Chapter 1407


Chapter 1407 The Might of the Powerful


The more dangerous the battlefield, the more the powerful could unleash their full strength!

A giant, blazing, humanoid-like Greem stepped onto the frontline; the entire battlefield was intimidated by his overbearing pressure. Like a giant rock thrown into a boiling pot of oil, the whole battlefield erupted.

The Burning Domain that Greem had not used in a long time blasted outward. Everything within its thousand-meter-diameter started burning.

The low-grade adepts of the Association hid inside the war tower. They did not have to endure being burned by these terrifying flames. Meanwhile, the voodoo beasts and mutated beasts exposed outside suffered a disastrous fate. They were like ants being pressed onto magma. After just a few seconds of struggling, they erupted into flames and were quickly reduced to ashes.

There was no difference between First and Second Grade creatures in Greem’s eyes. Any living being that stepped into his Burning Domain and came into contact with the aura of fire was doomed to death. They did not even have the time to struggle in pain.

Even the Third and Fourth Grade human adepts would have had to endure being burned by the flames if it weren’t for the fire runes attached to them.

The thousand-meter-giant that was Greem walked forward without hesitation. The mutated beasts exploded into ashes. Wherever his Burning Domain reached, the popping sound of fires igniting could be heard. The muddy black and red currents that painted the battlefield instantly turned completely red.

After burning all the enemies closest to him to death, Greem continued walking forward slowly. The typically fearless mutated beasts were scared out of their wits by this overwhelming display of power. They hastily fled from the domain.

A hilarious scene played out on the battlefield.

A thousand-meter-giant slowly walked across the land while all the mutated beasts in his path fled in every direction. In fact, for the sake of opening a route of escape, the more powerful mutated beasts flashed their claws and cut down the ‘companions’ standing in their way.

Those who couldn’t flee in time were caught by the ring of fire and exploded in just three seconds. The tattered corpses, blood, and shattered bones were all reduced to black, withered ashes by a hot breeze before they could hit the ground.

Several Central adepts flew in front of Greem, pressing forward along with him. They watched the hellscape in front of them, shocked and fearful.

The majesty of a god, the might of a destroyer of worlds, the creatures trembling in fear like ants, and the total control over life and death.

Perhaps, maybe, just maybe…that was the limit of an adept’s power inside a planar world!

Even the Fourth Grade adepts found themselves intimidated and frightened by the sheer power they were witnessing, let alone those lower lifeforms on the battleground below. For a moment, the battlefield fell utterly silent. The only sounds remaining were the horrified screams of the mutated beasts and the fearsome sounds of erupting fires.

Death Witch Khesuna remained at the Burning Domain’s edge, standing tall upon her giant Fourth Grade corpse dragon. She glanced at Greem’s gigantic blazing body from a distance. Her cold, beautiful face betrayed no joy, sorrow, surprise, or anger; her body merely radiated a hostile and freezing chill.

The other Fourth Grade adepts behind her all had expressions of shock on their faces. It was the first time they had witnessed the terrifying might of a true adept powerhouse. In particular, Dark Witch Leader Circe and Deceit Witch Leader Angelina, both of whom had grudges with Greem, were unnerved. They were trying to stay calm, but the flickering light in their eyes betrayed their real emotions.

The first time they had heard of Greem’s name, he had been no more than an insignificant ant whose constant presence annoyed them. But now…? There had been a complete reversal in their positions. What did they count for compared to this proud man who stood at the peak of the plane with his power?

Equally as shocked as the Northern Witches were the Silver Union adepts.

As the Silver Union only had one ultra-powerhouse, that individual had to remain in the Castle in the Sky to defend it from unexpected attacks. Thus, there were no ultra-powerhouses among their ranks for this excursion.

When they laid eyes upon the mighty figure of the legendary fire adept, they were only left with shock, awe, and envy.

The Fourth Grade golem masters looked at each other and let out a sigh of helplessness. They summoned their magical armor golems and equipped them before roaring and rushing onto the battlefield.

Meanwhile, Cerveris turned and stared firmly at Greem, who now resembled a god of fire descended to end the world. His entire body trembled intensely. He wasn’t afraid. Instead, he was filled with emotions of hatred and helplessness.

Greem had become so powerful. When could Cerveris wash away the humiliation he had received then?

Inside the looming Association tower, Gloria lunged at the giant mirror of light before her. She stared at her former opponent with the same kind of resentment. Her shoulders trembled as purple light shimmered across her body. It was obvious she was furious.

