Chapter 1431 The Ceremony


“Welcome, Sir Kanganas!”

Mary expressed the appropriate respect toward this mighty lich.

Apart from the fact that Kanganas was the department head of Horton Magic Academy’s School of Necromancy, he was also a powerful spellcaster whose potential Greem had mentioned before. Either one of these factors would have been enough for Mary to offer her respect.

“This is only what I should do!”

As a powerful lich, Kanganas had long since abandoned his rotting carcass. His skeleton had then been turned into a sort of strange substance similar to crystal. This substance possessed exceptional magic and physical resistance, making him immune to attacks from even small magical weapons.

Moreover, with the increasing assimilation between Kanganas and the Reliquary, two layers of principle aura now engulfed his skeleton.

Ordinary Fourth Grade adepts would have to endure death energy and ice energy just by being too close to him, let alone attempting to fight him. They would probably be severely weakened before they could strike.

The main reason Kanganas was willing to take some time out of his schedule to attend the celebrations was naturally on account of Greem. He lifted his crystalline skull, two rubies embedded in his empty eye sockets. His concentrated soulfire burned furiously behind those rubies.

“I didn’t come alone this time. I brought a few friends along with me,” Kanganas turned around and started introducing them to Mary. “This is Medusa Sshina…this is Sand King…both of them are old acquaintances with Greem. Meanwhile, this over here is Lich Resas.”

Kanganas abruptly switched to mental communication at this point and started talking privately with Mary.

“Resas is here as a representative of the Alliance of Liches. He is hoping for an audience with Sir Greem. I was wondering if Miss Mary would be willing to arrange for that?”

Mary’s expression changed slightly. Her gaze swept across these few visitors.

As expected, the only ones who could associate with Kanganas would have to be Fourth Grade at the very least.

A powerful Fourth Grade Medusa, a mighty Fourth Grade insectfolk ruler, a mysterious Fourth Grade lich messenger- none of them were easy opponents to deal with. Who knew when Greem had made acquaintances out of them?

“Why don’t you stay here for a few days, Sir Kanganas. I will try my best to contact Greem. If possible, I am sure he would meet all of you!” Mary consoled gently.

Mary knew that she would never have been able to invite such otherworldly individuals here as guests with her limited network and experience. The reason they had all traveled billions of kilometers to arrive here at the World of Adepts for the establishment ceremony of a new organization was solely because of Greem.

From a certain standpoint, it seemed like Greem did have some degree of standing in the realms beyond.

After obtaining the hostess’s word, Kanganas did not bother her any longer.

Mary invited them, and they followed her as she walked up the platform.

The giant platform in the middle of the banquet was a massive square about ten thousand square meters. Three thrones sat upon the platform, arranged in a triangular formation- one large and two small.

The throne at the very center was the largest and was a dark crimson color. Meanwhile, the two smaller thrones were arranged to the left and right, slightly behind the first throne. On the left, the throne was pitch-black and speckled with tiny silver spots of light that represented stars. The throne on the right was a bright crimson, a color as sharp as flowing blood.

Mary walked up to the thrones in her formal garb and sat down on the crimson throne to the right.

The various guests and messengers also entered the venue, taking up their seats under the academy adepts’ guidance. Soon, the venue was filled.

At this point, numerous beautiful elven girls walked into the hall, serving drinks and food to the adepts and otherworldly powerhouses that had come from all over the world. The different species among the guests had varied preferences and tastes. As such, the platter placed before them differed in content.

During this time, Mary looked around from her throne, identifying the various esteemed guests in attendance.

Thunder Lord Arms, his lover, and his subordinates.

Medusa Sshina and four of her tribespeople.

The strange Sand King had come alone.

Lich Kanganas and Resas, the messenger of the Alliance of Liches, as well as many subordinates.

The many, many Fourth Grade adepts, subordinates, and trusted individuals of the Central Lands.

At the front of the people seated to the right, Mary saw a group of individuals who looked very different from humans.

The sea nagas. These were unusual creatures that lived deep in the sea.

They had violet skin fully covered in fine scales, a long tail resembling a serpent, and a naked upper body like that of human women. They were all exceedingly pretty, with sharp faces, wavy green hair, and purple lips. They wore all sorts of accessories on their neck, wrists, and ears, including shells, coral, and glowing pearls.

