Chapter 1410 World Power


Disaster power wasn’t the same thing as disaster aura.

Any powerful creature that emerged from the World of Disasters was steeped in an undispellable disaster aura from flesh to fur. It went right down to their very bones. Wherever they went, the disaster aura they radiated corrupted all substance and Spirit, degrading the environment until it resembled that of the World of Disasters.

This disaster aura was also the unique mark of the World of Disasters!

Meanwhile, disaster power was a world power. It was an origin brand left on the souls of planar creatures that the World of Disasters favored. This power wasn’t an innate trait of disaster creatures. Rather, it was a manifestation of the World of Disaster’s power brought forth by the use of their chaos principles.

Only a few of the most powerful creatures in the World of Disasters could use disaster power. The intensity of their disaster power revealed the degree to which the World of Disasters favored them.

Correspondingly, while the minor Scourge Lords could draw on disaster power to strengthen themselves, Greem would be able to enjoy the blessings of the World of Adepts, especially while he was fighting on his home ground.

With the Chip as the bridge of communication, Greem was able to reach into the principle level with his mental consciousness. He came into contact with the massive-yet-disorderly consciousness of the World of Adepts. The next second, an unfamiliar surge of energy flowed into Greem’s mind, making him feel a cozy, maternal warmth.

This flow of energy gave Greem a deep understanding of the principles while also instilling him with a deep hatred toward these invaders.

Now, he had no choice but to fight, even if he changed his mind!

Greem stepped forward, the foot of his thousand-meter-tall body booming against the ground. He bent over and let out an earthshaking roar at the disaster creatures in the distance.

“Get out of this world!!!”

It wasn’t what Greem himself wanted to say; it was an involuntary battlecry sparked by the absorption of the World of Adept’s power.

This roar represented the world consciousness’ deep hatred and fury for these invaders, as well as the world power’s rejection and loathing for the disaster power!

After letting out that roar, a blinding golden light suddenly shone from within Greem’s thousand-meter-tall body of flames. The golden light illuminated the entire battlefield. A golden aura appeared around every adept as they bathed in the golden light.

With the protection of this golden aura, the adepts no longer had to worry about being corrupted by disaster power!

While the adepts were uncertainly examining the attributes of this golden aura, Greem had already leaped into action. Golden fireballs the size of mountains gathered in his hands and sailed toward the enemy formations, howling as they cut through the air.

“Bastard…that is world power,” Gloria said through her grit teeth.

Domhnall couldn’t help but let out another regretful sigh, “He’s already able to draw on world power. That means that he has obtained the acknowledgment of the world consciousness…cough.

Domhnall had not finished his sentence, but everyone could sense the weight and emotion behind his words. They were supposed to be the main combatants here today, but an outsider had taken all the glory and the spotlight. Meanwhile, the Association adepts had been reduced to a bunch of small fry and spectators.

The Association adepts felt distraught at the thought of this. Many among them even started lamenting that the World of Adepts’ world consciousness was so partial!

No matter how upset they were, it didn’t change things. As the World of Adepts’ tremendous world power projected into their souls, they felt a genuine hatred and disgust for the disaster creatures, much like Greem.

The ordinary Fourth Grade adepts also started howling and charging forward as if they had just locked eyes with their nemesis. Only peak Fourth Grade ultra-powerhouses were able to protect themselves with principle powers. They did not lose all rationality from the world power’s influence.

However, judging from their increasingly red eyes, it was obvious that even they could not resist that influence for much longer!

“It seems like the world consciousness has sensed the threat of the disaster creatures. It’s urging us to drive out the enemy!” Domhnall let out another sigh. “The world consciousness is quite the pragmatist. It saw that Greem was more powerful than us and immediately shifted all its blessings to him.”

The young Adept Ainley, who had just returned from space not long ago, couldn’t help but laugh out loud, “Domhnall, it’s not the first day you’ve dealt with the world consciousness. It has always been like that. The only difference is that you always thought of yourself as the center of the world when its blessings were on you. That is why you feel the difference all the more now. Haha! Once you get to the depths of space and visit a few more planar consciousnesses, you will realize that they are all too pragmatic and practical compared to humans! Alright, I won’t waste my time here talking with you all. I want to get my hands dirty and earn a little planar feedback as well. That stuff is the best resource you can find anywhere.”

