Chapter 1461 Divine Beast Tamer


Greem hovered high in the air.

Since the battle had already started, he had no further intention of hiding his powers.

However, he had only been in Plane Gere for half an hour; the Chip’s analysis of the planar laws was only at 0.13%. The amount of power that Greem was capable of unleashing within the planar world was only beginner Fourth Grade.

Greem chuckled coldly in the face of the enemy’s provocation.

Behemoth? Uncontested ruler of the land? An idiot like you that can’t even fly dares to challenge a Great Adept?

Greem tried to draw on more of his power, but the planar suppression weighing on his body was too immense. The overwhelming magical fires had barely emerged from his body before they were shoved back in by the planar powers. He couldn’t transform into his flame giant form at all.

He could only fight with this enemy before him using his weakest human form!

Greem circled in the air continuously, dodging one giant boulder after the other. Meanwhile, the series of fireballs he cast were all swatted apart by the behemoth. None of them could reach the beast tamer at all.

However, what made Greem somewhat worried was the fact that the beast tamer wasn’t remaining idle. Instead, he waved his vine whip and started chanting again.

He was still summoning.

Greem couldn’t help but be surprised and curious.

Greem flew further up into the air until he was five hundred meters above the ground. He stood still, raised his arms, and started summoning a massive Meteor Shower.

The behemoth might be able to shield the beast tamer from the single-target fireballs, but how was he supposed to stop this rain of meteors?

Just as the Meteor Shower was about to rain down, the beast tamer flicked his whip. A crisp crack could be heard as space began trembling again.

The next second, howling winds screeched above Greem’s head. A golden claw clad in blinding lightning instantly appeared.

Greem let out a battlecry as golden light rushed out from within him. It turned into a barrier that extended a meter away from his body.

The golden claw stabbed the barrier and caused it to creak loudly. The barrier dented inward and almost touched Greem’s forehead. The lightning crackling around the claw erupted into a storm of lightning that engulfed Greem’s form.

Having used the Tome of Corruption’s principle defenses to defend against this unexpected enemy attack, Greem quickly suppressed the wild beating of his heart and gathered his fire principles in his eyes. They turned into two golden beams that sliced toward the claw.

In the next second came a haunting avian cry. The golden claw was immediately retracted, dodging the beams before they could hit it. The owner of the claw beat its wings and flew a hundred meters away, where it started to circle.

It was only then, once the lightning faded away, that Greem could finally see the true face of his enemy.

A thunder roc…it was a golden thunder roc!

Thunder rocs were exceptionally fearsome magical beasts that naturally possessed powerful lightning abilities. They were only five meters tall when they stood straight, but their bodies were covered in golden feathers, and their wingspan was over seven meters wide.

The primary means of attack for thunder rocs were their claws and long, curved beak, all as sharp as magical daggers. Lightning would streak across the surface of their feathers and crash toward the enemy in violent bolts as they attacked.

Thunder rocs weren’t the most powerful of Fourth Grade magical beasts, but with their incredible speed, fierce attacks, and accompanying lightning damage, they were quite troublesome opponents indeed.

“Dammit!” Greem couldn’t help but curse now.

The opponent had summoned two Fourth Grade magical beasts all at once. Moreover, both of these creatures were quite formidable fighters. Even Greem would be having difficulty dealing with them now.


The thunder roc seemed to realize that Greem was no ordinary opponent. It flapped its wings as it circled, keeping a sharp eye on the adept as it sent bolts of lightning shooting toward him.

“You think you are the only one who knows how to summon?” Greem’s gaze turned murderous. He let out a shout, and the Tome of Corruption immediately started flipping, finally stopping on a specific page.

A glowing green light rose from the Tome of Corruption. Arms and legs reached out from the ball of light and turned into the shape of a boy.

“Help me keep that thunder roc at bay!” Greem instructed Remi, and the Spirit of Pestilence simply giggled before erupting into smoke. When he appeared again, he was right next to the thunder roc.

Remi inhaled and beat his chest. A breath of sickly green poison blew toward the thunder roc, penetrating the lightning barrier without resistance. The thunder roc refused to back down. It beat its wings wildly, and a torrent of electricity engulfed Remi instantly.

Both sides had been injured in a single move!


A piercing cry could be heard as the thunder roc quickly fled from the plague clouds. It had only been a moment, but large tufts of feathers on the right side of its body had been worn away by the terrifying poison. It caused the roc’s once majestic and beautiful right wing to turn bald, naked, and exposed.

More concerningly, dark green spots now covered its right wing. It was obvious that the poison powers had seeped into its body.

