Chapter 1438 Intimidating the Association


Two and a half kilometers away from the Tower of Observation, Greem stood proudly in the sky, assessing the tower in front of him with a cold gaze.

The tower’s defense mechanism had left an indelible impression upon him the last time he visited. At this moment, having advanced to Fifth Grade and on the verge of leaving the World of Adepts, Greem no longer had any reservations. All he wanted to do was vent the frustration that had been building in his mind over the past hundreds of years.

Domhnall remained frozen on the spot. His lips trembled, but he did not give any orders.

Even though they had not received any orders from their superiors, the adept forces that had flown into the sky began taking actions according to their training and the tower’s defense policies. They immediately charged at the unusual enemy.

Two and a half kilometers…two kilometers…one and a half kilometers……

After another hundred meters, the enemy would be within the optimal shooting distance of their Godslaying crossbows. The members of the Godslayer force held their breaths and raised their crossbows, quickly estimating the remaining distance as they did so.

However, their consciousness’s abruptly terminated at this moment.

Greem let out a muffled grunt. He didn’t wave his hand or utter a single word. There wasn’t even the customary flash of light indicative of all elementium magic. All the members of the Godslayer force burst into flames, along with the flying beasts they were riding.

Unstoppable golden flames surged out from their souls and rushed out of their bodies. They were like candles that had been thrown into a furnace. They melted into unrecognizable puddles in an instant before being vaporized and wiped from existence.

This powerful force consisted of seventy-eight apprentice adepts, which had undergone special training to wield the Godslaying crossbows proficiently, could easily hunt down unprepared Third Grade adepts. Even a Fourth Grade adept would risk dying if these Godslaying crossbows surrounded them.

Unfortunately, such a powerful adept force had been tragically exterminated by the enemy without even knowing how their foe had done so!

The adept forces charging forward on the ground abruptly halted their mounts and stared at the lonely figure in the sky with fearful eyes. The horde of flying beasts sprinting around them continued to rush into the air like a tide, forming several giant arrows as they lunged at the enemy.

Meanwhile, the closest runic stone levitating in the air had moved into its position.

The complicated patterns on the runic stone lit up in sequence. Incomparably violent magic energy surged into the stone, converted into five-meter-thick lightning bolts that blasted at the enemy from above.

Greem didn’t even lift his head. A piece of tome-shaped divine equipment appeared above him, forming a barrier that protected him.

The violent lightning clashed with the tome in mid-air, emitting a blinding flash and a shower of plasma. The fierce and quick lightning bolt managed to cause a few ripples to appear on the barrier, but the plasma that resulted didn’t even manage to faze it.

The tome quickly reverted to its normal form after the lightning bolt. Not a single sign of damage could be seen on it.

The adepts in the tower all drew in a breath of cold air in unison.

That violent attack from earlier was about 9,000 points of power. That was practically equal to the attack of a peak Fourth Grade adept. It didn’t even graze the enemy.

The defensive power of the opponent’s magical equipment couldn’t be more obvious!

Controlling Fifth Grade divine equipment while Greem was still a Fourth Grade had been like having a scrawny bull pull an oversized cart. It was difficult to bring out the full power of the divine equipment. However, with the increase of Greem’s power, this Fifth Grade divine equipment’s true might was finally unveiled.

Since Greem was here to vent, naturally, he wouldn’t sit around after just being attacked.

Upon seeing several ten-meter-tall and five-meter-thick runic stones float over and establish blinding energy chains with the tower as if preparing for a barrage, Greem simply chuckled. His lips parted slightly as he released a breath of invisible flames at the few closest runic stones.

The breath of fire only appeared to be a weak breath of air initially. By the time it reached a few dozen meters away and had absorbed the wandering fire elementium around it, the breath turned into a roaring red flood of flames measuring over a hundred meters in length.

The fire washed against the runic stone. The energy barriers that popped up in response exploded after only half a second.

As everyone watched on, this runic stone that had the defensive power of a small adept tower was roasted bright red in a matter of seconds. The roasted stone rapidly melted and fell from the sky as a shower of boiling lava.

With the first stone, there was quickly a second and a third.

These high-grade runic stones that contained numerous offensive and defensive arrays were made out of incredibly tough and magic-resistant materials. Each of them was worth over a million magical crystals. However, they were now melting like candles before the adepts’ eyes.

Domhnall felt like his heart was bleeding when he saw this.

He quickly took out a messaging wand and gave the order to stop all engagements.

The voodoo beasts that were nearing within a thousand meters of Greem hastily stopped and returned to the surface according to the instructions from the adepts.

The next second, Domhnall’s old and decrepit form appeared outside the tower, standing off against Greem with a one-meter-thick elementium barrier between them.

