Chapter 1405


Chapter 1405 Association Battle Squad


The intensity of the war intensified with the arrival of the reinforcements.

Large hordes of mutated beasts emerged from the rifts along the ground, driven by the Fourth Grade disaster creatures. They screeched and took to the skies.

Fortunately, their wings weren’t enough to sustain flight above a hundred meters. They could only circle in the air like a murder of terrifying crows and attempt to break out of this bloody land encircled by the war towers.

The war towers glowed with blinding magical light as they blasted the mutated beasts down from the sky with vicious spell after vicious spell. Meanwhile, large packs of voodoo beasts patrolled around the war towers, fending off wave after wave of mutated beasts.

Voodoo beasts and mutated beasts. They were both killing machines specially bred for war and murder. They were fearless, bloodthirsty, and savage. It was only natural that a bloody slaughter would break out when they clashed with each other.

They were all wild beasts with no rationality to speak of, the lust for murder in their soul origins amplified through corrupted and twisted means. Consequently, they were exhausting their very lives in the suicidal and savage attacks they launched at their enemies.

As the war went on, the endless army of mutated beasts gradually gained the numerical advantage and started to push the voodoo beasts back. The disaster creatures took advantage of the battlefield gaps created in this manner and quickly began to hunt down the more isolated war towers.

If even a single crack opened in a war tower, the terrifying disaster creatures would endure the dense barrage of spells and tear it even wider. Once the break had turned into the hole, it would be the end of the war tower.

The disaster creatures that swarmed in would rampage throughout the war tower, dragging out every human adept in hiding and eating them alive. The cruel slaughter would only come to a stop once the adepts in the adept tower had remotely detonated the war tower.

Layer by layer, the war towers were destroyed in succession. The position of the Adept’s Association suddenly looked terrible.

Every time this happened, it was the cue for high-grade adepts to leave the adept tower and clear out the battlefield.

Numerous black spots flew out of the looming tower and slowly approached the frontlines. Once they were close enough, all the adepts would stop moving.

The elementium adepts would spread out and start silently chanting the long, complicated incantations of high-grade spells. The body-refining adepts and bloodline adepts would spread out in the meantime, making their own preparations for battle.

Forty of fifty seconds later, shockingly powerful high-grade spells covering a tremendous surface area would explode among the mutated beasts like fireworks. Hundreds and thousands of mutated beasts would explode like tin cans with every spell unleashed.

A dozen massive clearings instantly appeared on a battlefield swarming with mutated beasts. These clearings were filled with blood and severed limbs. The entire ground was stained with black corpses and red blood, rendered into a horrifying swamp.


An ear-piercing scream rang out.

Large packs of mutated beasts took to the skies. They beat their twisted wings with all they had and lunged at the human adepts in the sky. The disaster creatures also became mysteriously excited. They blended in with the crowd of mutated beasts, using them for cover as they snuck toward the battlefield.

This time, the adepts were all from the Adept’s Association.

There were a total of forty-three adepts, consisting of one ultra-powerhouse, three Fourth Grade adepts, seventeen Third Grade adepts, and twenty-two Second Grade adepts; there were no First Grade adepts in their ranks.

Ordinary First Grade adepts were of no use in a planar war of this level. They would probably be killed en masse by the battle’s shockwaves alone. Even the Second Grade adepts in the group had to be powerful peak Second Grade individuals who could hold their own in battle.

Otherwise, they would be little more than paper soldiers on the battlefield!

“The enemy is coming. Everyone stay on your toes!”

“Pay attention! All body-refining adepts, step forth. Prepare to follow my lead and meet the enemy.”

Fourth Grade Body-Refining Adept Horner shouted loudly at the very front of the formation, giving out orders to the other adepts.

A dozen adepts standing behind him and to the flank of the formation stood out. They were fully equipped with leather armor, plate armor, or robes. Even their weapons varied. However, the one similarity between all of them was a thin barrier of light around their bodies that made it seem as if their bodies themselves had been forged into powerful magical equipment.

Bloodline Adept Neve also let out a shout of her own behind the body-refining adepts.

“All bloodline adepts prepare to transform. Guard the elementium adepts around you carefully.”