Having devoured the poison principle crystal, Spirit of Pestilence Remi had become a bonafide Fifth Grade artifact spirit. His combat power and poison lethality had increased by several times. Dealing with an intermediate Fourth Grade thunder roc was no problem at all.

Even though the planar powers suppressed Remi’s abilities, his basic attributes as a Fifth Grade were still far higher than a Fourth Grade thunder roc. It was an absolute dominance of power.

The lightning attack that Remi had received in return only caused his green body to turn slightly dimmer. This much damage was almost instantly healed with a flash of light from the Tome of Corruption. 

The beast tamer clearly didn’t expect Greem to have such a fearsome poison spirit at his command. He was infuriated when he saw his beloved thunder roc injured so terribly. He quickly commanded the behemoth to leap into the air and attack Greem.

Greem flickered through the air, dodging the behemoth’s long claw attacks while retaliating with violent fire spells of his own.

Explosive Fireball, Meteor Shower, Doomsday Volcano, Scarlet Firestorm, Molten World, Fire Core Explosion, Ragnarok.

One had to admit that fire magic was truly the strongest weapon on the battlefield!

Fire’s ability to spread and grow, in addition to the unique characteristics of the Undying Flames, put every one of Greem’s opponents in a worse position the longer they fought against him.

Greem slowly set down his traps of fire around the beast tamer in no hurry at all.

At this point, he had only shown the power of his Undying Flames. He was still keeping Fire’s Image a secret.

He was waiting for a chance. A chance to deal a lethal strike!

Should the beast tamer reveal any weakness, Greem would summon his three fire clones within the sea of fire below. They would use their most violent and savage attacks to kill the tamer on the spot.

The battle raged on.

The beast tamer was gradually starting to falter.

The thunder roc he had summoned was not a match for Spirit of Pestilence Remi. And while the behemoth was fearless and seemingly invincible, it had no means of flying and, thus, could not attack the flying fire adept.

As the battle dragged on, the beast tamer finally flew into a rage.

No one knew what he did, but divine light burst forth from within him. He flicked his vine whip in one hand while gripping a curved dagger in the other. He charged straight into the air and prepared to engage Greem in a melee.

Er…that was a good idea, but isn’t that a little impulsive?

It fully demonstrated that the beast tamer had lost his rationality after his extended and ineffectual offense. To think, he actually dreamed of relying on his superior orc Physique to overpower Greem.

Greem was overjoyed. He prepared to activate Fire’s Image and deal a devastating blow to the beast tamer. However, an unexpected discovery from the Chip’s scan immediately caused him to go on alert.

There was something wrong with that golden light!

The beast tamer’s body was clad in a shroud of divine golden light. It seemed to be some sort of divine blessing.

Upon detailed scanning and analysis by the Chip, Greem was horrified to find that the beast tamer’s grade was silently and subtly increasing as he moved forward.

Fifth Grade.

The beast tamer had somehow risen to the level of Fifth Grade. Moreover, his power was rapidly increasing as his grade rose.

Crack! Crack! Crack!

The whip cracked several times in a row.

The whip, made out of an unknown material, glowed with golden light. The cracking sound it made in the air was absolutely horrifying. Space itself shattered wherever the whip flicked. It left spatial cracks in the air, like black spiderwebs reaching in every direction.

The curved dagger the tamer held in his left hand radiated a frightening amount of divine power as well. Sharpening, Armor-Piercing, Rend, and other god-tier enchantments had turned an ordinary Fourth Grade dagger into a peak Fourth Grade artifact.

The divine fluctuations it radiated suggested power enough to destroy the soul of a Great Adept. It caused Greem to feel nervous even from a distance.

Goddammit! This beast tamer has called for his body to be possessed!

Greem’s immense archive of knowledge allowed him to understand what was happening instantly. He turned and fled without any hesitation.

The projection of a Fifth Grade orc god, along with the foundations of a peak Fourth Grade beast tamer, was a formidable opponent. Greem might have been interested in a fight if he was at his peak. However, the analysis was not completed yet, and he could only wield a fraction of his power at the moment. Going head-to-head against such a powerful enemy at this moment was deeply irresponsible to his own life.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Greem cast Fire Teleportation several times in succession and escaped the pursuit of the beast tamer.

His chain of Explosive Fireballs caused the golden light around the orc to tremble. While they couldn’t break that divine shield, they effectively hindered the tamer’s movement.

The beast tamer was becoming increasingly enraged.

The whip in his hand lashed out faster and faster. It struck against the bodies of the silver behemoth and the thunder roc.

An unsettling and tremendous change started to visibly overcome the Fourth Grade beasts!