“Greem…Lord Greem, I didn’t think you would advance to Fifth Grade so quickly. May I know for what purpose you have paid us this honorable visit?” Domhnall asked, even though he knew clearly why Greem had done so.

As for the destroyed runic stones and the exterminated Godslayer force? He didn’t even attempt to mention them.

“Hehehe. I advanced to Fifth Grade, so I thought of coming here for a stroll before I go and pay a visit to a few of my old friends while I’m at it. I wonder if Sir Domhnall could do me a favor and bring them a message?” There was no need for Greem to put on any facade at this point. He was very clearly here to settle some grudges.

The muscles on Domhnall’s face twitched. He asked with a forced smile, “Ah, I see. May I know who Lord Greem intends to visit?”

“Gloria and Cerveris!” Greem chuckled coldly. “The two of them were always finding trouble with me back in those years. Now that I finally have the opportunity, I wish to repay them for their hospitality!”

“Haha, what an unfortunate coincidence then!” Domhnall also let out a cold chuckle as he said, “Both of them have gone exploring in the depths of space. They are not currently in the Association. If you wish to look for them, why don’t you go and take a venture in the realms beyond, Lord Greem?”

Greem stared at Domhnall, who stared back with a defiant look. A cold gleam flashed in his eyes. Greem slowly flew toward the elementium barrier and reached out with his right index finger. Scarlet light gathered at his fingertip as he traced a circle on the barrier. He then tapped the circle with the back of his finger.


The elementium barrier within the circle exploded into flakes of light, allowing him to stare directly at Domhnall.

What exceptional elementium manipulation technique!

To think he could shatter only a portion of the elementium barrier without even damaging the rest of it! It demonstrated Great Adept Greem’s advanced elementium-manipulation abilities!

Domhnall was mildly terrified, but he continued to stare at Greem coldly and calmly.

He knew that Greem didn’t dare kill him.

After all, he still had so many subordinates and beloved individuals in the Central Lands. Should he actually wage war against the Adept’s Association, the Association might go all-out in an attempt to exterminate the Crimson Clan after he left.

That was why he was certain Greem didn’t dare to kill him.

Still, this experience of being humiliated was unbearable!

Greem stared at him coldly for a moment before breaking into a smile.

“Well, if you say they aren’t there, I’m sure they aren’t! I can believe you. At any rate, I have quite a few enemies. I will just go elsewhere for a stroll. Remember…to give my greetings to the two of them and tell them to be careful the next time they go out.”

Having said that, Greem’s body turned into a beam of red light and instantly traveled several kilometers away. Another violent blast of fire erupted as he instantly teleported a few more kilometers into the distance.

Through these continuous Fire Teleportation, Greem headed north with unstoppable momentum, heading straight for the Northern Witches’ land.

The scattered flames from his explosions instantly turned all the ground within a kilometer into scorched earth. A large mark would be left on the earth by the time they were extinguished.

Domhnall’s face turned green, then white, upon seeing this. He let out a long sigh before turning and returning to the tower.

Greem had clearly come here to show off his power while also issuing a stern warning to the Adept’s Association!

Upon seeing the elderly Domhnall walk into the hall, the many Fourth Grade adepts of the Association gathered around to console the old man.

Cerveris seemed to know that the danger was over and began to shout and clamor once again.

“Domhnall, we can’t just tolerate this humiliation! Don’t you worry, I will go over to the Central Lands and make a commotion next time. I won’t return until I’ve taught the Fourth Grades of the Central Lands a lesson—”


“Shut up.”

For some reason, both Domhnall and Gloria shouted angrily at him.

Cerveris was taken aback by the reprimand from the two of them. He couldn’t help but ask anxiously, “What is with you two? Aren’t I just sticking up for the Association? Why are you getting angry at me?”

Domhnall ignored him and turned to look at Nostran. He asked in a solemn voice, “How is it? How much longer do you think he can stay inside the plane?”

Nostran sweated profusely as he performed his calculations. He then replied carefully, “It should be no more than three days.”

Domhnall narrowed his eyes and said resentfully, “Three days…that’s more than enough time for him to head to the Northern Lands for a trip.”

“Why don’t,” Gloria frowned, “we notify the Northern Lands and tell them to be prepared?”

“Why should we tell them of what’s coming?” Domhnall said coldly. “The Association has been humiliated greatly. I won’t be able to sleep well if nothing happens to the other two organizations. Rather, I’m quite curious what kind of havoc Greem will raise in the Northern Lands.”

He gave his instructions to the adepts, “From now on, you all are to avoid conflicts with the Central Lands as much as possible. I have a feeling that Greem left something behind there. If anyone were to run into his sword and make big trouble, the Association wouldn’t clean up your mess.”

Domhnall stared coldly at Cerveris. It seemed like these words were meant for him.

Cerveris sulked, not taking the words to heart at all.