Having said that, Neve’s white robes were split apart by her swelling body. Neve was only 1.7 meters tall, but her body quickly grew in size as a layer of jade green scales appeared on her skin.

Her head also started to transform and distort. Her mouth protruded forward and turned into the head of a serpent. A crimson forked tongue flicked from her mouth as she hissed.

Neve had completed her transformation into a thirty-meter-long magical serpent in just three seconds. She quickly coiled up and raised her head, waiting for the battle to break out.

The other bloodline adepts also completed their bloodline transformations. They turned into blood apes, giant wind elementals, twin-headed eagles, or even evil giants. Through their powerful bloodline transformation abilities, the frail human adepts instantly became fearsome monstrosities that even disaster creatures and abyssal demons would not fancy as opponents.

Meanwhile, the elementium adepts standing in the rank furthest back put up magical barriers and elementium defenses of various colors. They used powerful area-of-effect spells to exterminate the endlessly charging mutated beasts.

Light Elementium User Geraldine stood in the center of the elementium adepts. He had transformed into a blinding giant of light, glowing with intense light in the sky. Two beams of white light shot from his eyes and pierced the battlefield, where they wreaked destruction.

Where the beams of light reached, the bodies of the mutated beasts quickly turned white, as if they were being assimilated and devoured by the light. Their bodies rapidly disintegrated into countless tiny light particles.

For a moment, purple blood and bodies rained down from the skies. The momentum of the mutated beast army stalled for a brief moment.

The ultra-powerhouse, Cerveris, stood still at the back of the formation. His attention wasn’t on the battlefield- it was on Greem and his thousand-meter-tall body.

His gaze also drew Greem’s attention. Greem opened his giant eyes wide and swept a glance at Cerveris before closing them nonchalantly and going back to rest. This act of scorn undoubtedly caused the anger in Cerveris’ heart to flare.

However, for some reason, his throat felt dry. He didn’t dare utter even a single insult at Greem. He could only turn around and let his feelings fester within.

While he was distracted, the mutated beasts had already begun clashing with the body-refining adepts. A wave of blood splattered across the sky as limbs and flesh flew everywhere. The entire frontlines were filled with violent force shockwaves.

Whether swinging their weapons or their bare fists, body-refining adepts were all bodybuilding fanatics with impenetrable bodies and incredible strength.

Their every motion and movement could create violent vortices comparable to Second Grade spells. Every one of their punches would create invisible eddies due to the wind pressure, and every one of their kicks was a savage scythe.

Those mutated beasts, who were mere First or Second Grades, were like fish in the face of a vicious current. They could not do anything but accept their fate as they were crushed by thousands of air currents from every direction and blown away.

The mutated beasts were ground to blood and paste the moment they came close to the body-refining adepts; it was as if they had been chopped to pieces by countless invisible blades. The wave of blood that formed from their slaughter splashed against the adepts’ bodies.

The savage waves of blood never stopped. They quickly devoured the mutated beasts behind the frontlines like a twisted tsunami.

Such terrifying power and savagery. The mutated beasts would have been terrified if they had any inkling of intelligence. However, the mutated beasts’ fearless and savage nature drove them into the blood waves without any hesitation.


They growled as they rushed forward, ignoring the horrible wounds appearing on their bodies as they lunged at the closest enemy they could find.

High-grade body-refining adepts were practically walls of steel. However, unleashing force shockwaves outwardly in this fashion took quite a toll on them as well. Even as they wove a net of destruction, there were still plenty of mutated beasts that managed to break through and reach them.

Horner stood at the forefront of the adepts. He looked calmly at these mutated beasts with their bloodshot eyes, sharp fangs, and slack jaws. It didn’t seem like he was applying any strength at all as he punched over and over in quick succession.

The pressure compressed in front of his fists turned into invisible bullets that shot straight forward. They instantly carved a hole through a dozen mutated beasts. The force shockwaves around his fists were consciously controlled into a forward-facing vortex, unfurling outward as it traveled.

All the mutated beasts dragged into the vortex were sliced up into thin pieces, as if they were thrown into a blender.

Horner did not cast any elementium spells. He simply let forth these simple, uniform punches as the space in front of him turned into a zone of death.

Anyone who entered that zone would die. He was unstoppable!

For a while, Horner was able to suppress the mutated beast horde with his power alone.