hmph! If it wasn’t for the planar feedback, do you think I would be here? Tell me, who have they sent?”

Geraldine’s expression froze, then turned into a bitter smile, “The Silver Union sent quite a few people, but there are only three Fourth Grade adepts, led by Vice-Senate Head Melone! The Northern Lands sent five witches, including the ultra-powerhouse Khesuna, who I believe you are familiar with. Look, speak of the devil- they’re here!”

Greem was incredibly large. Naturally, he could see further and clearer than everyone else.

Perhaps sensing his presence, a dark shadow flew over from a distance, quickly approaching him.

At the front of the group was a vicious and fearsome corpse dragon. Five witches stood upon its broad back. Naturally, at the front was Death Witch Leader Khesuna.

“Greem, I didn’t expect you to be here! Could it be…have you already advanced?” The other adepts did not have as sharp senses, but Khesuna was quite sensitive to principle powers as an ultra-powerhouse.

That was why she could sense the overwhelming fire principle power in Greem’s body when she approached, causing her to become quite befuddled.

“Advance? Still too early for that, I’d say!” Greem chuckled and said, “Lady Khesuna, I didn’t think you guys would arrive faster than us. So, what’s the situation over at Inkdeep Valley like?”

“It’s good that you haven’t advanced,” Khesuna felt a mysterious sense of relief when she heard this. However, she quickly realized the inappropriateness of what she had just said. She laughed forcefully to cover for it. “I was simply worried that you would have loose foundations, having only been at Fourth Grade for such a short time. It’s best to spend some time to properly digest and let it all sink in!”

Greem smiled but said nothing more.