Chapter 1424 The Powerful Clone of Sinai


Dilmas fled dejectedly, without any disagreement!

If his enemy were only this Sixth Grade clone of Sinai, Dilmas would strike without any hesitation. It would be a victory, even if all he could do was tear off a piece of meat from the clone.

However, he didn’t dare.

His senses were very sharp.

He could sense that Seventh Grade Fire God Sinai’s attention was fixed upon this clone. If he was foolish enough to try and fight, Sinai could probably descend here instantly through his clone.

Dilmas was only Sixth Grade. If he were to run into the Seventh Grade Fire God, he would almost certainly die here!

That was why Dilmas had no choice but to swallow his dissatisfaction and walk away.

After chasing Dilmas away, the clone of Sinai slowly approached the spatial rift on the planar barrier. He let out a furious cry and stabbed both his hands into the opening before pulling it apart with all his strength.

His vicious, divine fire-power clashed with the plentiful regenerative power of the planar world. It created numerous spatial turbulences on the smooth barrier. Fierce magic energy tides arrived from a distance, furiously surging into the widening rift, causing a terrible energy storm to brew within Inkdeep Valley.

As the God of Fire, Sinai was a powerful god whose temper was just as violent and fiery as his domain. There was no room for negotiations with the enemy in his eye. A fight was inevitable if there was a conflict between him and an opponent.

As a Fire God with the power of a Seventh Grade, he indeed possessed the might required to behave in such a callous fashion.

At the very least, Sinai had fought his way to his current position in such barbaric fashion over the past tens of thousands of years since his ascension to godhood. He might still be quite far away from becoming a major god (Ninth Grade), but his fiery temper had solidified as a trait of his divine power.

That was why Sinai could not suppress his rage when he sensed the familiar fluctuations of fire from the other end of the rift. He started to pull and tear at the gap without restraint, attempting to use all his power to squeeze his way into the planar world.

The entirety of Inkdeep Valley was instantly thrown into chaos by his rough and reckless actions.




Inkdeep Valley had turned into an apocalyptic wasteland.

Crimson clouds of fire rolled in the skies, obscuring the bright sun and covering the entire world in a dark red blanket of light.

An energy tide rushed out of Inkdeep Valley, slowly circling its surroundings as it gathered into a tremendous storm.

The ground split apart, revealing the giant rift at the very bottom- a scar upon the planar barrier. At this moment, a massive flame humanoid was exerting all his power to climb out of the rift.

The being was not too large, but the power he contained had clearly exceeded the World of Adepts’ limits. The powerful regenerative power of the plane surged in from every direction, squeezing the rift in an attempt to seal it once again.

The flame humanoid, who was stuck in the rift, let out a furious roar at the skies. He continued to tear away at the edge of the rift with all his strength while wriggling his way into the World of Adepts.

His blazing hand of fire clashed with the jagged edges of the spatial rift. Countless space fragments crumbled from the rift as the two forces clashed. Meanwhile, the two blazing hands appeared to be immune to the incredibly sharp space fragments. They glowed with crystalline divine power as they protected against all external damage.


Another loud ripping sound.

The spatial rift had been torn even wider. The flame humanoid was finally able to thrust his head into the world. He took a deep breath and let out a breath of invisible flames.


The flame humanoid had only let out a single exhale, yet a terrible stream of fire spread across the planar world, stretching over fifty kilometers.

Everything burned everywhere the invisible fire traveled.

The plants, animals, trees, rivers, dirt, rocks, and even the air itself began to burn. The whole world was instantly cast into a sea of flames.

Every single low-grade adept, voodoo beast, and golem construct were pulled back into the adept towers amid these fearsome fires. None of them dared take another step out of the elementium barrier. Those who fled a little too late instantly ignited and burned to cinders with their own screams and howls.

It was the same for the voodoo beasts, as well as the golem constructs made entirely of magical alloy.

Dark spots were left on the scorched earth where the fire burned, leaving behind only puddles of distorted metal where the golems had been.

Domhnall, Ainley, Gloria, Cerveris, and Khesuna stood in a row in the sky above Inkdeep Valley. They stared at the flame humanoid struggling to enter the World of Adepts from high above. Crimson light glowed around Greem’s thousand-meter-tall body, absorbing all the strange fire into his own body.

“This doesn’t seem to be Dilmas, does it?” Cerveris looked at the enemy in utter horror and said in an off-pitch voice.

“Dilmas is a three-headed hound, while this is the fire clone of a god. Obviously, they can’t be the same person,” Domhnall turned and glanced at Greem, who was as tall as a god himself. He remarked coldly, “Lord Greem, don’t you have anything to say as to why Dilmas turned into Sinai’s fire clone?”

