Chapter 1402

Chapter 1402 First Foray into Battle

The Northern Lands only sent five witches.

In addition to Death Witch Leader Khesuna, the rest were also familiar faces.

Felmyst, Fourth Grade death witch, an undead summoner.

Angelina, Fourth Grade Deceit Witch leader, unknown specialization.

Tysha, Fourth Grade Pale Witch, unknown specialization.

Greem also saw Dark Witch Leader Circe at the tail of the group. She had cloaked herself in a thin veil of darkness, but given the current difference in their power, Greem was utterly able to see her face through the shadows.

Sensing that the veil had lost its purpose, Circe simply waved her hand and dispelled the darkness, revealing her appearance to everyone else.

She was a slender and beautiful woman. The lack of exposure to sunlight, however, made her skin pale and unhealthy. All sorts of strange, curling black patterns covered her skin. These patterns occasionally gave off traces of dark energy.

She wore neat, skintight leather armor. Two curved daggers were sheathed at her waist, their blades so dark and unreflective that it was impossible to tell what kind of metal they were made of.

Greem took another look. With the penetrative power of the principles, he was able to pick up on the more unusual traits of Circe’s body. Even a Fourth Grade Dark Witch was practically exposed before his eyes.

Apart from a few key organs that were still shrouded in deep darkness, Greem could see the rest of her body. The penetration of principle powers was not something that could be stopped by enchanted equipment, energy defenses, or simple clothes.

Only magic-energy that contained the principles of darkness could hope to stop Greem’s principle infiltration!

However, it was apparent that the advanced Fourth Grade Dark Witch leader did not possess such advanced applications of the laws and principles; she could hold no secrets in front of Greem.

Perhaps sensing Greem’s target of focus, Khesuna stomped her feet. A pale mist of death spread outward, cutting off his gaze.

“The things of the past are in the past. Given your current power, I believe there’s no need for you to bully those weaker than you, is there? Not to mention, you would not have achieved your current power without the Orb of the Fire God. To some extent, you should, in fact, be thanking a ‘certain someone’!”

Greem couldn’t help but break out laughing at Khesuna’s reasoning.

“Bullying those weaker than me? She’s older than me, isn’t she? My senior, if you will. Hardly bullying. If it weren’t out of respect for you, I wouldn’t let this slide so easily. However, since you’ve spoken, I will……”

Having said that, Greem let out a grunt. Flames erupted on Circe’s right arm and blazed furiously.

Circe cried out in surprise and started waving her arms. Large surges of shadow energy surged into the flames, but they could not extinguish the fire. On the contrary, they made the fire burn even stronger, as if she had poured fuel onto the flames.

The crackling sound of the fire was accompanied by the smell of burnt flesh!

Circe was quite the vicious woman indeed. After a few failed attempts to put out the fire, she immediately pulled out her dagger and cut off the burning flesh. A large chunk of meat flew off, along with the flames burning on them, exposing a bloody wound and a tiny bit of white bone.

Horrifyingly, a soft red glow gathered around her injury, and a new fire ignited.

This time, the flames burned her bone directly!

The other witches around her started casting spells or using wands. All sorts of colorful magic landed on the flames.

Suppressed by the witches, the principle fire finally started growing smaller.

However, when it became the size of a candle flame, it did not budge any further. Regardless of how the witches attacked the fire with law powers, engulfed it with ice magic, or even resorted to unusual sealing spells, they could not put out the goldenf flame.

Khesuna let out a grunt when she saw the witches helpless before the flame. She pursed her lips together and blew. A nearly translucent breath of frost and death washed over the golden flame, instantly freezing it into a tiny crystal of ice.

Khesuna grabbed the crystal between her fingers and put it in front of her eyes to inspect the fire frozen within, so lifelike it almost seemed like it was still burning. Khesuna couldn’t help but speak in an upset tone, “This is you trying to take me down a notch? Not bad, are you? Your temper’s growing along with your strength, eh?”

Greem smiled. He didn’t respond too much to Khesuna’s act of helping. Instead, he chuckled. “It’s only a small punishment. I have no intention of making it difficult for her. Since she’s been punished, let us forget everything of the past!”

Khesuna’s expression was cold. She lifted her head and stared straight at Greem’s face. After a long pause, she sighed and said, “I suppose this is what she deserved! Alright, now that we have gotten over this, we should start talking business. Why…did you choose to reinforce the Adept’s Association? I thought you hated their guts!?”