“This is the legendary fire adept who fought with you for over a hundred moves?” A youthful-looking adept in a sickly green robe chuckled and teased, “I don’t find that very likely! How could you possibly have fought such a terrifying fellow with that insignificant power of yours? Don’t tell me he only recently obtained that kind of power. There hasn’t been a single individual among all the ultra-powerhouses I’ve seen that has been able to lock onto a principle power as a Fourth Grade.”

“Shut up, Ainley! If you’re not looking for a fight right this moment, then you had best shut that bloody mouth of yours,” Gloria suddenly turned around, her temper flaring. Her furious eyes made it seem like she wanted nothing more than to tear her colleague into pieces.

The young Adept Ainley simply smiled in the face of an ultra-powerhouse’s threat. After all, he was the first-ranked ultra-powerhouse in the Adept’s Association. Gloria wouldn’t dare attack him, even in her tantrum.

However, while it might seem like he wasn’t bothered by anything, a hint of caution and wariness flickered in the depths of his eyes whenever his gaze landed on the mighty figure in the mirror.

Dammit! Since when did such a terrifying rookie appear in the World of Adepts!? With that kind of power, fighting him would be……

Adept Ainley didn’t dare finish his thought. He was afraid that he would lose the confidence and courage to challenge that individual if he followed that thought to its logical conclusion.

Vice-Chairman Domhnall stood silently in the central control hall on the seventeenth floor of the tower. He was also watching the fearsome fire giant from his own screen. He couldn’t help but let out a sigh.

It was impossible to suppress that man any longer. From now on, even he had to start considering amicable relations with the legendary fire adept of the Central Lands!

While this fire adept remained, all of the Association’s ambitions for the Central Lands would be in vain. Given the long lifespan of ultra-powerhouses, Greem would easily turn the Central Lands into a massive adept organization just as powerful as the Adept’s Association in just a thousand years.

Even as composed as he was, Domhnall couldn’t help but find himself waver at the thought of the Adept’s Association regressing into a second-rate organization and suppressed by a formerly third-rate organization at his hands. Moreover, that suppression could last for a thousand years.

A thousand years…a thousand years! That was far too long, even for a Fourth Grade adept like himself!

Greem, rampaging on the battlefield, had no time to bother with these sinister gazes from all over. He focused on his task of roasting mutated beasts.

Every mutated beast that entered the Burning Domain and became set on fire would exhaust a bit of Greem’s fire energy. Individually, this amount of fire energy was utterly insignificant. While walking across the battlefield and incinerating hundreds of enemies at a time, however, the accumulated consumption was still a burden on him.

If Greem had to maintain such a massive blazing body and such a fearsome Burning Domina on his own, he would have exhausted much of his power just on the cannon fodder. With the Orb of the Fire God continuously supplying him with fire energy, he wouldn’t be tired even if he kept this up for three days and two nights. Nor would his power be exhausted.

He was the star of the battlefield now. He had drawn the attention of everyone. Hostile or friendly, surprised or hateful- no adept or disaster creature could ignore his existence. The only thing they could see was his fearsome figure burning down the whole world with a wave of his hands.

Kerala and the seven Central adepts had stepped on the battlefield anxiously, believing a deathmatch was coming. Who knew that just following Greem would make things so easy? All the enemies turned to ashes before they could even approach.

Such overwhelming might, such power that his enemies seemed little more than ants!

However, just because the ants couldn’t approach didn’t mean the same for the disaster creatures. The experienced veteran adepts hastily reminded Greem, “Be careful! The disaster creatures are almost upon us!”

Before they could finish speaking, a group of terrifying disaster creatures appeared at the edge of the Burning Domain. They howled and charged into the domain, ignoring the golden flames that had ignited all over their bodies. They stepped across empty air and lunged at the adepts.

“Prepare for battle…prepare for battle!” Adept Kerala screamed as she waved her wand. Several black circles flew at the enemies.

Blind…Slow…Weaken…Decrepify…Madness…Drain Will.

A series of curses and mysterious sealing spells entered the bodies of the disaster creatures. At the same time, several voodoo golems the size of Kerala’s palm appeared out of her sleeve and started circling around her.

They giggled over and over as if they were living creatures.

Just as the black-light entered the body of one of the disaster creatures, Kerala pointed at one of the dolls and shouted, “Hamstring!”

The next second, the disaster creatures’ speed slowed to a crawl as if they couldn’t run anymore.

Through her strange shadow sealing spells, Kerala instantly threw the formation of the disaster creatures into chaos!