Khesuna’s expression didn’t change, but there was a hint of mocking joy in her eyes.

The youthful Ainley’s gaze was drifting between Greem and Sinai’s clone as if he was hesitating about something. Meanwhile, Gloria had a solemn expression. There was unmistakable anger in her eyes when she looked at Greem.

“There’s nothing to say…anyone who tries to break into the World of Adepts is our enemy! Do we need to differentiate one of us from the other?” Greem said in a booming voice, as if this was the way things should be.

Domhnall almost choked in anger at the response.

The giant flame humanoid lifted his head and shouted, as if he had sensed the aura of the Orb of Fire God in Greem’s body.

“Adept, hand over the Orb of the Fire God, or I will turn your lands into cinders!”

The voice rang like thunder, echoing throughout the skies.

Greem chuckled coldly and said, “I think you had best make your way in here before you think of taking back the Orb!”

Greem created a flame javelin in his hands and hurled it at the enemy without any hesitation.

The weapon glowed with a crystalline shine. The tremendous might of the flames had caused them to concentrate into a sort of solid fire crystal, imbuing the javelin both physical and fire damage. However, before it could approach the flame humanoid, it was shredded into scattered fire energy by several red threads that emerged from the opponent’s body.

Fire energy that Greem no longer controlled would never be able to harm the fire clone. In fact, it would only replenish the clone’s energy supply.

The fire principles under the control of Sinai’s clone would only be superior to Greem’s own. How could he possibly be harmed by fire!?

Upon seeing the attack rendered ineffective, Greem opened his palm, and the Tome of Corruption appeared above his hand in the form of an energy projection. The pages of the book rustled as they flipped. Several dark green blobs of poison cut across the skies and shot toward Sinai’s clone.

Sinai’s clone was stuck in the rift and could not dodge. Thus, even as he struggled, he lifted his head. Two beams of golden light shot out of his eyes.

The poison was rapidly evaporated by the flames the moment they came into contact. Naturally, they lost all threat against Sinai’s clone.

Without the enhancement of poison principles, ordinary poison spells would not even be able to get close to Sinai’s clone, let alone inflict any damage to him.

Upon seeing his enemy’s might, Greem had no choice but to take out the small and intricate Watersoul Jade. The power within it activated, and a hundred-meter-tall water giant appeared on the battlefield. It roared and surged toward Sinai’s clone as a jade-green wave.

Sinai’s clone opened his mouth in the face of this overwhelming tide and gulped all the water down his stomach.


Sinai’s clone let out a loud burp. A hint of green flashed over his red face as steam shot out of his nose and mouth. The all-out attack of an intermediate Fourth Grade water giant was absorbed, just like that.

The Watersoul Jade that had been resting in Greem’s giant palm broke into several pieces with a loud crack. It then vanished into thin air as water elementium.

The Watersoul Jade that could only be activated three times had finally been consumed!

Greem frowned upon seeing Sinai’s clone remain entirely unharmed. It couldn’t be helped; Sinai was a master of fire as well. His mastery and application of fire and its principles were vastly superior to his.

Most of Greem’s abilities were utterly useless against Sinai’s clone. He was immune to most of these fire attacks.

It was probably the most troublesome issue with trying to fight a bigger fire with a smaller fire!

Fire creatures in the Fire Elementium Plane often didn’t fight with fire spells. Instead, they engaged in close-range fights. The main reason for this was that everyone had too much fire resistance. Punching your enemies was far more effective than casting fire spells.

Greem was now facing the same trouble!

Greem chuckled coldly, “What is it? Do you all intend to just watch? Don’t forget, once he manages to make his way inside, there will be no happy ending for any of us. Push me into a corner, and I will leave immediately. In the end, you people will still be the ones that have to clean up the mess.”

The faces of the ultra-powerhouses of the Association turned dark when they heard Greem’s threat. It was almost as if they were ready to fight Greem right now.

Only Domhnall was able to hold his composure. He sighed resentfully and said, “It is as Lord Greem says. This is indeed the situation we face! We shouldn’t just watch on from the sidelines any longer. Let’s go! Either way, we must not let this clone of Sinai enter!”

Having said that, Domhnall turned and flew toward the adept tower!

Ainley, Gloria, and Cerveris looked at each other. They had no choice but to swallow their anger and start concentrating powerful spells to shoot at Sinai’s clone.

A high-grade battle filled with unwilling participants broke out just like that!