In truth, most sea creatures were of extremely unusual appearance, often going against human standards of beauty. However, the nagas were an exception. They had humanoid appearances, decent intelligence, and were able to raise numerous witches due to their tremendous population.

Indeed, there was a rigorous assignment of classes based on gender amongst the nagas. Male nagas mostly advanced into melee warriors, while female nagas became spellcasters along the lines of witches and shamans.

Though the other seafolk were also quite powerful, the only ones who were willing to maintain a close connection with the adepts on the surface world were the nagas.

It seemed like the nagas had come here to participate in Horton Magic Academy’s founding ceremony. In truth, they were really here to make acquaintances with the human adepts that had come here from all over the continent. They were hoping to be able to trade for adept resources that they badly needed.

The forging techniques of the seafolk were incredibly crude. They desired the adepts’ magical items, equipment, and accessories very badly. In exchange, they were able to offer rare sea fish, coral, ores, and other magical materials.

These trades would benefit both parties, which was why the nagas were so passionate about attending major events on the continent!

After nodding at Fourth Grade Witch Saih, the naga leader, Mary turned her gaze to the underminers sitting beside the nagas.

Like other planar worlds, the World of Adepts also had an underground world wholly isolated from the surface world. Though the Underground World was incredibly lacking in resources, food, and population, it still gave rise to several unusual lifeforms.

However, it was difficult for any true spellcasters to be born in such a dark environment. Consequently, most of the underground creatures who had come to pay respects were lizard assassins, wormspirits, and other unusual beings.

The reason they had come to attend the ceremony was similar to the nagas. They were hoping to use it as an opportunity to conduct trades and exchange for resources.

If they ever hoped to be included in the economy of the Central Lands, they would have to negotiate with Horton Magic Academy, the largest adept organization of the Central Lands. As a show of their sincerity, both the nagas and the underminers had brought the best resources they could offer as gifts.

Mary simply had to smile and accept these gifts. Emelia and Meryl would manage the actual negotiations.

After dealing with the two foreign tribes in an appropriate fashion, Mary turned her gaze to the other two major adept organizations who had come here to offer their congratulations– the Silver Union and the Northern Witches.

The Silver Union’s representative was still Vice-Senate Head Melone. He was followed by a few senate members in silver robes.

The Silver Union was an adept organization that disregarded background and race, prioritizing personal knowledge and accomplishment above all else. Consequently, the composition of the senate members was very diverse. There were humans, elves, gnomes, and even rat people.

Moreover, all the Silver Union senate members here were golem masters. You could see the intricate magical armor constructs attached all over their bodies. These magical armor constructs were stuck to their bodies like another layer of skin. They were carved with many tiny, complicated runes that occasionally released bright flashes of elementium light.

This magical armor construct technology was a unique ability of the esoteric adepts of Silver Union.

When they needed to go into combat, these magical armor constructs that resembled accessories would allow the golem masters to equip themselves rapidly. The runic arrays carved onto the pieces would provide them with unusual magical abilities.

Golem masters with magical armor constructs practically wore a set of magic armor at all times. Moreover, it was a set of armor that imbued them with powerful abilities in battle.

That was why golem masters could unleash tremendous power once they equipped their magical armor construct, even if they themselves were relatively weaker compared to the average adept.

It was a path that the esoteric adepts founded to strengthen themselves!

Upon seeing Mary look over, Melone stood forward and said loudly, “I am here to offer blessings to Horton Magic Academy on orders of Senate Head Salvini. This is a gift prepared by the Silver Union. I hope you find it sufficient, Lady Mary.”

Having said that, Melone shot a glance, and a rat person senate member stood forward. He took out a square silver chessboard and threw it into the center of the hall.

It instantly grew in size until it was a massive chessboard about a hundred meters wide and long. Thirty-two metal chess pieces of various colors and shapes stood on either side of the board.

These metal pieces were either armored warriors with large shields and swords, imperial adepts holding staffs, gnomes pushing giant magical cannons, or beast tamers commanding ferocious creatures.

Judging from the shape and design, this was a chess game popular among the Continent of Adepts’ human nobles.

After the chessboard expanded to its largest size, the pieces on both sides started moving as if they possessed life. They roared and shouted, even clanging their armor and weapons, issuing a challenge to the pieces on the other side in all sorts of ways.