A sharp and vicious aura, no weaker than Greem’s own, arose from Adept Ainley. There was a sonic boom as he dashed to the frontlines.

“I’m going too…you watch out for yourself!” Gloria shot another mean glance at the towering giant in the distance as she spoke to Domhnall. The mysterious purple light then shrouded her body like armor as she charged into battle.

Domhnall might be known as a Fourth Grade, but he was not proficient in battle at all. Thus, he could only suppress the urge to do battle and observe the fighting in silence.

There were five peak Fourth Grade minor Scourge Lords on the enemy’s side. Meanwhile, the adepts had as many as seven ultra-powerhouses. The situation was about even. However, Legendary Fire Adept Greem was in a special state of being right now. The planar consciousness also blessed him. Crushing an ordinary minor Scourge Lord shouldn’t be a problem for him.

In that case, they had quite the advantage on their side!

While Domhnall silently assessed their odds under the adept tower, the Northern Witches also moved into action.

“Lady Khesuna; the Association and the Central Lands have already gone in. Do you think we should…?” Deceit Witch leader Angelina couldn’t help but step forward on the corpse dragon’s back and ask.

Her body trembled as she said this. Her eyes were red. Obviously, she was using her powerful mental consciousness to resist the uncontrollable urge for battle within her soul.

The other three Fourth Grade witches were in similar conditions. They were all barely suppressing the boiling impulse to fight.

Khesuna, who stood proudly upon the head of the dragon, remained silent for a moment. Finally, she spoke up.

“The planar consciousness has been enraged, but we cannot lose our rationality simply because of that. Doing battle is a given, but you all must remember to keep a tight grip over your true selves while you fight. Let us go. We shall also have a battle with these damned disaster creatures to our hearts’ delight.”

Upon hearing her proclamation of war, the eyes of the Northern Witches instantly turned red and violent. Unrestrained fighting spirit burst forth from within them. The corpse dragon stretched its wings out and dove at the frontlines with a loud roar.

Meanwhile, the Silver Union didn’t have a single ultra-powerhouse backing them.

Even an adept as powerful as Vice-Senate Head Melone couldn’t resist the influence of the planar consciousness. He had already rushed ahead eagerly with the Union adepts the moment Greem launched his assault.

The entire battlefield instantly reached a climax!

Greem was the one who started the fighting, but he was simply too big. Even with him striding forward and throwing fireballs as he did so, the Association adepts were able to overtake him.

It was a high-grade battle. There was absolutely no room for low-grade creatures to intervene!

Disregarding Greem’s destructive Burning Domain, the shockwaves from the battle of any two high-grade creature alone were enough to crush any weaker beings into pieces.

The entire battlefield was filled only with Fourth Grades and no one else!

The many-headed reptile, the many-armed giant, the winged serpentdrake, the dust elemental, and the ten-headed ghoul.

The five minor Scourge Lords each took up a spot, leading their Fourth Grade subordinates on their own charge against the human adepts.

Meanwhile, Greem’s giant golden eyes instantly locked onto the strongest individual on the opponent’s side– the many-headed reptile, Fiveface. Fiveface’s five serpent heads also turned around and glared at Greem. A twisted and evil glare flickered in all ten of his different-colored eyes.

“Die, ugly!”

Greem gathered two fireballs and pumped as much energy into them as he possibly could.

In Greem’s current state, his body surged with endless amounts of fire principle power and unique world power. The two combined to form an unusually strong power that even the Chip could not yet analyze.

The fireballs’ energy levels continued to rise under the observation of the Chip. It repeatedly broke several thresholds that even Greem didn’t expect.

It hit 8,000 points…9,000…10,000.

When the energy level of the fireball reached 10,000 points, the red glow of the flames abruptly faded and turned into a nearly translucent milky-white.

Upon seeing this, even the disaster creature Fiveface appeared concerned.

It was important to note that the energy limit that an ordinary Fourth Grade adept could achieve was 2,000-3,000. Even an ultra-powerhouse as powerful as Gloria could only achieve 7,000 points of power in a single attack.

But now, a simple fireball that Greem was focusing on had managed to reach 10,000 points of power. That was already going beyond the limit of power that should be possible in the World of Adepts.

If it weren’t for the world power allowing him to do so, Greem would never have achieved such a feat in a thousand years!

Greem could sense the terrible power contained within the fireballs in his hands. He let out a shout and threw it without hesitation.

Its target? The many-headed Fiveface!