“Naturally, I still hold a grudge. That said, the disaster invasion is a matter that involves the entirety of the World of Adepts. I can’t just watch by, can I? Moreover, they promised so much compensation. There’s also planar feedback to be obtained. Why wouldn’t I contribute?”

“I hope you are speaking the truth,” Khesuna had a face on that said she didn’t believe a single word of what Greem was saying. She sighed and said, “You have just arrived and don’t know what the situation is. Just follow me to the frontlines, and you will learn how terrible it’s gotten. Hmph! The Adept’s Association is in big trouble this time!”

Khesuna swept a glance at theCentral adepts’ Fourth Grades, who were standing obediently by the side. A weird look appeared in her eyes.

“Quite willing, aren’t you? To think you would bring half of the Central Lands’ Fourth Grades with you, despite how dangerous this place is. Be careful. Don’t lose all your forces just because of a moment’s carelessness. If that happens, you won’t be able to rule over the Central Lands anymore, as powerful as you may be!”

Greem laughed heartily. “You people always looked down on the Central Lands in the past. Why was that? Simply because they were overly cautious individuals that always hid behind the lines and put safety first. How many of those Fourth Grades could have properly experienced the bloodshed of a planar battlefield? This is a rare opportunity to train the troops. They were all very eager as well and actively asked to join the fight. How could I discourage them? Heheh, two birds with one stone!”

Khesuna knew that Greem wasn’t speaking the truth when she saw the bitter smiles on the faces of the Fourth Grade Central adepts. However, she wasn’t nice enough to worry about the Central Lands. Seeing as Greem was a prodigy, a quick reminder was all that was needed.

“Let’s go take a look at the battlefield! Some of you might start having regrets once we arrive.”

Having said that, Khesuna stomped her feet. The gigantic corpse dragon reared its neck and let out a cry. It then turned around with some difficulty and flew off toward the distance where the sounds of war could be heard.

Indeed, even while they were talking, you could hear deafening screams and battlecries from the distant horizon. The light of violent spells filled the skies, and fearsome energy shockwaves made the earth itself tremble.

They might be over fifty kilometers away, but the shockwaves from the battlefield could still reach them. That meant the Adept’s Association was no longer able to contain the battle within Inkdeep Valley.

Adept Geraldine, who had arrived to welcome Greem and his party, listened silently to their exchange. It was then that he cordially led them all toward the battlefield.

The vast territories along the way were all occupied by Adept’s Association forces.

War towers had been set up along key geographical points and essential roads, all of which were filled with long lines of wagons moving resources toward Inkdeep Valley. Meanwhile, there were plenty of adepts circling the skies on giant owls and two-headed eagles, busy at work.

Greem’s arrival instantly caused chaos.

After all, not everyone had the luck to witness a thousand-meter-tall giant!

Upon seeing this gigantic figure slowly walk over with heavy steps and pass by above their heads, all the ordinary guards, workers, apprentices, and even some of the low-grade Association adepts couldn’t help but feel their hearts throb wildly.

The voodoo beasts in charge of pulling the carts were so terrified that their knees buckled, and they couldn’t get up. The Association adepts flying in the sky hastily scattered. They didn’t dare get in the way of the giant.

In fact, a squad of wyverns even rose from a camp nearby, helping Greem chase away the people in his path before he arrived.

After passing through a grassy plain, crossing a hundred-meter-wide river, and a not-very-tall mountain, Greem and his party arrived at Inkdeep Valley.

Due to his size, Greem was able to see the entirety of the battlefield in an instant. Even as composed as he was, he couldn’t help but frown. For the first time, he learned of the terror and horror of two major planes clashing.

It was a massive battlefield that stretched for thirty-five kilometers!

War towers were set up like a forest all across the battlefield from where the mountain was. A single, looming adept tower stood silently at the center of the battlefield, like a lone moon amidst a sea of stars.

Just fifteen kilometers in front of the adept tower, dark mists spread everywhere and pressed against the ground. Winding rifts in the ground could be vaguely seen under the fog.

At the moment, hordes of mutated beasts were swarming out of the rifts to attack the war towers near them. Each war tower was like a nexus of battle of its own. Shocking numbers of voodoo beasts emerged to match the mutated beasts.

The voodoo and mutated beasts were like floods of two different colors, red and black. They pressed against each other, clashed, and ground away at their enemies. Every moment, thousands of lives were lost on the battlefield and crushed to paste beneath the countless heavy feet until a swamp of blood formed.